My 12 intentions for your ’12…

On this, the shortest day of the year, just before the wheel turns and the light begins to return, I have powerful intentions for all of you. For all of us. Drink them in, and let them do their magic in the long darkness tonight. Feel the seeds be planted in your consciousness, feel them take at first tenuous and then strengthening hold on you, and live into them as you live into the longer and longer days.

My twelve intentions for your new year 2012:

That you be friends with the person in the mirror, as she is right now this minute. That every ounce of love you have for others radiates from the love you have become willing and able to shine on your own self.

  • From the first day of the year to the last, and going forward, you (as often as you need to) put your heavy beliefs of can’t/won’t/too late/not good enough high up on the shelf and glide lightly easily and gracefully into your highest good.
  • That the motivation to manifest your vision be accessible; that every audacious action you take on be doable, fun, joyful and exciting.
  • That before you open your mouth to speak, one-on-one or in a public forum, you ground through your feet into the earth, into source, and you breathe deeply and out from your heart. You establish a loving connection before you say a word. Changes the whole game.
  • That your connection to the sacred spreads out from your daily practice (you do have a daily practice, don’t you?) and infuses every bit of your speaking, your writing, your work, your friendships, your loves, and your play.
  • That you know, and remember, that your body is the vehicle of your highest good, and when your body is damaged or destroyed, your possibilities for good are also damaged and destroyed. Take care of her, from toes to hair and everything in between.
  • That you do brave and loving battle with the twin legs of dissastisfaction: Deprivation (there’s never enough; I need more!) and Entitlement (I can and will take whatever I can get my hands on, whether offered to me or not). That you conquer those insidious thought patterns with the loving acts of Gratitude and Generosity. Just feel the difference. Gratitude for everything and generosity—doing something for someone else whether asked or not—create spaciousness, ease and joy where you might otherwise feel tight, cramped and bitter. Try it!
  • That you become conscious of, and friends with, your gifts and your legacy. Know and own how you affect others. Stand tall in your importance. Honor yourself, and by honoring yourself, imbue your work and your connections with the juicy and sacred importance it deserves.
  • About that daily practice: you take time to meditate, to bask in the sunshine, to walk in the fresh air, to hug a tree, to stand at the shore and make offerings to the spirits of the waters, to move your body in dance. You do these things every day.
  • That you develop a loving and respectful relationship with food. That you garden if you can and grow some of the things you eat. That you buy and cook local and seasonal foods.
  • That you do your work, run your business from a place of joy, purpose, audaciousness and ease. That you are inspired and that you communicate that inspiration to others like a contagion. Be beautifully contagious with your joy and audacity.
  • That you take lots of time for yourself. Renew and recharge with entertainment, silliness, beauty, friends, creativity, and love.
  • [And one for good luck.] Dare to do the thing you have convinced yourself is too big too hard too too too…. Revisit it. Get some mentorship (a friend, a Mastermind group, a coach) and take the first action towards your vision. And then the second…

And then…. Go for it! Bloom in 2012!


Many thanks to Jen Louden‘s powerful 2012 predictions for you. What an inspiration!


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  1. Good Morning Sue,
    Thank you for this inspiration. A fromcouple of weeks ago I received information about a gift certificate from Kim Partin for your services. I am interested! I was, however, unable to access your scheduler (as you predicted might be the case). Please respond with info about how to schedule the complimentary session. Thank You, Spirah

  2. Thank you! You have written my intentions for 2012 exactly as I would have written them myself! Now I just have to follow them through. Greetings from London!

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