What Monkey Business are you cooking up?

It’s the Lunar New Year — time for Monkey Business!

The Fire Monkey is…

  • …intelligent
  • …creative
  • …curious
  • …lively
  • …provocative
  • …imaginative
  • …a great communicator and teacher

What passionate, audacious ideas and creations are you cooking up as we enter the year of the Fire Monkey?

Monkey Business — the year of the Fire Monkey

Ready to get into some serious Monkey Business this year?

I’ve already begun. I’m upleveling and rebranding Magnolias West — I’m dancing with that fiery monkey.

I’ve gone back and re-immersed myself in every aspect of my business, my offers, my brand, and my marketing language. I’m kicking open the doors that have been stuck shut for years, the ones that lead to a deeper and truer and more honest presentation of the depth of my experience and skills; the doors behind which some aspects of my sovereign kickass self have been hiding. The year of the Fire Monkey a powerful invitation, let’s accept it together!

How can Monkey Business help you liberate and manifest your ideas, your gifts, your creations…?

I’m deep in the process of a complete upleveling and rebranding of Magnolias West — a process that I flirted with for over a year and then (finally!) began in earnest about six weeks ago. I admitted to myself how I had prettified and softened up my branding because I was scared, and how that prettifying and softening weakened my brand. This has happened before; fear has gotten in the way of my clear message, of trusting my gut and my instincts. It happened when I was raising my kid. I didn’t trust my intuition, so I told her and taught her what I thought she needed to hear and learn instead of telling her the truth and sharing what I learned and how I learned it. Yup. Trying to act and talk like some ’60s TV housewife worked just as well as it sounds like it would. As in not very well at all.

I did the same again with my business. When I finally agreed with the wisdom of marketing to a niche (back in the Magnolias West 1.0 days), I got really clear on who my ideal client is, what she looks like, what she craves, and what she needs. And then I backed off, made my descriptions softer and more general, and left some of the gritty truths, transformations, and teachings I have learned and that I know I’m supposed to impart behind closed doors.

No more, yo. While my brand will still be pretty (prettier than ever!) Magnolias West 3.0 will convey a clearer message than ever before, and speak to the hearts of exactly the women I’m meant to serve. My tribe will get smaller, and that’s fine. How many people do I need or want to help?

There’s a bit of the mischief maker in the Fire Monkey. How can this mischief maker help you uplevel your business, your work, your life?

Here are a couple of questions to help you dance into your own mischief, your own Monkey Business. Take some time to discern. Light a candle if that’s useful for you. Grab your journal, or some paper and a pen. Ask yourself:

  • What have I been holding back? What truth can I tell that I haven’t yet? How can I be more transparent?
  • What do you think/feel/know your tribe needs from you that has felt too scary to give?
  • What are you ready to create? Yup. Open up the door to the “someday I’ll share this” pile. Which one? Which one are you ready to step into?

Drop the momentum-killing idea that conditions have to be “just right” in order to take a risk. Take the risk. Dance with the monkey. Share your beautiful, audacious, provocative Monkey Business with the people who are gonna be so happy to see it!

What Monkey Business are you getting up to? What are you ready to start? I’d love to know. Let’s talk in the comments.

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  1. In honor of the fire monkey, I plan to be more playful this year. I will sit with your questions and journal about them in the morning. Thank you! XO

    • Playful! I like that, and can certainly use more of that energy. I think I’ll join you in increased-play mode.


    • Andrea, it’s not like I haven’t been real so far. But I’m getting real-er in some very big ways. Excited, exciting. Gulp.


    • Zeenat, naughty? Really? If you think this is naughty, stick around! So much more will be revealed and unleashed!

      Love and light,

  2. This is incredible, Sue, I am finally defining my niche client – and she’s doing exactly what you are doing – shedding the old and stepping out and stepping in to her power on a whole new level. It must be in the air! Awesome synchronicity, as always! xo, Reba

  3. Sounds great Sue! I’m working on (finally!) launching my membership/learning center and busy working on developing courses. The soft opening will be mid-March and official kick-off April 1st. Exciting, scary, sure to make mistakes, but really having fun!

    • Marquita, that sounds wonderful! I’m excited to see what you cook up. I’m joining you in the ease about making mistakes, because I’m sure I’ll make many myself!


  4. Oh yes, I know what you mean! For years I hid behind a “brand” that represented what I thought others wanted from me – turns out it was just ME they wanted the whole time, in all my passionate, ranty, spiritual glory lol…

    I am excited about this lunar year – I am a monkey so it’s MY turn 🙂

    • Eva, welcome here. Your brand is clearly reflective of your passion, your ranty spiritually glorious self. Thanks for stopping by. And I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


  5. Thanks Sue, I have been embracing the monkey fire energy this year, so your blog really resonated!

    I too am going through a branding exercise for my new Pearls of Wisdom Legacy Coaching business. In fact I am starting a 30 day Branding Challenge on Monday 22 Feb with an incredible design expert from the UK. So I’m really excited to get this part of my online business set up – you’re very welcome to join “Make Your Mark”.

    I’ve also burned the bridges with my previous online businesses and I am excited to be launching this Friday my first webinar. Revealed: the easiest & fastest way to create a profitable online programme.

    I am getting ready to let my soul speak and shine by sharing my Pearls of Wisdom. And like you here at Magnolia West it will be very interesting to see who joins my new community.

    There’s a lot to do however, it feels so good to be embracing the energy of the new year and following the flow of the lunar cycles.

    Love and blessings,

  6. When I first heard this was the year of the Fire Monkey, and some of the characteristics that went with the year, I knew I was on track for a wild adventure. And thus it has been so far. I’ve already traveled more this year than in 10 past years, and learned–oh, I have learned. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.

  7. I have been waiting for the Red Monkey to come! I am in a rebuilding cycle and this is the year for big movement in that process. Thanks for some good questions to ponder as I act on this energy to take my life and business to the next vibration.

    • Hi Sacheen,

      I love this: “taking life and biz to the next vibration.” What a lovely intention.

      Let me know how you go.


  8. I’m so excited to see what you’re cooking up, Sue! My business(es) have been in complete overhaul, but just the last couple of days the energy has finally shifted into high-gear and forward momentum again.

    All of my websites and info are almost done, there are several fires in the oven (which are all doable), and don’t tell anyone, but I’ll even be bringing Spiritual Badass back soon-ish. 😉

    One question, though. When IS the Lunar New Year? I didn’t see a date on the post.

    • Michelle, thanks! I’m looking forward to the return of the badassery!

      Calculating Lunar New Year is always fun. Just like the Jewish calendar, the Chinese calendar is lunisolar, which is fascinating to consider and often drives me nuts! This year the New Year was the 8th or 9th of February. Here’s how you know: The first rule of thumb is that Lunar New Year should be the new moon closest to the beginning of spring (in the northern hemisphere), known as Lìchūn. This rule is correct most of the time, but it can fail if Lìchūn falls close to halfway between two new moons. It failed in 1985 and will fail again in 2015. Chinese New Year will always fall between January 21 and February 21.

      The second rule of thumb is that most of the time Chinese New Year will fall 11 (or sometimes 10 or 12) days earlier than the previous year, but if that means that the event would be outside of the Chinese New Year range of January 21 to February 21, a leap month must be added so Chinese New Year jumps 19 (or sometimes 18) days later.

      Got it? 🙂

  9. ‘Monkey Business’ sounds very interesting I am doing my business in a ease of developing my career hoping for the best!!


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