What are you up against today? (with life hacks)

And what if it doesn’t matter?

I recorded this video this morning, on day seven since I got sick with a big respiratory thing (pneumonia, bronchitis, who knows?). I still feel weak, and woozy, and tired. That’s why I’m keeping this post short and sweet; don’t have much energy to speak of yet.

Peace of mind from the inside out, regardless of circumstances

I hope you give the video a look; there’s some good stuff in there about this game-changing realization: Circumstances do not define or make you; instead your inner landscape is the thing on which your outer experiences are built. Inside-out instead of outside-in. Learning about the three principles (as presented by Syd Banks and taught to me by Molly Gordon and many other brilliant folk) is allowing for so much more ease and so much less pain in my life even when I’m sick, or looking at my finances (scary stuff!). When I let go of my death-grip on worry and stress, my experience changes. Watch the video if you can.

To get me through this week and invite rapid healing, I’ve dug into my bag of life hacks.

What if circumstances don't matter?You know what I mean, right? All the wise women I know have one. The remedies you can whip up from what’s already in the cupboard, or garden. The tools you’ve used in the past that might be helpful today. The things you can easily source and assemble to help you heal.

Life hacks for healing

Choose what’s simple and keep it simple.

This is the best thing about kitchen witchery — you may already have what you need in your cupboards, and if you’re willing to experiment with substitutions, you’re all set. Out of apple cider vinegar? For now, substitute another vinegar and add ACV to your shopping list (it’s so handy; I drink it, inhale it, add it to my bone broth, make toner with it, and pour some into my baths — this is probably an incomplete list).

Disclaimer, yo: I am not a doctor, nor am I stepping into any kind of role as an expert here. I am simply sharing what other wise badass women like you have taught me, and I would love to get more life hacks from you if you have some to share!

Here we go; the first two are life hacks I used this week, and then a couple of links for easy-to-implement healthy mouth hacks.. Enjoy!

  • Inhaling steam to loosen mucus and relieve congestion. This is easy and it works. Just boil some water and put an inch or so into a bowl, add a few (just a few!) drops of essential oil, put a towel over your head, bend over and breathe deep. I’ve used peppermint, thyme, lavender, and eucalyptus this week; there are many more (I’m going to add tea tree).
  • I remembered I have a set of acupuncture cups and I used them! I couldn’t reach my back very well (will ask my housemate to help next time I see her), but got some placed and (as you can see in the video) successfully got the chi moving. They say the redder you get the more the cups help.
  • Oil pulling! I swear I haven’t had a dental problem (except staining) since I started doing this every morning. I love it. Here’s the post.
  • Tooth powder. I’ve been brushing with tooth powder for years now, and it’s easy and liberating and so much cheaper! My recipe is here, and FYI I’ll use less salt next time.
  • Three more practices that can enhance your wellness journey are in this article.

Wise sister, I’d love to hear from you. How do you hack your life and increase your ease? What have you noticed about peace of mind and the difference in feeling when it is not dependent on circumstances? Let’s talk!

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  1. Get well soon, Sue! Thanks for the reminder and suggestion to use a steam bath to relieve congestion. I’ve been super-congested all month.

    As for a lifehack. This weekend I cleaned out my tea & coffee-stained white mugs with baking soda. The tiniest amount of scrubbing removed several years of built-up stains. Life with clean cups is every so much more orderly.

    • Thanks, Anca, and thanks for taking the time to comment. Funny you cleaned your mugs. I took some baking soda and peroxide to my tea-stained teeth last week. Can’t get it all off, but until I find me a new dentist, I’ll take it!

  2. I use a lot of the same methods you mentioned… it’s not always easy to think of them when not feeling well. Hope you are back to full strength soon.

    • Andrea, I know. I am the go-to gal for my friends and loved ones when they’re sick. When it’s me, I call and whimper “What do I do now?” Thank the Goddess for loving friends!

  3. I must confess, I’ve never heard of oil pulling but read your article with interest. Self care and self love is so important. Thanks for sharing these life hacks!

    • Sheila, I had never heard of oil pulling either, and then I went super paleo to treat a digestive disorder and was all of a sudden finding all these new extremely cool (I like the DIY stuff, you may have noticed this) tips and tricks!

    • Hey Kris, welcome. I love bringing the “tribe” concept to our virtual interactions. I forget stuff all the time, and I am so grateful that if I just keep my eyes and ears open, someone will remind me of what I may have learned and then forgotten.

    • Kim, thanks! I am finally feeling better although still coughing and nose blowing a lot. This too shall pass, right?

  4. Sue I am sending you healing love and hugs- take great care of you and rest- it heals as I am finding 🙂 My life is so much more joyful as I wake up with joy Worry I know pulls me down . Oh the rabbit holes- I just heard myself talking about that on an interview today. I relate to what you are saying re friends etc Love you please take care xxxx Thank for the reminder re oil pulling x

  5. Get well soon, dear Sue. I love kitchen recipes for cures and using spices for good health.There’s one tip I picked up during my time in Jamaica from a colleague for bronchitis and colds. It involves rubbing white rum on the soles of your feet before going to bed. It worked for me though I’d prefer a good old rum punch any day.

    • Vatsala, I love the idea of rubbing alcohol on my feet. I will have to try that, hopefully in the far distant future should I ever get that sick again.

  6. I love those home remedies. I was unwell this weekend and took a bath with baking soda in it as I heard this helps to detoxify.
    Love the wisdom too, that we are not our circumstances. Thanks Sue, and get well soon.

    • I love concocting those healing baths! Even the times I overdo it with the essential oils and lay there feeling like I’m being poked by a hundred needles. I can be so heavy-handed with dosing! [shaking head at self]

  7. Love that you say that circumstances don’t define you. Despite your illness, you delivered such a wonderful message about the importance of thoughts.
    Take it easy and rest up so we can hear more from you.

    • Thanks so much Joyce! I really didn’t know that day that I’d have anything useful to say; I’m really happy to know that it was useful for you. xoxox

    • Summer, thanks! If you haven’t made your own, check me out in a few months, when I’ll be mixing up a new batch.

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