Leaping out of the box — the Aries New Moon calls for chutzpah



That’s Yiddish for shameless audacity, impudence, guts, boldness and temerity. Cheek, yo.

This New Moon invites you to get your chutzpah on, beautiful one!

Spring into action (boing!), take risks, stand tall, plant your flag, and go for it!

New Moon in Aries

Sunday 3/30/14
9º59′ Aries
11:45 am Pacific
2:45 pm Eastern

We are at the beginning of the new astrological year now, with the Sun and Moon in Aries, and possibilities can truly seem endless. All the intentions we have nurtured since the Solstice are fired into motion now. Aries loves to move forward, to blaze a trail, to conquer obstacles. With Mars as its ruler, Aries lights a fire under whatever may have been holding you back. Let that flame melt your fears, your resistance, your wavering commitment. Strap that jet pack on your back and light the fuse, sister!

Desire, discovery, curiosity, passion, purpose — you may feel these more strongly. I hope you do, and that you heed the call to forward motion. What do you feel passionate about? What motivates you into action? What do you want, and do you have the chutzpah to go after it?

I think you may as well get used to these intensified energies, starting now. We are coming up on the powerful Cardinal Grand Cross in just a few weeks (will be strongest April 20–22). That’s Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer squaring off to each other, all in cardinal signs — signs that spark initiation, new beginnings, invention, creation… signs that thrust us forward. If you know how to read your natal and business charts (don’t have a business chart yet?), take a look at what planets you have between 7 and 15 degrees in any cardinal signs to see what areas of your business and your life will be most impacted as we move from the New Moon, into and through the Cardinal Cross, which just happens to be sandwiched between two big Eclipses — the Libra Lunar Eclipse on April 15 and the Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 28. Woohoo!

A suggestion for your New Moon working

Although you usually find me suggesting you spend time in solitude during the Dark Moon, this time I’m going to suggest that the very best thing you can do for yourself is to get together with some of your sisters — any time between now and the height of the Grand Cross on the 22nd should be perfect. Do you have a Mastermind? Other friends who are in business, manifesting their heart’s mission and soul’s purpose? Friends who support you to manifest your best and highest? Get together with them and do some sacred vision work together. Hold space for each other. Create individual or group vision boards. Write your manifesto for this coming season and share them with each other, charging them with the magical power of a group in common support. I am going to be holding just such a circle myself.

Let me know how this Moon fires you up, precious you! Talk to me in the comments.

toothpowder2Making medicine at the New Moon

Imbuing your healing work with potent Dark Moon energy

Good health and exquisite self-care are such important parts of every smart woman’s holistic business strategy. This is the first in a series of health and wellness tips that I use and that I am so happy to share with you!

Make your own tooth powder

[Edited 4/22/15 to refine the recipe (reducing the salt) and emphasize the charcoal warning!]

I started making my own tooth powder last year, and I haven’t bought any commercial toothpaste since. I love this! Of course, I’m a kitchen witch, and I’m always researching and fiddling with my ingredients and quantities; I encourage you to do the same. Please note that I’m not a doctor, and I make no medical claims at all. I am simply sharing with you what I have found to enhance my life, my experience of life, and my health!

1 cup baking soda
1/4 cup salt — I use a mineral-rich salt (I used to do 1/2 cup, decided it was too salty; your mileage may vary)
1 cup bentonite clay
1/4 cup powdered myrrh
1/4 powdered clove
1/4 cup powdered sage
3/4 tsp essential oil for flavor — I’ve used peppermint, cinnamon, and clove
5 drops tea tree oil
5 caps or 1 tsp activated charcoal (open and empty the caps — warning: messy*!)

If your salt or herbs are coarse, you can grind them to a powder. That’s what I do, I find big chunks of salt to be a bit much. Keep the powder in a lidded jar; dip your toothbrush in (I find covering about half the bristles does the trick) and enjoy!

*I can’t emphasize the messiness of activated charcoal enough. When I used to open capsules, I learned to do so over the sink and even then the cleanup was challenging — it gets everywhere! Now I buy my charcoal in bulk, and when I open the container a cloud of granulated black powder gets released. Before I wised up, I was cleaning black powder out of the cracks in my blond bamboo floor for weeks. Now I add the charcoal to my toothpowder and my oil pulling mixture outside of my house!

These ingredients bring so much healing goodness to your mouth — they have awesome healing properties. My teeth and gums love them!

I’d love to know what you think, especially if you make your own toothpowder or are inspired to give this a try. Talk to me in the comments…

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  1. Loved this article, not even the new moon yet and I am on FIRE funny it is Aries we are coming into. Not sure if there is any correlation

    • Tricia, LOL. I’m guessing there is some correlation….!

      Enjoy the fire, may you simmer right into creation!

      And I’m so grateful to connect with you here.

      Love and light,

  2. Awesome article! Thanks for all the tips on how to welcome in the shift. I’m going to pay a lot more attention to the stars and moon. Cheers!

    • Kellie, welcome here! Enjoy the shift, stay grounded and go for it (that is only an apparent contradiction!).

      Love and magic,

  3. I love the recipe for the toothpowder! I’ve been purchasing an all-natural brand recently that I like okay, but would really prefer to start making my own. I’d love to give this one a go!

    And also, thank you for your insight on this coming New Moon. Making a plan of action here with the upcoming changes in business, work, and life in general.



  4. Sounds like a very exciting time coming — and I feel it already. Like there’s something about to happen. Can I also say I love the energy in your writing. This is my first time on your blog and I’ll be sure to return.

    • Susan, welcome, and thanks for your kind words. I want to invite you to subscribe to my newsletter (you can do so right here). I send out my blogposts in the body of each newsletter — it’s a great way to stay connected.

      Love and magic,

    • Lisa, so nice to connect! While possibilities are endless all the time (aren’t they?), it’s so lovely when it feels so supercharged. All systems go! Or more than usual, anyway. 🙂

  5. Been feeling this shift for a week and a bit now. Nice to have the reasons why explained. Thank you as always for a wonderful post, Sue. I LOVE the word, Chutzpah and have always wondered what it meant. It sounds like its meaning to me 🙂

    Love to you xxx

    • Hey Shan, thanks for your comment. Yiddish has some great words, and chutzpah is one of my all-time favorites.

      Much love and gratitude,

  6. Love this blog Sue. So empowering and positive as April is gonna be one heck of a doozie month for us all! CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE ~ thank you for sharing such cool information. Bright blessings, Krissy (Biz Academy)

    • Kristy, hi, and welcome!

      I see you’re fascinated by the astrology of the moment as well (I took a peek at your blog). So grateful you took the time to comment.

      Love and light,

  7. “With Mars as its ruler, Aries lights a fire under whatever may have been holding you back.” Oooooo, I love this. I feel kind of like I’ve been spinning my wheels a bit of late, so hopefully this new moon energy will propel me forward. Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

    • Sarah, lovely to see you here!

      I’m feeling propelled already, lots of energy around here. Kristy Hodges, who commented above, wrote: “If at any point during April you think ‘I didn’t see that coming’, then you know you are being strongly influenced by the […] energies this month.” Let me know what takes you by surprise, and go with it!


  8. I’m definitely feeling that firey surge! Today I’m committed to my creative projects. I’ll be creating a worksheet for my tutoring work, transcribing some hand-written content for my blog, and working on one or two stories. I’m all fired up!

    • Hey Melissa, so happy to see you here; thanks for your comment!

      Flame on! (In the best way, yo.)

      Love and magic,

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