Manifest and sustain your sacred business

Three ways to get unstuck, stay connected, and rock being of service

Manifest and sustain your sacred business

Yes, you can manifest and sustain a business that reflects your most sacred mission and purpose.

Maybe you know what it’s like to feel like you’re losing the connection to your passionate sense of mission and purpose that inspired you to take that crazy leap and start your business in the first place.

  • Have you lost sight of what being of service truly means to you?
  • Are you wondering how to communicate with your ideal clients in a nourishing way that shows them your most tender heart?
  • Has self-care, balance, and fun dropped off your schedule?

Don’t worry, darling! I have three gifts for you right here…

…three ways that will help you get the magic back and dance lightly and joyfully in the business of your dreams.

  • Get really clear about your heart’s mission and soul’s purpose (this is where your amazing magic comes from!). When you are crystal clear about your vision, and about what being of service truly looks like in your heart, it becomes so easy to clear the obstacles from your path. This helps you know in a deep and effective way exactly who your ideal client is, and takes any ickiness out of your marketing. Because, bubbeleh, when you know who your ideal client is, it’s like you’re talking to a cherished friend, and that’s easy, right?
  • Work with your ideal clients in a way that lights you up every day. When your tribe — your subscribers, your social media followers — contains the people you are meant to serve, your prospects become passionate dedicated clients, and your clients stick around and come back for more. When you have this in place, you will feel freer and unconstrained as you move through all the activities you do to sustain your business. And when you’re lit up, when your heart is shining through, your clients light up too!
  • Implement your sacred self-care so your business nourishes you rather than depletes you. As a passionate, dedicated business owner, it’s so easy to let self-care drop off your schedule. I’m a big believer in taking care of you. Hanging out in work-work-work, without supportive self-care practices (exercise, meditation, naps, playtime) can end up wearing you down, affecting your health and making it harder to manifest the magic in your business—for yourself and for your clients.

The good news, and a little bit of promotion

When you have these three things in place, you can connect more deeply with your right clients and share the magic of your sacred, spiritual, meaningful business. These are the three strands that weave together to make the beautiful tapestry that is your life and business. In Share Your Magic coaching, we can deal with them all at the right time, in the right and perfect order. You can release the myth of “I’m a powerful woman, I should be able to do this on my own!” and you can get the support you need.

I have room for two clients in my one-to-one coaching practice. Maybe one of them is you! You can fill out the form at the bottom of the Share Your Magic page, or you can reach me at 510-698-6245 or by email at .

The three tips — What did I leave out?

What do you do to reground, to restore balance, to rock your beautiful business? Let’s talk in the comments.

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  1. Wonderful post! An excellent reminder to care for ourselves to balance out all that we give to our clients. Thanks for the cool infographic as well. I posted on Pinterest & Twitter.

  2. I love the way you show the connection between these three powerful elements of business success, Sue. Leave anyone out and you lose sight of what matters most! Great post.

    • Minette, that’s lovely, thanks. I’m glad my take on the interweaving of these principles makes sense to you.

      Blessed be,

  3. Great tips! Every one of these 3 is SO ESSENTIAL. Self-care is one that a lot of people neglect to mention, but that is extremely important for sustaining a business.

  4. Being in balance is so important to being healthy in all areas of our lives. I think when we truly follow our heart, listen to our heart whispers, our intuition and our body we can step into our light. So for me no 3 is probably number 1 🙂

    • Walker, I’m so glad this lands usefully for you. Thanks so much for your comment.

      Love and resonance,

  5. Each of your points is spot on Sue, but I especially like #2. When you’re working hard to make a go of a business it’s so tempting to take any client that comes along to keep the cash flow going and while it’s important to be practical in the long run that can turn your dream business into a nightmare. Just like in marriage – it’s a whole lot easier to let someone into your life than it is to get rid of them. Thanks for the great advice and inspiration!

    • Marquita, it was a turning point in my business — and in my life — when I realized that there were other ways to be besides the way I had been, stuck in taking whatever was offered, from fear that there wouldn’t be enough.

      Thanks for the beautiful way you expressed this.

      Love and light,

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