Intentions, goals, and doubts, oh my! (and an offer…)

The year has turned,
you’ve got your goals and intentions lists done,
and you begin to wonder,
Can I do it?

You set off in the new year dancing into your most brilliant and audacious visions for yourself and your business. Good for you!

However, in moments of quiet, you might find yourself beginning to hear the whisperings of self-doubt… Can I really do it? Will I fail again? Can I ever make it happen?… When we set bold and audacious goals for ourselves, it can be a field day for all the un-self-loving thoughts and feelings that are hiding beneath the surface.

Where do you get support for your sacred intentions, enough support to hold you and encourage you to keep taking actions, to keep putting one foot in front of the other, every day, to live into your highest good?

Goddess receivingThese are critical questions for women, aren’t they? Women who walk tall, heads up and tits out, and take their place in the world, despite internal and external doubts and obstacles are creating so much important change. Seriously. For yourself, for your family (just think about what you’re modeling for your children when you show up in the world as your most magnificent self!), for your communities, for the world. In our culture now, especially for Americans, where women are too often portrayed and perceived in a less than empowering light, every single action you take as a queenly woman who knows what she’s about is doing a big mitzvah of healing what’s broken. Audacious for sure!

How do you get support and encouragement?

We need a big toolbox, I’m convinced, to create an atmosphere of love and support for our dreams and visions. This toolbox can and should include a variety of things. Here’s a short (and incomplete) list of the things I use for myself and in my practice with my clients:


a daily practice by which you can keep connected to Source (the Goddess, God, nature…) and remember you are never alone


my affirmation for this year is I choose to have faith in love, I release my faith in fear. Whenever I feel fear creeping in, I stand in the position of receiving, feel my feet on the ground, look up and repeat it three times—Try it; it’s powerful!


working with a coach, an accountability buddy or a Mastermind group


30 minutes walking in the sunshine every day does wonders, as does eating sustainably


a daily practice of finding ten, or fifteen!, things for which you can express gratitude creates a deep foundation that allows the possibility of a positive attitude even when things are challenging. I have a group of women with whom I share daily and weekly gratitudes. Join us!


the partner activity that strengthens gratitude. Do something for someone else. Share of your time, treasure and talents. Lather, rinse and repeat.

Join in fun and inspiring events!

Oh, and I have one coming up (nice segue into today’s offer, huh?)


Write a love letter to yourself from Spirit (the Goddess, God, nature…)

In celebration of International Self-Love Day—Christine Arylo‘s inspired and inspiring creation—on February 13, let’s get together in a teleclass to celebrate the love you can feel for yourself so strongly when you’re connected to Spirit, to Source. This is a love that will hold you in its soft embrace as you envision and act on all the audacious goals you’ve set for yourself in this new year. (Don’t worry if you haven’t set or completed your goals yet, on this call I will be guiding you to a clear vision of what’s next for you, in all areas of your life.)

In the class you will write a love letter to yourself from Spirit (the Goddess, God, nature…) congratulating you on all the awesome actions you will have taken and goals you will have achieved by the time 2012 comes to a close.

Date: Monday, February 13, 2012
TIme: 1:30–2:30pm Pacific, 10:30–11:30am Eastern
Call details will be provided upon your RSVP, which you can do right here. If for some reason you are one of the two people on the planet without a Facebook account (the event is on my Facebook page), send me a note in the comments, or an email to Sue [at] MagnoliasWest [dot] com, or a message on Twitter, or send smoke signals. We’ll get you on the call!

Cost: Open contribution. That’s right! I want to fully share this work with you, from my own loving heart, and if you feel full and complete and grateful, and want to give back at the end, then I will invite you to make a contribution to me and my work, so that I can continue doing what I am meant to do. Please relax into this open contribution idea. Toward the end of the call, I will help you work out the right amount for you to donate. For now, please enjoy this beautiful self-loving process we will be sharing together.

Last thing: If you know a woman or two who would resonate with this working, please spread the word! Thanks…


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