It’s a good day to do something sacred…

A Sacred Day

Today is a sacred day

Today, 12/23/11, nestles between the Winter Solstice, when the Sun moved into Capricorn (9:30 pm 12/22 in California), and the upcoming New Moon in Capricorn is on 12/24, Christmas Eve, at 10:06 am PST.

Many of the astrologers I follow include the day before and the day after a celestial event as the arc under which its influence and opening may be felt. So today, we are smack in the middle of both those arcs.

What audacious juicy sacred acts are on your agenda for today?

Set aside some you time. Light candles, turn on those twinkly lights that herald the return of the light, brew your favorite tea, turn off the phone and email, and…

Write a list of the people and things for which you are grateful

Write a letter of loving acknowledgement to someone who has enriched your life

Work on your year-end review. Write down all those wonderful things you have accomplished, celebrate yourself! And carry over what’s still undone for your goals for 2012

Pull some images (magazines are good for this) and create a vision board that shows what you are calling in for the new year

Do something for someone else—send an unexpected gift, issue an invitation to have tea and take a walk in the winter sunshine

Meditate, invite spirit into your heart, bow your heart and your head in humble awareness of the gifts and guidance from your source

Get in nature: Hugged a redwood (or your favorite venerable tree) lately? Stood at the shore and watched the ebb and flow of our planet’s waters?

For me, this quiet time in the winter dawn calls me to gratitude.

I am so grateful today for my connection to spirit, for the opening in my heart that swells with light and love.

I am grateful for good sleep and excellent health

I am grateful I enrolled in the Awakening Joy year-long course that starts next month—more joy please!

I am grateful for my growing group of grateful ones in the Magnolias West gratitude challenge 2012. Join us! Occupy gratitude, it’s free! And it feels great.

I am grateful for my amazing relationship with my sister…deep, loving, we get each other (well, duh, she’s known me all her life…)

And the same for my daughter. What a beautiful young woman. I adore her.

I am grateful for family, the one into which I was born and the ones I have chosen.

I am grateful for the delicious breakfast that awaits: bosc pear, some amazing fresh apple (I buy too many varieties; I can’t keep track!) and some Greek yogurt

I am giddily grateful for the bodywork I had yesterday. Aaaaahhhh.

I am grateful for a bright red pedicure. Gives me big grins every time I take off my socks (infrequent this time of year!)

Have an audacious, juicy, sacred and blessed day!


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