Magic Spot Pain Relief

Roll it on. Relax. 

Magic Spot Pain Relief roll-on

Carry quick pain relief in your pocket. Made with high-CBD cannabis flower, leaves, and trim blended with my blend of Chinese and western anti-inflammatory herbs, tinctured in alcohol.
Magic Spot Pain Relief roll-on is absolutely not psychoactive unless you pull the roller ball out of the vial and drink it.

Magic Spot Pain Relief roll-on contains:

Cannabanoids, albizia, and corydalis, tinctured in 151 rum.

Wanna try some?

If you’re in NorCal, hit me up for samples. To order the broad-spectrum CBD version, use the button (U.S. only).

Funding and partners welcome.

The custom blends are finalized. I’m happy to offer the Moist and Juicy line to dispensaries in California.

Here’s what a dancer has to say about Magic Spot Pain Relief roll-on:

“True story: I dance a lot. I often wake up after a night of dancing with swelling, aches and pains in my feet, calves and IT bands — even if I stretch thoroughly before going to bed.

“One night, in a stroke of genius, I decided to use Sue’s Magic Spot Pain Relief roll-on after my stretching and before going to bed. Rubbed it all in my feet, calves and IT bands, even though nothing was hurting in that moment. The next morning... no swelling. No pain. It was like I didn’t even go dancing the night before.

“Sue is magic. And so is this roll-on!”

The full line of Moist and Juicy products.

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