New beginnings…

The season of the dying of the old and the birthing of the new—the season that straddles the New Year—is winding down to a close.

Sacred annual reviews, check
Accomplishments, noted and celebrated, check
What’s yet to be completed list, check
Revised goals, check
Powerful intentions for 2013, check!

We’re standing firmly in 2013, looking forward and moving ahead. How perfect!

It’s a perfect time to look and listen for the messages that strengthen and support us in our journey as we take one step at a time toward our highest good. One step at a time toward the full expression of our most sacred mission and purpose.

ImbolcWe’re coming up on Imbolc, which marks the time of the year of the first softening of the ground between Winter and Spring. Of the time when the lambs and calves are born. A good time to begin…

I found this poem among the amazing work done for the last eight or nine years, for the Brigid Poetry Festival. Poems created to mark and honor this time of year…

Ritual for Beginning Something by Zann Carter

At dawn
call the quarters then face east
calling again

into all the places where the sun rises
and sets in you,

the place where the moon plays
with your shadow,

all the dark places.

Be open in the day
and night spaces of your body,

make room.

Be waiting.

Expect everything, expect nothing.

Make a bowl of your heart,
a cup of your hands,
a stone of your intention.

Call again…

Imagine it done,
consider it

What are you beginning, precious one? What do you see in the sacred flame of your most important intentions? What exactly is that light you see ahead of you, illuminating your path? Please share your intentions, your beginnings, in the comments.


Full Moon in Leo, Saturday January 26th, 8:38 pm Pacific

English: Galanthus nivalis, snowdrops in the s...Some of the traditional names for this Full Moon are Old Moon, Ice Moon, or Earth Renewal Moon. This last one is my particular favorite, especially because Winter can feel so dreary. No matter how cold, or rainy, snowy or icy it gets in this part of the world, the earth is being renewed. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I see magnolias already in bloom, buds fattening up on bare branches, and bulbs poking up all over the place.

When I lived in New York City (most of the first 40 years of my life) my friends and loved ones thought I was nuts. We’d be walking through the bitterly cold, icy and miserable day, rushing to get home and get warm, and I would see something green poking up in the cracks between the paving stones, or buds on branches getting a little fatter, and I’d get so happy. Spring is coming! They thought I was nuts, but I was so lucky, to feel the energy of the wheel of the year, to see new growth in the unlikeliest of settings.

Full Moons tell us the story of the relationship between opposing signs. This Full Moon talks about the dance that goes on between the energies of the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo. Full Moons are illuminating, not just because they shine the brightest, but because they shine a light on the apparent contradiction of opposites. Instead of duality and conflict, we get to leverage the combined energies into a wholeness that helps us frame this next phase of initiation, of beginning.

This Full Moon in Leo pushes us up off the couch, out of hibernation, and back into life. Leo brings lots of energy and inspiration for creative expression and juicy, loving interactions. The Leo Moon is regal, proud and intensely independent, with a tendency toward personal drama. All this is beautifully tempered by the Aquarius impulse towards harmony and best outcomes for all, with an emphasis on interdependence, collaboration and teamwork.

What intentions and actions are available to you, precious one, in this Full Moon window?

How do these two energies—independence and interdependence—combine in and express through you? Please join the conversation in the comments.

The Full Moon in Leo makes a lot of heart, a lot of love (both inner- and outer-directed) available. During this Full Moon, spend some time in ritual space (at your altar, in nature, in blessed solitude). You could light candles (one gold, one silver) and spend a little time in meditation. Ask yourself:

  • For my soul: What can I let go of and fully release? What have I been carrying around that has been weighing down my heart and my soul? What is ready to be forgiven?
  • For my business: Which of my plans, goals and intentions rise to the top? What can I begin now, today, this week?
  • For my self-care: How will I tend to my body? What are my sacred commitments for nourishing and moving this beloved body of mine? What are your no-matter-what bottom lines?

Credits: Poem from last year’s Brigid Poetry Festival. Imbolc photo: Flickr-kightp. Snowdrops photo: WikipediaEnhanced by Zemanta


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  1. Dearest Sue: Recently a family friend died, the same age as me and left 5 kids and a wife. This pushed me to look at my life more closely, am I having fun, being of service, does my life matter. I am beginning to value and celebrate myself and those that matter with time, more down time, more listening,more honouring of those who gather in my space and of myself. Thank you, I love new beginnings xo Tanya

  2. Here, the snow is coming down and green grass is a few months away still but around Imbolc, we do see the days get visibly longer here. It is amazing what light can do – even that small spark of hope gets more people outside. As we are leading up to this full moon, my energy is wanting me to reconnect with my family doctor and start participating in a fun, upbeat dance class. Thanks Sue for highlighting that my natural tendencies are in line with the natural rhythms of the Earth.

    • Hey Nicole, your comment came through, yay!
      Yes, the light, those incremental minutes of more daylight every day, is so powerful!!
      Dancing in rhythm with the earth…what a beautiful image. Thank you.
      Love and light,

  3. Hmmm. My new beginning is a new process for moving toward my dreams. Last year my process was somewhat outcome oriented. This year I am letting things evolve. Life is more mysterious and less predictable this way and suddenly I find that I achieved the same thing with half of the effort.

    • @crystallaunder Wow, that’s so lovely! Achieving with less effort…When I have moments of this, my heart just fills with joy.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Love and blessings,

  4. Poem for 8th Brigid Poetry Festival
    Brigid’s Way
    With passion
    Outpouring care feeds our mythic spring.
    Sparkling flame of peace abides within,
    melts forbidding.
    Not fools, no pleas for altruist beliefs.
    Why ought Compassion be measured out
    in play at “who deserves” (moral scores)?
    Need reaches to heal through magical interchange.
    Because relief of hunger feeds us,
    cunning deceivers arouse no fear.
    Who could unfairly take advantage,
    steal our good?
    If energies are not replenished, the giving
    but to make use of flowing contribution is no drain.
    It is the focal point of our outpouring.
    Fed by the blessing
    of sacred vessels aching to be filled,
    we who come upon this gift of fortune,
    this well neverending revealed,
    dip in with grace, good will,
    self-rejoicing wisdom.
    This is not belief or even knowing.
    This is breath of awe in motion.

    • @libramoon42 Oh I just love this! Thank you for blessing me with your words. I especially like the last bit: …not belief or even knowing. This is the breath of awe in motion.

  5. I am just now seeing this post. I am delighted you liked my poem. Thanks for the compliment of passing it on. Bright blessings!

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