It takes a village. I’m grateful for my village.

The new Magnolias West website is live!

It’s been quite a journey.

The new website launched on the Friday of a three-day weekend.

Some say a holiday weekend is a bad time to launch, because people may be doing other things over the holiday and miss the launch announcement. Nope. Here’s my secret magic power tip: The day before a long weekend is the best time to launch, because if anything goes wrong, you’ll have more time to fix it and less eyes on you as you do!

It takes a village

For nearly three hours on that afternoon I sat in a circle with my brilliant web developer partner Anca Mosoiu and my css genius Nancy Brink, all three of us logged in as me with our laptops blazing away.

Picture it:

I’m making last-minute css tweaks. Anca’s making one final backup, then moving files and changing all the codes and pointers (simplified terms) that need to change so the new website displays instead of the old. And Nancy is on chat support with the host to solve the few mysterious errors that arose.

All at once. Making magic. And it worked, as you can see. I am so grateful!

My village is even bigger than that.

It truly does take a village.

If it wasn’t for the wisdom teachers with whom I’ve studied I would never have gotten to this point. This new Magnolias West website exists because it was time for me to uplevel my business, my brand, my offers, and my work in the world, so that I can be of service doing what I was born to do for the right people, sustainably and beautifully.

It’s been a long and bumpy road, this upleveling and rebranding, as you know if you followed my Anatomy of a Rebrand series (here are the posts: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6).

The new Magnolias West website was created, gestated, and midwifed through an eight-month process. Everything was reviewed, reshaped, reconcepted, rewritten, and redesigned.

I get it that this might sound like a very long timeline, and it is. Mainly because when I’m my own client, I can afford to allow for the slow unfolding and development of ideas. When you’re my client, sister, you drive the timeline. Together we come up with the perfect mix of slow simmer and get-it-done to make magic in a timely and thoroughly thought-out way.

I used to be a web designer. Now I help you Priestess Your Brand and Your Website. I used to be a business coach and a life coach. Now I help you Priestess Your Life. Similar activities, and an entirely different, holistic, badass approach.

I am very grateful for my teachers.

What a perfect time to acknowledge the powerful wisdom that these nine people have passed on to me in their classes, courses, and coaching.

These people are amazing, and if you don’t know them now, you should. Just sayin’…

Here we go, in an order that makes sense to me:

  • Mark Silver. I’ve taken a ton of Mark’s courses. I’ve learned about starting and building a business, finding and growing a tribe of fans and clients, how to do marketing and networking from a light and generous heart, how to set pricing (no dartboard needed), and more. Just about everything I have learned has become a significant part of the work I do today in Priestess Your Brand.
  • Yollana Shore was my coach for over three years. She helped me shape the previous iteration of Magnolias West, in which I first began to weave together my skills and experience as a web designer and as a coach (which led me to the Priestess work I’m doing today). She also supported me on my healing journey through the serious health crises I walked through during our time together.
  • Molly Gordon. I have taken classes with Molly and done individual coaching with her. She’s brilliant, wise, funny, and I feel like she’s a sister and a friend. It’s a treat to work with someone close to my own age (that’s rare!), someone who has been around a few of the same blocks I have. I’m privileged to be in an ongoing group with Molly where we’re exploring her work with the Three Principles.
  • Isabel Parlett. Although I have had but one brief working experience with Isabel, her way of working with me to elicit from my heart, gut, and soul the words that were important to my brand story and message made a huge impact on me. I continue to use Isabel’s techniques in my work today, and I just eagerly enrolled in her upcoming Wild Business Writing Retreat.
  • Jen Louden. I’ve taken online and face-to-face writing workshops with Jen. I also immersed myself in her group course called The Shero’s Journey, where I learned the powerful concept of “conditions of enoughness.” Beyond the content of Jen’s classes, which has always been revealing and liberating, my experiences with her have taught me how to share my best stuff with love, transparency, and truth.
  • Amethyst Mahoney is my favorite spiritual badass. She has taught me everything I know about using Facebook for marketing and community building and engagement. She is fearless, wicked smart, and an amazing teacher and exemplar of how to be generous in business and keep good boundaries. I am proud to be in badass sisterhood with this woman.
  • Jason Stein is a mensch, and a great example of how to pay it forward in social media. Jason’s Monday Morning Minute videos are brilliant teachings presented as short and funny videos. I treated myself to one of Jason’s Chocolate Strategy Sessions (brilliant; I got to pay in chocolate!) and got a ton of help in my rebrand process.
  • Paul Zelizer was my coach through the first seven months of the upleveling journey that brought to the current iteration of my brand. I never really understood what “brand story” was until I began to work with Paul. Now I know, and teach, that in order to create a solid, resonant, and integrated visual brand and marketing strategy, the brand story development is the thing you do first.
  • Lisa Robbin Young is my current coach and business strategist. In calendar time, we’re only in our third month of working together, yet it’s been so solid, and we’ve accomplished so much so far that it feels like much longer than that. I have never tried to work in a business incubator process before, and I am so glad I found this opportunity. I’m leaning on Lisa as I take these big-deal growth steps in my business.

Okay, now you know. I’m happy to introduce you to my team. Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Have you worked with any of these amazing folks? What was your experience like?


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  1. Hey lovely! So cool to see this coming to light, but i hate to break it to you… this is only your 2nd month in the incubator. 🙂

    You are definitely kickin’ ass and takin’ names. I am happy to have some small role in your village. Here’s to more kickass badassery in the months to come.

    • Lisa, we worked this out on Facebook. I included the first month in your Accountability Club in my math. So: we are in the third very happy month of working together.

      And so glad the website is launched; now we can down to work. May the badass magic commence continue! And do tons of good.

      Blessed be.

  2. Sue! Congratulations!!! I LOVE your header and you SO ARE a Priestess. So glad you brought this word right into the heart of your brand. I’m actually kicking myself, like… Why didn’t I think of that??? haha! Really awesome, sister. Rock on! x

    • No kidding, Yollana, why didn’t we think of that! Some things take a long time to marinate and unfold.

      Thanks so much, sister. For every bit of the work we did, and for your loving words now.

    • Lea, thanks. I really enjoyed creating different images to top the pages in the site. Which you may not have seen yet. Click around and check it out. Was fun to create.

  3. Having come to know you over this process of creating your new site, I must say it is all YOU! I love the look and the feel…fabulous new header too! Although I haven’t worked with the people you thank, I love Jen Louden and know a bit about Mark Silver too. Will be checking out some of the others you share, as they each sound incredible and I appreciate how you appreciate them. Congratulations again, Sue!

    • Beverley, thanks! Yes, as Yollana mentioned on Facebook, “Sue! Priestess, toe socks and a mac. It is just so you! <3"

      Hard to express just how good it feels to have me so thoroughly visible in my home on the web.

  4. First of all Sue, congratulations! Your new website is rocking in its badassery! And second, I have worked with Jen Louden. I was part of her Oasis group last fall and I’m a student (fan, groupie,) of one of her dear writer friends, Laurie Wagner. I’ve been writing with Laurie since 2005. 🙂

    • Peggy, Lucky you! I got so much out of my studies and conversations with Jen Louden, and working with Laurie Wagner is on my bucket list.

  5. I love the blue sock 🙂 and your header is fab. Thanks for introducing me to Jason Stein, I like that Monday am concept too. I personally know Yollana from The Journey. Wow what a team and has been wonderful to watch this transformation and into the priestess role. Love and hugs Suzie xx

  6. Hi Sue. I got so absorbed admiring your new website and marveling at how each of the steps had come together to create the sparkling new Magnolia West website that I almost forgot to leave a reply. 🙂 I love it! Sometimes, even when we know we can do things ourselves, it’s better to have a team and create even greater magic like you have with your village.

    To your success!

  7. This is so wonderful! Labor of love in the making! Thank you for sharing your insight and perspective on the village, not only by acknowledging those who are helping you make the village, but also by bringing a team, a village indeed, together for a greater vision. So cool. I love it.

    • HeartJules, Hey, welcome! Glad you stopped by. I’m excited about having the website done; it feels like a great foundation for some badass work to come.


  8. Loved always being included in your behind the scene development of your new website. It looks & reads fabulously. It says a lot about you to use your opening page to thank your village. I only knew Lisa Robbins as a performer. You had one badass team.

    • Roslyn, My hope is that working with folks like Sue, my true nature as a Fusion Creative will become a bit more apparent. I’ve had an equal love of business strategy and performing arts for most of my adult life… and when I launch my new book, it’ll explain how Fusions are wired differently than Linears or Chaotics. Sue is a blissfully wonderful example of a Chaotic type, who excels at creating an experience around their artistry – something evidenced by this masterful launch of her new website.

      • Hey Lisa, I love being labeled as a blissful chaotic. Feels very “just-right” as a descriptor.

        Have an excellent weekend.

    • Hey Roslyn, Oh! You know Lisa the singer. Well, I’m happy to connect you with Lisa the kickass supportive strategist. She’s quite the asset to my team. I’m feeling so lucky to have her standing next to me as I move through these (endless, there I said it!) changes.

  9. Congratulations Sue! Your new website looks awesome! I haven’t worked with any of your advisors but between your energy and creativity and their expertise you’ve done a wonderful job with your rebranding.

  10. Hi, Sue

    Congratulation! Successful person is supported by team of supporters.
    The launch of your new site is another good example of the above statement.

    See your comments in many blogs. In a way, you are not stranger to me.
    Glad to know you through the Women of Face book.
    Plan to visit your site in future.

    Happy a beautiful Sunday

    Stella Chiu

    • Stella, Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I appreciate you. Let me know how you like the site once you have time to look around.

  11. It’s good to see the results of the journey you have so generously shared with us. Your site is lovely; so is your public gratitude to the members of the team. Brava!

  12. Well, all your hard work has certainly paid off. We sometimes get stuck in defining ourselves only to discover the world is moving in a different direction. Being willing to change is not easy but oh so worth it. Congratulations to you and your great village.

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