Like a phoenix — New Moon in Sagittarius, and gratitudes

New Moon Monday, December 2nd, 10º59′ Sagittarius 4:22 p.m. Pacific

Dream big. Bigger! Sagittarius is the expansive, clear-seeing, truth-knowing visionary. Sagittarius sees the bigger picture. Past, present, future, Sagittarius sees things that others might miss, ignore or misunderstand. This is a New Moon that sets the stage for new beginnings, for this new day, and the coming new year.

phoenixIt’s a new day.

Everything we experienced and learned — good and bad — during this last lunation — Scorpio energy and the most recent Mercury retrograde — can now be forged into Sagittarian arrows that lead us into our futures. What did you learn about yourself in the last month? Even the most humbling of truths about yourself can be transmuted into your new beginning.

Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, Sagittarius takes what you’ve learned and soars it so high that you can now see it — everything — from a new vantage point. Sagittarius invites you to send your gift, your passion, into the world from your strengths (even if  — or maybe even especially if — those strengths come from your most tender self-awareness).

And it’s a snapshot of what you can do in the new year.

Stay with this energy; don’t scurry back into how things were before this last Moon cycle (“oh now Scorpio’s gone and Mercury’s direct, phew!, back to the same old, same old”). Instead accept that everything that got shaken up got shaken up for a reason. That every lesson and truth you learned (whether you wanted to or not) is a pathway to your greater expression of your most sacred self, that part of you that is what you’re here for, that part of you that is the jewel through which you change, help and heal those you are meant to serve.


There are a couple excellent aspects for your powerful productivity right now, for getting all the details sorted out and moving forward on developing what you know you are meant to share. Industrious Mars in Virgo trines Venus in methodical Capricorn, both of which are sextile to the thoughtful and articulate communicator Mercury in Scorpio (until 12/4). And there’s a trine between Saturn in Scorpio (providing structure) and caring Jupiter in Cancer (which will take us all through the month — exact on 12/12). Remember, though, that these are trines. Trines are lovely, soothing and beneficial aspects, but all the results depend on you taking the actions, each and every day.

Suggestions for your New Moon ritual

Take some time, as close to the actual New Moon as you can to do this work (best done between Monday 12/2 and Thursday 12/5). Go to your sacred space — your altar, your favorite tree, by the seashore. Have a pen and paper with you. Do you have a divination tool you like? A tarot or other deck? Runes? Oracles? Or you can gaze into the flame of a candle. Or look at the stars in the Dark Moon sky.

Turn away from the world, from your problems, and drop inside, drop into your heart. What do you read in your heart that you want to give to the universe? What are you ready to release? Or is there a question you’d like answered?

Write, or draw, what you are giving away, and give it away. Burn or bury what you have put on your paper. Trust that you will get back every illumination and lesson you are meant to receive. This is a blessing. Know you are blessed.

What realization or release is your gift of this Sagittarius New Moon? Please let me know in the comments.


I am very grateful today

  • I am grateful for family and community
  • I am grateful for my beautiful daughter
  • I am grateful for sunshine streaming in my windows
  • I am grateful for this breath, and the next
  • I am grateful for sinking into the silence and finding the gift in the mystery of each moment
  • I am grateful for this body, it’s a strong survivor’s body
  • I am grateful for hope, that thing that beats in my heart no matter how difficult my health challenges get and how much of my life’s activities I am kept from these days. Found this poem, which really spoke to me, by Stacey Yount:

dancersI stand here naked
Looking in the mirror
Sad because
My body is not what it used to be
It was once so tough
A dancer’s body both soft and strong
Now it has been weakened by this
It is not the body I know
Legs that won’t hold me up
Shape I wish I did not see
But it has survived
I am still alive
And one day I pray
It will be
My art again

Thank you, Stacey!

What are you grateful for today? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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  1. In the past I would have done exactly as you said above, Sue – gone back to my same old, same old, now that Mercury is direct again.  This past month, however, has been a huge learning curve for me.  I’ve let go of a lot of old patterns that no longer serve me and have embraced new ones that are allowing me to step up and become who I need to be to do my work in the world.  Powerful stuff! 

    Today I am grateful for these new patterns and the opportunity to practice them every day.
    I am grateful for your reminder that ritual is an important way of letting things go or making that release a more powerful intention.  I’ll definitely be taking action on this to make my intentions more formal.
    I’m grateful for it being Sunday here and a relative day of rest.
    I’m grateful that I have a freshly mown lawn and a Jacaranda tree that’s in full bloom for the first time ever so that when I look out over my backyard I can see a profusion of purple flowers.

    I’m thankful for wonderful friends like you who share such wonderful information.

    Thank you xx

    • Shan, precious, your words flow over my heart like a soothing balm. Bless you for taking time to comment. xoxox

      Love and release,

  2. This is a powerful time for me. Sagittarius is my birth sign. I’m reveling in the choice to let go of what no longers serves me, while doing my best to allow a blaze of expansion. Lots of deep breaths and daily surrender.

    • It’s so good to be able to surrender daily, or hourly, or every ten minutes. As needed.

      With lots and lots of deep breaths.

      Happy solar return!


  3. What a lovely writing. 

    Sag new moon falls on my birthday! Auspicious, yes?

    And I awoke with sharing new class material the first thing on my mind!

    I am grateful for the sweet and relaxing weekend with my family.

    For the first thick snowfall on my birthday.

    For all that has been waded through in the past year.

    And this post!




    • Hi CJ, Happy birthday to you, and Dark Moon blessings!

      I was full of new teachings in my sleep last night too, this is a powerful Sagittarius Moon, for sure.

      Love to you,

  4. Wonderful! Wonderful! This is such an encouraging thing to read and I am so very ready to move forward and rise up from the roughness of the past Scorpio/Retrograde phase. I definitely feel more energetic and ready to conquer.

    I am grateful for the love and support of my family and the opportunities that I have in life to move forward freely and joyously.


    • Audra, welcome here! May you be blessed with all the energy you need to keep moving forward. Thanks for sharing your gratitude!

  5. Sue, this information resonates with my energy last month and now in incredible (kind of creepy) ways. I’m always a little on the fence about astrology but then I read something like this. What I’m grateful for is “this.” Thank you, Cynthia

    • Cynthia, thank you. And I totally get it. I’m seriously the least woo-woo astrology reporter I know, and I love it because it suits my earth-based, cycle-based spirituality, and I find it so useful for those reasons. So glad it’s resonating for you, and I’m curious: what’s creepy?

      Love and magic,

  6. I am grateful for my three beautiful girls.

    I am grateful for my (finally) being able to ask for and receive love and support.

    I am grateful for my life.

    I am most grateful for my acceptance in surrendering and dropping into my heart, rather than trying to control everything like I have done in the past 🙂

    • Denise, welcome here! And thank you so much. I tried to go your site by clicking on your name, but the link was broken. Let me know where to go so I can see what you’re up to and support you.

      Love and blessings,

  7. Very beautiful and timely post for me too. I got pen and paper handy and can’t wait to meet with my higher spirit guides and my inner well of wisdom to create a rough plan of what 2014 will be like for my life + biz.  Does that sound right to plan now? I find it difficult to plan 12 months ahead as I am so into living in the moment but feeling the past lessons in November will help me pick goals and aspirations that are the right sized goals for me and my son. Thank you will definitely share! Very good information.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Of course now is a good (and traditional) time to plan, although please don’t feel like you have to complete your planning by year-end. You don’t. There are other options. I find lately that I’m called to discern a theme for each year, and then the planning falls into place, usually a season at a time (or maybe even six months).

      Stay tuned, I’ll be writing about discerning your 2014 theme in this week’s blog, hope you find it useful!

      Love and appreciation,

  8. Thanks for the lovely article Sue,  I especially loved reading your invitation to us to take a moment now.  All of a sudden a beautiful space opened up in front of me and I remembered that I can take that moment now, and through-out my day. Ah, deep breath.


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