This Moon is an invitation to love, love and more love

Full Moon in Leo

Friday 2/14/14
26º13′ Leo
3:53 pm Pacific
6:53 pm Eastern

I love February, and its emphasis on Love!

This is the third article I’ve written about Love this month, and it’s a theme I’m seeing everywhere. I shared my Self-Love promise with you here, and talked about how loving thoughts lead us to loving actions — and vice versa — here.

Now…We have a Full Moon tomorrow, right on Valentine’s Day. Nice!

Fiery Leo ignites passion, incites loving thoughts, words and actions. Don’t hold back. Let the love out — loud, proud, and unexpected! We’re inching closer to Spring here in the north, and in most places, even the coldest places, you can begin to see signs of new growth. The color red is everywhere: red roses, store displays, red buds on the swelling new growth on bare branches. So while it still may be gray, and cold, and even frozen, celebrate. Accept the invitation: wear red and gold in a mid-Winter fiery burst of self-expression. Give out flowers and Valentine’s cards. Give them to those you love, or even better, give them to strangers. Give love, get a smile!

springblossommoonAs you bask in the light of this Full Moon, and look back at the previous month, expressing gratitude for what has come to pass, and setting your intentions for the coming lunation, ask yourself:

  • Where is the romance in my life today; who’s cheering for me and urging me to shine my light?
  • What different forms can my romantic expression take? What am I called to express today?
  • Who and what kindles the flame of my heart, and how do I want to let them know?
  • How can I express appreciation for this flame I see and cherish in others?
  • How can I acknowledge and celebrate those who mean so much to me?

For your business

Remember that Mercury retrograde is moving in close alignment with the Sun in Aquarius this week, shining a bright light on your thoughts. This is a great time to process and move forward with recent events and ideas, and to look at challenges and issues with Aquarius’s broad understanding of timing and impact. Reminder: Let the Merc Rx hold you back from impulsive action. This is a great time to plan, revise, rethink, revisit and then wait just a little bit more before jumping into action or responding to communication, especially any that is charged.


Name this Full Moon in a way that works for you!

Every month I dig into my sources and find the traditional names for this month’s Full Moon. It finally occurred to me that some months the traditional names don’t match what I’m seeling, feeling, experiencing.

For example, this month’s traditional Full Moon names include:

  • Trapper’s Moon
  • Budding Moon
  • Bony Moon
  • Little Famine Moon
  • Moon of the Raccoon
  • Moon When Trees Pop
  • Moon of Ice
  • Storm Moon
  • Snow Moon

Clearly all these names come from people who were experiencing cold snowy winter conditions in February. I don’t have that any more. My Februarys here in the Bay Area can be rainy, cold but not freezing (except on rare rare occasions). The days can also be sunny and warm. Either way, we already have new growth and blossoms. The magnolias have come and are nearly gone. Now I see apple, pear, plum, cherry blossoms everywhere. I’ve seen daffodils and jonquils in bloom. I see buds on nearly all branches.

I’m naming my own Moons, names that fit my climate and what nature is doing here where I live!

My name for February’s Leo Full Moon is Spring Blossom Moon (see the image I created above).

I’d love to know what name is right for this month’s Full Moon where you are. Please share what comes up for you — about the name for this Moon and about how this Moon shines on and for you — in the comments.


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    • Linda, the Moon’s fiery light will shine upon you, storm or no storm. May you be blessed with all the love you can possibly want, and more!

      So much love!

  1. Storm Moon, definitely! I do love storms – air is my birth element – but lately the storms in Ireland have gotten a little scary.
    February is about love for me too, mostly though because it’s my birthday! 🙂

  2. These were the names I discovered for full moon in southern hemisphere. Why so many in Feb.? Grain Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Red Moon, Wyrt Moon, Corn Moon, Dog Moon, Barley Moon. Red moon has stood out for me? Will mediate on that- maybe some more base chakra work to do . Thanks for your love comes through in the post and the questions: Today I choose love, to feel and embrace it in all ways love and blessings namaste Suzie xx

    • Suzie, I like Red Moon too! I’d love it if you’d share your source with me, to add to my collection of Moon lore.

      Sending lots of Full Moon, Valentine’s love to you!

      Love and magic,

  3. Hi Sue,

    I really enjoyed learning that we have a full moon right now and are still in Mercury Retrograde (I know I can just go outside and look, but some months I only know these things from posts like these ;)) I loved your explanation about the history of naming moons and the one you’ve chosen for this month along with the picture. Beautiful!


    • Christina,

      LOL. I thought you were saying you could go outside and see Mercury moving in a backwards direction!

      I’m enjoying claiming the naming, myself. And creating an image. Can’t wait for the next one.

      Much Full Moon love,

  4. Dear Sweetheart Sue,

    You inspire me! Each newsletter you post has me eagerly diving it. You have such talent for composition visually and verbally. I want to be like you.

    Thank you for your heart warming messages and insights on astrology.

    Also, I remember Christine Arylo from many years ago. It doesn’t surprise me you two are pals – of big hearts.

    My heart to you, dear Sue, for a lovely and loving month.


    • Raquel, welcome!

      Wouldn’t that be nice, to have that illustration on a cloak. So glad you like it; gives me encouragement to keep on creating my own images.

      May every seed that’s meant to bear fruit for you bud, and send down strong roots, and grow grow grow!

      Love and magic,

  5. Lovely post and beautiful image!

    Here we are seeing only hints of spring – buds are not opening yet, but we know they are nearly ready.

    February Full Moon, I dub thee: Promise Moon. You hold the promise of spring, and of love.

    Hugs and butterflies, ~Teresa~

    • Hi Teresa,

      I love that, the Promise Moon. I might have named it the same were I still living in New York.

      So much appreciation for you!


    • Thanks so much Heather!

      I love that…knowing that Spring’s energy is there, even in the storms.

      Love and appreciation,

  6. New Beginnings Moon would be for me. Something about the moon reminding us that there is always another chance to begin and start anew. I love your graphic, it reminds me of the Cherry blossoms that are getting ready to pop out and make us smile 🙂

    • Jessica, thanks!

      I remember buds in the snow. When I lived in NYC it would thrill me to see green poking up in the snow, and in the cracks in the sidewalks. Those first crocus and daffodil leaves, and the swelling of the magnolia buds on the branches would fill me with joy.

      Love and blessings,

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