Women’s Moon Circles — Divine Feminine Wisdom

Join us in the Moon Circles

Together we can step into Divine Feminine Wisdom in deeper ways than we can do alone

Know this: together we can make needed and badass healing magic, better than we could ever do alone.

All of these things that we fought for and made space for and celebrated over the last decades — who knows what’s going to happen now?

  • Women’s rights
  • Gender freedoms
  • Civil rights
  • Women’s agency and sovereignty over their own bodies.
  • Health care

[Ack! This post is taking a long time to write because I am throwing my hands up and making disgusted noises as I type each of these things in that list above. Okay, calming back down.]

I don’t know what is going to happen but I do know this, we can get a lot more done in circle together than we can do alone.
Moon Circles divine feminine wisdom

I lived through the ’60s and ’70s.

I sat in circle with women and we changed the world.

Good thing we learned how back then, because we’re being called to do it again, and be the voice of No, no fucking way! To be the voice of reason, of sanity. To be the voice that doesn’t back down.

Women’s groups are powerful, and I am listening to that inner voice that’s calling me to create a new one.

Join the Moon Circles group.

Stand in circle with your sisters, and lean into the power and magic of women’s wisdom.

Subscribe and get all this:

  • An invitation to each New- and Full-Moon call and a link to the recordings in case you want to review or weren’t able to participate live. Each call will be a 30-minute virtual ritual within 24 hours of each Full and New Moon.

    The calls will take place on Zoom, a free video call platform that you can dial into from your computer or tablet or smartphone or a phone line — I will provide the link to you before the call, all you have to do is show up! Any device with a camera that you have allows you to be seen as well as heard on the call, which is big magic. When we can see each other, we can really feel how we are circling together.

  • You will be added to our secret Moon Circles Facebook group. There will be discussion threads for each call, and of course you can post topics and questions of your own. I will be popping in frequently and joining in the conversations. And we will be creating yet another powerful online community in which you can support and be supported, inspire and be inspired, heal and be healed.
  • Logistical notes: I have scheduled each call to take place 24 or less hours before Each New and Full Moon. Call recordings or links to same will live in the Facebook group for easy instant access.

Sign up for Moon Circles — Divine Feminine Wisdom

Mark your calendars!

This month’s Full Moon in Cancer is Thursday, January 12th. Our Full Moon call takes place on Wednesday January 11th, at 1:30 pm Pacific, and the recording will be uploaded to our Facebook group for your perpetual listening pleasure within 24 hours. Subscribe now.

Full Moon's invitation — divine feminine wisdomEach Full Moon ritual will have a prosperity focus — the kind of prosperity you can call in when you’ve cleaned up your relationship with money.

Full Moons are great times to celebrate your wins, to connect with and express gratitude. They remind you to share freely of your time, treasure, and talents. And they are a perfect time to call in and claim prosperity.

This month, less than ten days before the U.S. presidential inauguration, our theme is basically writing itself. All we need to do is show up, yo.

Each New Moon ritual will focus on divination and intention — on going inside into your own darkness, and discerning what’s next.

The Dark Moon invites introspection. Together in sacred space you can find the safety inside which you can speak what may feel to big to express on your own.

Sign up for Moon Circles — Divine Feminine WisdomOn all our calls we make magic that springs from Divine Feminine wisdom:

  • We will cast the circle and create sacred space.
  • Passing the virtual talking stick, each participant will briefly check in.
  • There will be a teaching and/or discussion, either in the big group or in small 2–3 person breakout groups.

You will leave the call feeling lighter and more grounded than when you arrived.

Sign up for Moon Circles — Divine Feminine Wisdom

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the call. Did I miss anything? Do you have questions? Please talk to me in the comments. Blessed be!


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    • Wow Barb, those are some powerful words. I may open — or close — today’s ritual by reading them. Thank you. Please sign up now so I can get you the call link in time!

  1. I remember the 60’s as a powerful time for women. I loved every moment of it! The energy that was stirring up change and firing up our soul in the 60’s is here again. Powerful times for the shifts we are in the midst of!

  2. I know the message you have for your tribe is filled with wisdom and experience. I am proud of the women who raised their voices before me.

  3. This is beautiful, Sue. The amazing women in the Divine Feminine series on Paint Yourself Into the Picture – you included – are hearing the call to “Gather the Women.” Very exciting!

  4. Oh, you are singing my song, Sue. It’s time women reorganize our world. I have a fabulous circle of women, and we gather at the solstices and equinoxes. I love the idea of gathering at the full and new moons as well!
    In the meantime, I’m off on the 21st to the women’s march in Austin. Time to dust off those resistance shoes again!

  5. I am with you 100% as well, Sue! I lived through the 60’s and 70’s and am also concerned about how all the hard-earned rights we fought for, are now in jeopardy. I will be marching with 2500 other women and men here in Toronto on January 21st, to support the energy and intention of the Women’s March on Washington! I believe that hundreds of thousands of people will stand and march together and my hope is it will send a powerful message of what we stand for and what we won’t stand for. Love that you are creating a virtual group to come together in these monthly circles! Beautiful!

    • Beverley, I’ll be marching too. With my daughter. Knitting up her pink pussy hat right now. So grateful that many of us have survived because our wisdom and legacy are needed now, more than ever.


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