Marketing magic — Unmask Your Brand and Shine Your Light

I’ve got three little stories for you today.

1. Marketing magic happens when you Unmask Your Brand and Shine Your Light.

Marketing magic — Unmask Your Brand and Shine Your LightWhen you do the work that allows you to really feel, connect with, and express your brand and how it reflects the best of you — your heart, your sense of mission and purpose, your skills, your passion and compassion — everything changes.

<< Take a look at Eva’s website before (the pages in blue) and the new website I’m working on with her (the bigger image — click to see it larger). Eva’s Unmask Your Brand journey and process with me brought out for her the words, themes, colors, fonts, and images that really help her tell her story. Can you see and feel the difference? I’d love to know what you think.

2. There are so many gifts that come from working with and for the people you know you are meant to serve.

The gifts of working with the people you are meant to serveWhen you’ve discerned who your ideal client is, and done the work to fill your practice with the clients you are meant to serve, you get so many gifts!

Some of the things I notice:

  • In working with healers and changemakers I get healed and changed in deep and wonderful ways. This is so much different than how it was when I was working for anyone who wanted to hire me. Afraid I’d never have enough, and taking anything I could get, I ended up with all kinds of energy, levels of consciousness, and vibration coming my way. This simply doesn’t happen any more. I trust the Divine, I take the work I know I am meant to do for the women I am meant to serve. With Eva, for example, I’m helping her by writing her marketing copy, and since she’s a healer I had a session with her to get an accurate take on her words, her phrasing, and her heart. In doing so, I got the benefit of her full presence and healing energy — such a gift! Plus I’m getting paid.
  • When working on a brand and website (or other marketing work) for a client, deadlines and changes can be stressful. Taking what I’ve learned from my amazing heart-centered business teachers, I start each project with a set of commitments to which me and my clients agree. In these commitments I promise to be present and resourced for our meetings; I commit to being open to discussing misunderstandings and upsets; I ensure confidentiality; I take a stand for partnership and collaboration; and I ask for my client to agree to let me be the teacher and the coach. I create safety for both of us so that we can rest into the knowing that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder looking at whatever needs to be handled together.
  • I look forward to my work, every day. I am thrilled when I get to meet with a client or do work that helps me help each of them shine their beautiful light. When work is so attractive and compelling, balance, health, fun, ease, and relationships fall right into place as well.

3. Mercury retrograde (Rx) September 17 – October 9

This Merc Rx is particularly interesting to me because it spans the High Holidays — Jewish New Year and Days of Awe and Introspection.

For years now I have thought of Mercury retrogrades as an especially good time to notice things you may have overlooked before; to re-evaluate, re-commit, re-form, re-think, and re-invent. Anything and everything.

I think there’s a lovely alignment here. This is the first time in my life that I’m seriously exploring and enjoying Judaism — the religion of my birth — and I am already in that energy of evaluation and commitment. How fitting to have these two similar themes coinciding. L’shanah tovah (may this year be full of goodness and blessings)!

I’d love to know what you think. Please talk to me in the comments. Blessed be!

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    • Hi Jennifer, welcome here.

      There is so much more beauty available and accessible when we work with the people we know we are meant to serve. At least that’s how it works for me. What about you?


  1. I really love your approach Sue … I do agree that work is much more magical and synchronistic when you’re collaborating from a position of lightworking. And, as a fellow woo + Jewish girl, you’ve given me some interesting food for thought about the High Holidays + Mercury Retrograde.

    • Rachel, welcome, I’m so glad we’ve connected.

      “Woo-Jew” made me laugh out loud. I usually say “Jew-witch” but I’m stealing woo-Jew! I love it.

      Let me know how you go in this coming sacred season. I’m feeling the energy already.

      Love and magic,

  2. Great post about being authentic in everything we do and how that translates to marketing! Love the website transformation!

    • Sheila, thanks.

      I have so much gratitude for the example you and other conscious beings set for me in business — in everything!

      Blessed be.

    • Heather, thanks. May you thrive sharing and teaching peace, joy, and mindfulness to your “right people.”

      Love and magic,

  3. Sue, how wonderful that you can receive so fully from your clients, as you are serving them. I like the way you describe Mercury Retrograde; sounds as if this one is going to be especially significant for you.

    • Juliet, thanks so much! May this season change and upcoming Mercury retrograde open up exactly all the space you need to thrive and shine (and maybe just a little more!).

      Love and gratitude,

  4. Hey Sue! I use the term Jewitch too, but I’m loving the woo-Jew thing 😀 I have always ought Mercury retrograde meant communication and tech haywire. It’s new to me that it can mean looking at things I’ve overlooked. And as you may know, the meaning of teshuva (usually translated and repentance) is return, which I take to mean returning to what I’ve been overlooking or have forgotten. I love this new combination of ideas from both paths 🙂 by the way are you familiar with R. Jill Hammer? She has a cool wheel of the Jewish Year that relates the natural cycles. I’ll see if I can find it and post it here.

    • Shulamit, thank you thank you thank you. For the comment love, and for the information. R. Jill is new to me, as well as Tel Shemesh. I love these resources, and the Priestess Wheel.

      May you be blessed and blessed again during this season of renewal and return. L’Shana Tovah!


  5. Your passion shines through Sue and I love what have you have written about Merc ret. I never really understand the astrology behind it and I love you share it simply- resonates for me so will take note. Love Suzie xx

  6. Love this, Sue: “There are so many gifts that come from working with and for the people you know you are meant to serve.”

    This has been a recent place of learning for me in business–identifying my “ideal clients” and taking intentional steps to fill my work with them. One of those steps has been learning to say No more to people who are not the best fit. Another has been saying Yes to owning my chosen “niche”. Makes so, so much difference…and keeps my practice full of learning…and joy.

    • Dana, that’s such a “big-girl panties” move to make — saying No when it’s not a good fit.

      Go you!!

      Love and light,

  7. That’s the secret – right? Finding joy in your work. Love the sample of the website you used – what an improvement! So happy you found rewarding work you can put your passion behind. It shows.

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