Joy in the journey, even when you can’t see the path, or know the outcome

How do you own the joy in the journey when you can’t see the path?

Change happens, and sometimes we don’t know where we’ll end up. Sometimes we can’t even see the path!

The joy in the journey

When the steps you take, the decisions you make, and the outcomes are unclear, how do you stay grounded, how do you wrap yourself in ease, and how do you claim and own the joy in the journey?

There has been a lot of “even if” and “no matter what” in my teaching and writing these days. Because of course.

I’m in a transition. Change is happening — unexpected and unrequested. Big change. I have to move my home and office and I don’t know where I’ll end up or how I’ll get there.

I’ve been moving through the stages of change and it hasn’t been pretty. I’ve been significantly less than graceful. I admit it. Resistance. Anger. Sadness. Self-pity. Seeing this change as a heavy burden. When I began to take action, I did so with conditions. “It should be this way.” “It should look like this.”

It has taken some time (and I’m not fully cooked, this is a process!) to even consider embracing this change, and accepting the mystery of this journey with an open and joyful heart.

I’ve changed my relationship to this journey.

Here’s where I am today:

  • I trust that the right and perfect outcome is already written and my job is simply to keep putting one foot in front of the other with a positive attitude.
  • I am standing sovereign in the mystery.
  • In my spiritual practices, I ask for and receive compassionate and loving reminders that I’m not doing this alone — I am wrapped in the safety and love of the Divine.
  • I intentionally set aside time each week to joyfully do the tasks that move me forward in the direction of my next wonderful place to live and work. I choose the tasks and conversations that light me up; I don’t have to follow every lead!
  • I stay balanced and maintain — and even improve! — wellbeing as I go.

How do you handle changes in your business, your life, your livelihood?

Did I leave anything out? Are there any practices that have served you well in times of change? Please share in the comments!

Mercury retrograde is over, and the Gemini New Moon breathes freshness and change.

New Moon in Gemini

Tuesday, June 16th
25º07′ Gemini
7:05 am Pacific
10:05 am Eastern

This New Moon supports change and forward movement (phew!)

It can feel like the Gemini twins are pulling you in more than one direction. Here’s the good news: that same energy allows you to expand and consider different options — options that may seem baffling, even contradictory on the surface.

For me this manifests as being able to pursue these options (and these are just the ones I know about already!):

  • Finding another place here in this area on my own
  • Find a terrific share situation with a housemate
  • Research moving out of the area to a place that may be even better for me than my beloved Bay Area — Hawaii is the top contender so far.

Suggestions for your New Moon ritual and intention setting

Ask yourself:

  • What do I believe about change? How can I shift those beliefs so that I can embrace change with joy?
  • Am I open to receiving and acting upon unexpected and even unrequested input, changes, and invitations?
  • What is my relationship to change in my business, my life, and my livelihood? What stands in the way of standing sovereign and trusting the process, even when I can’t see the path or the outcome?

How will you intentionally shift away from what’s holding you back and begin to feel the joy in the journey, yes, even if….? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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  1. This sounds like a lovely practice, Sue! I try to remind myself, every day, that change is always happening. I do these “daily thoughts” including one that notes each way that I am changing (i.e. I am becoming more compassionate, I am becoming better at helping people, I am getting worse at Russian because I’m not speaking it). Because I notice change constantly, it makes it easier for me to embrace when the changes are bigger!

    • Vironika, I love that daily practice of noting how you are changing. Thanks so much for sharing that with me.

      Love and magic,

  2. Great article Sue! I’m very familiar with this phase;) I started housesitting in April and it’s an extraordinary experience in releasing my preconceived notions of where I thought would be best for me to live! Also a fabulous deepening of trusting the divine truly has it all covered and my part is to follow my joy sprinkles — those sparks or nudges of inspiration that often make no sense — and have fun along the way. I’m currently in a magnificent home and location plus the benefit of having the sweetest cat and dog as my companions for a month.

    Aaahhh… enjoy the unfolding of your path and Hawaii… that sounds blissful!

    joyful blessings, Tina

    • Tina, wow, I am so impressed by the brave women I know who housesit and do so successfully! You inspire me.

      Thanks for the good wishes.

      Love and light,

  3. I have believed that change is difficult, hard, and I’m no good with it! Now, I choose to see that change is the only constant, and while change can seem hard at the time, looking back it’s only a fork in the road. Change is moving home or ending a relationship, it’s also unexpected income and a loving comment from a friend. Trusting the process…. Well, that’s a whole other challenge!!

    • Vanessa, thank you! My conversations and my internal process seem to revolve around shifting negative beliefs to loving and positive ones.

      Embracing change and trusting the process — the core of just about everything, right?


  4. Sue, I love your positive and proactive approach to transition! I can’t wait to read about your next home! Thank you for the lovely post and for sharing your practice in positivity. xo

  5. Love the image and message Sue! My life has been turned upside down a few times and for me action is the key. I usually just get busy working out what to do and start moving forward and your analogy of not being able to see the path ahead is spot on because many times that is the case. I think it’s important to remain flexible as you look for the opportunities and lessons in every step of the journey and not beat yourself up if you find you have to change course because sometimes we end up in far better places than we ever dreamed of when we started out!

    • Marquita, changing course on a dime — there’s a lot of that going on. I am shedding my preconceived notions and my expectations daily these days.

      Changing my relationship to this goal of finding the next right place to live is really hard, but so freeing too!

      Thanks for the loving words.

      Blessed be.

  6. Wise reflections and explorations as always, Sue. This step really inspired me today:

    “I intentionally set aside time each week to joyfully do the tasks that move me forward in the direction of my next wonderful place to live and work. I choose the tasks and conversations that light me up; I don’t have to follow every lead!”

    I am slowly learning to embrace messiness in the evolution and expansion of my business…practicing with truly honouring messiness as an integral part of the process–of growth, of change, of learning, of life.

    This doesn’t come naturally for me–I like doing things efficiently, thoroughly, “perfectly.” So I’m trying to find more play and joy in thrashing about a bit, trying out new things, being willing to be surprised at how things turn out. Your post offers support in this! Thank you!

    • Dana, embracing messiness and being willing to be surprised; those are key parts of this. Thank you.

      Love and light,

  7. Sue, you are a trooper! My sister is going through something similar including a job loss and having to start over yet again. I’ve shared some of your posts about your journey to help her along.

    • Diane, thanks. And thanks so much for passing articles to your sister; I hope she finds them useful.

      Love and magic,

    • Linda, I don’t think anything is pre-determined either. I do however pay attention to what I learn especially when it jibes so well with what I’ve experienced. And of course — intuition!


    • Reba, thanks. One thing I can see and say today is that continuing to stop myself from stressing out about the future and instead embracing the present is that I’m more open to the changes that just keep happening on this journey!

      Blessed be,

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