Keeping it simple, sister

Simplified strategies for your spiritual wisdom business.

True confessions from the rebrand wars battlefield that doesn’t seem to have an end.

I don’t want to call it a war. Or a battlefield. Because it doesn’t feel like that. (Mostly.) Instead it feels more like an endless series of details in which I can lose myself, and that’s a big part of why my new website, my new upleveled brand, my new offers haven’t launched yet, and worse, haven’t been seen by anyone but me and my mastermind buddies. Time to come back to keeping it simple.


KISS — keeping it simple

I am mindful that I’ve taken too long to get this done – the new website, the new brand, the new offers. The time is right — right now! — to lovingly lower the frickin’ bar and move on.

Keeping it simple with business strategies.

Here are the questions I’ve been dealing with and resolving, some of which you may have also run across:

  • How do you step out of the weeds (those endless details!) and declare the work good enough? Where do you draw the line? For me, since a good portion of what I offer is brand development and design of visuals, how perfect and stunning and unique and breathtaking and on-target does my own design need to be in order to resonate in the heart (and spending plan) of the women I’m here to serve? Can lowering the bar and getting it out in the world — even if it’s not perfect — be useful? I think maybe so.

    Lesson learned: I think that there’s just as much value (or more!) to knowing when to call it good, launch it, and move on as there is in taking pains over every word and every pixel.

  • How do you get your offers seen by the people you are meant to serve? I’ve begun doing research and I’ll tell you, I am daunted! There are many (younger, fitter, and stronger, I’m sure) in the wisdom- and spiritual-biz field who are doing launches and A/B testing and list-building at a level that exhausts me to contemplate. So after swooning and moaning to my Mastermind that I need simple strategies, I came up with some.

    I am keeping it simple with strategies for my own launch that will be scalable and evergreen and — hoping they work(!) — will become part of what I teach my clients.

    1. I’m going to personally invite around 20 business colleagues and friends to help spread the word. However they like. Interviews. Guest posts. Social shares. In their own words or in copy written by me that they can cut and paste.

    2. I’m going to run a Challenge in my Facebook group (for wise and passionate business women, come join us here) to increase engagement, grow my list, and add revenue.

    3. I am going to increase my visibility — my steady loving presence in the marketplace, as Paul Zelizer says — and tie my work and my writing to my social media interactions in a more holistic way.

  • My Keeping It Simple pledge for the new upleveled Magnolias West website:

    I will review the content one more time per my coach’s input and try to balance the spiritual Divine Feminine language with an increased infusion of down-to-earth business smarts.

    I will get this child theme I’m developing good enough so I can pull the trigger and launch it. Even though that means some of the design features I had in mind (and spent a ton of time dreaming up) don’t get to be seen yet.

    I will get those personal invitations out by mid-July for an end of July launch, with the Facebook challenge right behind.

How are you keeping it simple with your own business strategies?

Let’s talk in the comments.

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