Living into your highest good in 2012: tips & tricks

The holidays are over.

I went to the last of the seasonal social gatherings on my calendar yesterday, and it was joyful to chat and eat good food and exchange re-gifts, a novel concept I totally endorse. We are firmly in the New Year! Now’s a very good time to put plans and commitments in place that support those goals and intentions you have written, journaled, collaged, dreamt for a fully expressed, successful and abundant 2012. In case you haven’t completed your goals and action list yet, here are some helpful topic areas to help focus your thinking (with a sample question or two for each one, designed to inspire your intentions in that area)

Business, career

– What holds me back from asking someone to hold me accountable to doing the tasks I have promised to do but find difficult?

Family and friends

– Is my circle of friends/family exclusively made up of people who love and appreciate me as I am and who root for my best self-expression?


– What am I studying, where am I deepening my knowledge, what am I teaching to others, how do I pass along my legacy?

Fun, recreation

– What am I doing to enjoy this beautiful world? How am I enjoying the gift of moving my body through the world?

Health, wellness

– What am I eating? How conscious am I of what I put into my body and how I stretch and strengthen my body?

Money, finances

– Are my bills and taxes current and filed/paid on time?

Personal growth

– How is my connection with spirit? Have I invited spirit into my heart today? Last week? When?

Physical Environment

– How clear is the flow of energy in my home and office? Is there a pileup of clutter that is calling out to be cleared?

Once you have your goals and intentions in hand, it’s so important to put everything, every action that leads you to your goals, in writing, in your calendar. Taking the details (project deadlines, shopping lists, calls to make, workouts, meetings, business networking events) out of your head is a critical step to freeing up space for downloading creative inspiration.

Another useful tip (file this one under productivity and ease). In our age of multitasking distractibility, try this on: When you’re showing up for creative, task-intensive work, turn off your email. Close your Facebook and Twitter tabs (or clients) on your computer. Put your smart devices farther than a hand’s reach away. I know it’s fashionable to think emails must get instant responses, but you know what? Checking and responding to emails when it works for you to do so really works!

Even if you work in a culture that expects instant response (you might want to ask yourself how working in such an adrenalized environment is working for you, exactly, but that’s another conversation), you will be surprised to find how workable checking emails once an hour or once every two hours can be. Just by putting this into practice you can (sneakily and effectively) help slow the pulse down just a bit benefiting everyone without them even knowing it!

Back to using the calendar. I schedule my life and I live my schedule and when life happens, I am accountable. That takes a little getting used to, at first, but after just a little practice becomes second nature. I find that a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes at night, plus a slightly longer week-to-come session on Sundays makes it so much easier to do the dance of my life with ease. Speaking of the evening calendar review, I found this powerful checklist on Catherine Hughes’ 8 Women Dream blog (attributed to Jack Canfield, lightly edited by me), which invites you to not only review commitments and scheduling, but to also check in with how you did at bringing your best self to everything you attempted and accomplshed. I love this!

1. Show me where I could have been more effective today.
2. Show me where I could have been more conscious today.
3. Show me where I could have been a better [fill in blank with your dream — coach, designer, parent, traveler, dancer, etc.]
4. Show me where I could have been more loving today.
5. Show me where I could have been more assertive today.
6. Show me where I could have been more [fill in any characteristic that embodies your dream — audacious, fearless, dauntless, fierce, enthusiastic, honest, productive, etc.]

Into action! If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while, you know that I offer specific tools and guidance to create a more productive, balanced and abundant business life.

Yet, you might find that you’re not making the progress you desire, or putting everything you read and relate to into action. Perhaps you lack the confidence to follow through on a daily basis. Maybe your motivation lags.

You may be struggling with inner and outer obstacles to your growth and transformation. Or maybe you are overwhelmed by the challenge of balancing the big picture (what you are up to in the world and what it takes to succeed) and the details (the daily actions that will make that happen); keeping them both in focus at the same time.

Whatever the reason, you’re not doing what it takes to have the success you vision while acting in a way consistent with your values.

That’s why I developed my targeted three-month coaching program for you. This program will give you the clarity, skills, confidence, and momentum you need to clear the way to your success in every area of your business and your life. Let’s get started! Get in touch today.  


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  1. What a great blog you have here Sue! You are so right about not checking emails all the time and constantly being distracted from our goals. It is so easy to get off track without goals and a schedule. I love this from your post:

    “…if you work in a culture that expects instant response (you might want to ask yourself how working in such an adrenalized environment is working for you, exactly, but that’s another conversation), you will be surprised to find how workable checking emails once an hour or once every two hours can be…”

    It’s so easy to be pulled off course by these distractions.

    Thank you for your reference to 8 Women Dream. I caught what you said about number 9 and you just never know … we sometimes have dreamers that rotate off at their one year point. As you well know — blogging is hard work. I like that you are a graphic designer, have a blog and help people better their lives — definitely an 8 Women Dream theme!

    8 Women Dream

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