Sometimes Mercury retrograde can be merciless

Mercury retrograde (Merc Rx) is a big pain in my ass today

Don’t get me wrong; I rarely complain about a Mercury retrograde.

In fact I have learned to love these periods, and celebrate them as times to rethink, recalibrate, recharge, renew, revise…. You see the theme, right? Mercury retrograde invites you to quiet down the outer activity and do some of the inner work (think words that start with “re-“) that will make the next actions you choose to take manifest with more ease, be more productive, and lead to more abundant rewards.

Usually, anyway.

But not today.

Mercury retrograde
Today I had a few things that I had to get done.

I got up early to go get my car smog-checked. My car registration is due this week. I left an hour before a client appointment to get this done. This happened:

  • I called the place I had chosen on Yelp. They don’t do smog any more but kindly told me where I can go to get smogged.
  • I looked to make sure I had my registration renewal form. I looked in my purse, where it should be. No form. I tore my office apart three times. No form. I looked upstairs in my bedroom (where I would never bring something like this). No form. Looked everywhere in my office again! Called Motor Vehicles, and while on a 20-minute hold looked in my purse again. Found the form!
  • I mapped the location of the smog shop, and Google Maps took me to the wrong place. They directed me to S. 23rd Street. The shop is on 23rd Street. Either the address was wrong online or I typed it in wrong. Two U-turns at long lights.
  • Goddess smiled, smog took eight minutes so I got to the client meeting in time.
  • Client didn’t show up.
  • Decided to grill some veggies before next client appointment. Ran out of propane mid-grilling. Changed out the tank.
  • Client was late for the call.

The lesson and the blessing.

The blessing:

I was on time (barely!) for everything. I had yummy grilled sweet potatoes to eat. I got everything done and will get my registration payment to Motor Vehicles on time.

Here’s the lesson, which I learned long ago:

I was on time because I leave more room than I need in my schedule for everything, and I do that all the time, not just when Mercury retrograde is in da house. In case I ever begin to think I’m leaving too much of a “shoulder” between events in my calendar, I will remember today, and keep doing what I do. This practice saved my ass today, has saved my ass many times in the past, and is a keeper.

Take that, Mercury retrograde!

How do you ensure that snafus (Mercury retrograde–related or not) don’t mess you up? What practices allow for your ease when shit happens? I’d love to know. Please share with me in the comments.

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  1. I don’t buy into that whole negative thing where MR is concerned, but, holy hell! This one has shown up with the whine of a 2YO, the rebellion of a teen, and the backfire of a 30YO truck!

    My electronics are going crazy on me!!!! My emotions are running high and are not pretty at the moment. But, I love that there is always lessons to learn and love to find in the midst of it all. I believe awareness is the key to holding any time in our lives together, no matter what the stars are doing. xo

    • Kellie, yup this Merc Rx is a doozie.

      Thanks for reminding me what I already know (and sometimes when flustered forget) that it’s all about awareness. Especially when a doozie is in the house!

      Blessed be.

  2. Brilliant post – I felt like I was right there with you! I agree with you Sue, I make it a habit to pad my schedule. This usually keeps things rolling fairly smoothly:) As you say, MR-related or not. Thank you!

    • Pamela, welcome here! My day certainly did not feel smooth yesterday, but those open spaces in my schedule saved me despite the bumps in the road.

      Love and light,

  3. Mercury retrograde? Huh? I hadn’t noticed. Like Kelley, I don’t buy into blaming Mercury for how rain falls, missed appointments, or the national disaster that is my kitchen right now. Just breathe. Breathe and release. <3

    • Peggy, I don’t blame my friend Mercury, I just notice. And boy there’s plenty noticeable this time.

      Thanks for the reminder. Breathing and releasing I am (yes sometimes I slip into Yoda-speak!).


  4. I appreciate your post because I haven’t been super tuned in to this MR. I’m rolling pretty well other than sleep troubles.
    I also appreciate your reminder to build in more spaciousness. I hate rushing and have a very full plate. It’s counterintuitive but going more slowly and leaving more space is the quickest way. I’m still practicing. ☺️

  5. I’ve had technological issues with Mercury in retrograde this time. It’s made for some late appointment times and alternate communication with clients, something I hate.

    But all’s well that ends well. We have to learn to deal with it. That extra padding helps!

    • Donna, welcome. “Alternate communications.” Yup, I’m not a fan either. But as long as I see every miscommunication as an opportunity to show up even better than I was a moment before — there’s that space for healing right there.


  6. I don’t know about the planets, but I’ve got some experience with things not going as I’d planned. I loved “watching” you surf the bumps with such grace — no matter what their source.

    • Andrea, I’ll tell you it didn’t feel much life surfing at all yesterday when i was doing it, but in retrospect, I can see myself bending and swerving as needed during a day full of the unexpected and the frustrating.

      Thanks for the loving mirror.

      Love and light,

  7. Oh, this one has been a doozy, Sue! ~ And while I always manage to keep moving forward, I choose to enter every Mercury Retrograde period with my eyes wide open – and lots of back-up plans! ~ “Always be prepared and move ahead with caution” – is the lesson we get from a Mercury in Retrograde. 🙂

    • Nicely put, Tina. Eyes open and backup plans in place. To which I add: learn from the backup plans and use them always. Couldn’t hurt, will probably help.


  8. I am definitely a believer when it comes to mercury in retrograde. Last retro was a nightmare for me with so many technical and mechanical glitches, but so far things seem to be going pretty smoothly this time around. But I have also learned a few lessons along the way so as you mentioned in your post, I’ve slowed down a bit and am keeping myself a bit more flexible than usual.

    • Nicely put, learning lessons from snafus survived.

      But that’s it, isn’t it? We survive, we dust off the owie bits, and we learn so next time the owie isn’t quite as painful.

      Love and light,

  9. I never know when Mercury is in retrograde until my friend Iris calls with her declaration. I know this too shall pass & as she regales me with her drama I see all the signs in my life I was too busy to notice. We laugh & move on. She calls when it has passed. I breathe. I don;t like time cliff hangers so I pad all drives, errands & prepare before. My hubby said he learned this in the army- the 5 p’s= Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. It works.

    • Roslyn, “prior planning prevents poor performance”! Truer words….

      I love that, thanks for contributing to the conversation.


  10. Like Peggy and Kelley I am not into MR although last night was that why on my way to a new women’s group did I get stuck in a roadworks traffic jam and then I was so late- the positive I got to share my story immediately after I came in. Wishing you love and relaxation this weekend xxoo

    • I take your wish for love and relaxation right into my heart, Suzie, where it is well needed. Plans keep changing in surprising ways and I was looking at my unexpected solitary time as a failing (somehow); reading what you wrote helped me make a spacious and loving shift.


  11. OMG, I knew it! I had several projects BLOW UP this past week. I mean off the rails, huge roadblocks, NOTHING working right kind of stuff. I will say that it made me re-group, slow down, and take a giant time out this weekend. That ol’ Mercury sometimes is just what this Virgo needs – but only every once in a while!!

    • Kimba, it’s still happening for me here. So I have wisely and prudently put off pulling the switch on my new hosting for my website until after this retrograde has left the building. So to speak.

      Love and light,

  12. Glad it all worked out okay, Sue:) A lovely example of “where’s the blessing in this?” practice.

    Like you, I too like to add extra space into my schedule. Mostly, this is because I like doing things meticulously and fully–and HATE feeling rushed.

    Here’s to spaciousness and ease–through Mercury Rx and beyond!

    • Back at’cha Dana. May you be blessed with spaciousness and ease plus a bit more as you move through this move.

      Love and magic,

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