It’s a good day to be grateful…

daffodilsI’m so grateful.

I’m grateful for the apparent beautiful early spring we’re getting. So much going on already in the garden. Asparagus, peas, radishes and more planted. Magnolias in bloom. Fruit trees flowering. Daffodils in bloom. I get so excited this time of year!

I’m grateful for the morning workout. Barrelates is a beautiful thing. Pilates movement, core work, using the ballet barre and other props. I’m so glad to have met Annabel, the owner of BePhysique and the creator of Barrelates.

I’m grateful for the energy I feel after a morning workout. I’m not sure how it happened, I never was a morning person, especially on the weekends. And now I find myself going to awesome early morning yoga and other classes on Saturdays and Sundays. I guess I’m old enough to have fully embraced that saying:

I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead.

I’m grateful for the early morning interaction I had with my landlady and my favorite neighbor. Friendly faces, smiles and neighborliness.

I’m grateful that I told them how much I enjoyed seeing them.

I’m grateful for the launch of my new website! What a week! Skip this next bit if you don’t speak geek; this is what I accomplished (with lots of help!):

  • I migrated my existing 648 blog posts from my old blog to my new host.
  • I migrated my new website pages and theme from the server they were on to the new host.
  • I fixed broken pages, broken links, broken plugins, and everything is working! (Okay, except for this, and please please bear with me: the blog styles don’t match up and I have 650 blogposts to tweak. Oy vey! I think I’ve got 40-something of them done; this is gonna take a while!)

LJ7maskLJ8abovebelowI’m grateful for the response the new website is getting. It took 13 months to design, write, edit (and edit again!), develop and launch! Please look around the site, and let me know how it lands for you. Make sure to look at the new programs: Unmask your brand and Share your magic. Branding, web design and business coaching for the passionate woman in business who wants to integrate her mission and purpose in every aspect of her work and life.

I’m so grateful my new website is on WordPress. I can continue to develop my offers and change content on the fly. How liberating!

I’m grateful to be a good learner and to have an aptitude for language. I’m starting to get some CSS and html skills!

I’m very grateful for my relationship with my daughter. And to hear from her that her labs came back and her thyroid and liver are good. Yes, she is anemic, but we knew that.

I’m grateful for you, beautiful tribe.


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