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Whether your interest is “purely artistic”, more playful, or deeply soulful, making your Life Mask can show you something truly surprising and wonderful… what I call: “the spirit of the mask”. —Ronda LaRue

I’m so excited about the upcoming Life Mask workshop I’m holding in my home in Oakland. It’s going to be small, intentionally intimate, limited to six women. The exercise of working with a piece that is a reflection of yourself is powerful and transformational.

People have been asking me some great questions about the upcoming Life Mask workshop.

  • Are materials included? I provide a big stash of tools and materials with which we can decorate but we can always use more. Please bring goodies of your own to share, as well as an old sheet or light blanket. Here are some ideas:

– feathers, jewelry, flowers, grasses, leaves, shells, beads, silk or dried flowers, baubles, glitter, marbles, significant stones or any of your favorite collectibles from nature…
– Old holiday decorations, scarves, feather boas, orphaned or outdated earrings, bits of other old broken jewelry, interesting remnants of cloth, yarn, straw, dolls hair, fake fur, veils…
– Small sacred objects that you can glue such as gem stones, crystals, whatever you think might possibly or impossibly be part of a mask.
– You can bring items that are special to you and you want on your mask. Not all or any of what you bring needs to be for sharing.
– The possibilities are endless. Nothing needs to be in pristine conditions. It can be broken bits of things!

  • Is it all right to come if I already have an idea in mind for my mask? Of course! Whether you come as a blank slate, or with a clear vision already in place, or anywhere in between, you’ll have a memorable and fulfilling experience.
  • I’m not an artist. Will I be able to do this? There is absolutely no requirement that you have any previous experience as an artist. I get what it’s like to feel inhibited about one’s own artistic expression. How about this? Don’t worry about it. Instead, I invite you to be light and open. What would it feel like to immerse yourself in this experience regardless of your thoughts about it? What would it feel like to give yourself this gift?
  • Pay what you wish/pay what you can? What is this? I’m so excited to be implementing this pricing structure for my workshops. Workshops like this one have fees ranging from $189–$225. I want this work to be available to as many as people as possible so I invite you to pay what you wish. I won’t ask you to pay your balance until the workshop is complete. I will ask you for a deposit of $80 to hold your space. Here’s how the deposit works: I’ll put your $80 check aside until after the workshop. In fact, please date it 11/14/2011, the day after the workshop ends. If you cancel by 10/28, I’ll tear up your check. If you cancel by 11/4 I’ll return $40. Cancel after that date, and I keep the $80.

The workshop is November 12–13 and there are still a couple of spots left. Email me to register. I hope you can join us!

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