New logo — parting the curtains for a peek

Anatomy of a Rebrand, part 5

That squeal-y sound you hear is my excitement at showing this new logo to you!
MagnoliasWest logo

What’s different about this new logo (above, version 3.0)?

Let’s compare, okay? Here are the previous logos:

MWlogos1-2The new logo — Magnolias West version 3.0 — may or may not be more beautiful. I know beauty is a matter of opinion. I think the new one is far and away the best one ever, but I love the two previous iterations. (It’s really fun and illuminating to look at them all at once, and see the unfolding and development of my brand’s visual components.) I still think using the blossom as the dot of the “i” in Magnolias in v1.0 was brilliant!

But something happened with this rebrand that brought my logo and my relationship to it to a whole new level. It became more personal. My new logo is homegrown and handmade in a deeper way than ever before.

Ask yourself:

How well does my brand reflect my self (my values, my passion, my wisdom, my experience, my transcendence)?

In my branding work with healers and wise women over the last couple of years, I’ve seen a shift from branding with abstract illustrative logomarks. Instead, my clients have chosen a handwritten or beautiful font treatment for their word marks. Each of the women I’m thinking of (Della, Eva, and Josephine, for example) felt strongly that the best way to get their message across, and their wisdom and passion well communicated, was to make their brands very very personal.

And then I began my own rebrand…

When I started to review my visual brand elements, I was called to go the handmade and homegrown route. You may know this about me: I’m a DIY-er. I make my own remedies and cosmetics. I make medicine. I brew kombucha, make sauerkraut, and ghee. I’m a maker, yo. I’m also an iPhone-ographer, and I’ve been taking (as you may also know) pictures of magnolias in bloom with my daughter since she was a year old. She’s nearly 30 now, and we are both committed to this project that will last as long as both of us are alive and living close enough together to make it happen.

Are you curious about why the Magnolias West name has remained the same? Read that part of the rebrand journey here.

Have a look at this handmade and homegrown creation — the new logo for Magnolias West.

MagnoliasWest logo

  • The photo is one of mine, with a little editing done to give it a watercolor, painterly look.
  • I wrote those words “Magnolias West.” For eight hours over two days. About 800 times. (Believe me, I learned a ton about my handwriting.)
  • I have never felt that “I” am in my “brand” more than I do now.

Personal branding. Business branding.

You are a priestess in your business. A beautiful badass priestess. You are in charge.

Choose how you appear, how you will be remembered, and what people will associate with your name and your visuals.

Priestess every branding decision you make.

Bring ritual and intention into the question, into the process. Breathe into it. Ask to be guided and pay attention to what you are shown.

When you focus your kickass sovereign lens on your brand and visuals, you are no longer at the mercy of a designer, or guessing at what your brand should look like. Instead, in an organic unfolding, you can bring your awesome to your brand, and reveal visuals that reflect your best and highest values. Made up of all of you: the grit, the grace, the ease, the way you walk through challenges.

How a priestess rocks her personal brand in life, for example:

  • You decide that you won’t yell at the driver who just cut you off because he or she just might turn out to be your next client.
  • You decide to put on clean clothes even just to run one errand, because you never know who you will encounter.
  • You find the way to smile, and be gracious, even in the most tedious imaginable tech-support call.

And when that kickass priestess brands her business, this could happen (and wouldn’t that be, and feel, amazing!):

  • You bring more and more of yourself to light in your brand. There is no need to feel like your business identity must be something apart from you.
  • You rock your uniqueness. In your marketing. At networking events. In social media. The more your individual amazing shines through, the more your ideal clients will see themselves in you, and magnetize themselves to you.

Listen: Your brand is that thing that sticks in people’s minds. It’s how they remember you. How do you want to be remembered? I want my personal brand to make me memorable as a woman who walks her talk, who carries herself proudly, who is kind and generous and smart and of service. Not to mention quirky, brave, and an amazing cook and maker. And I want my Magnolias West brand to make the people I am meant to serve feel the pull to lean in, find out more, and happily pay me for my work.

Thanks for letting me show you the new logo. Tell me what you think; let’s talk in the comments!



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  1. WOW! “I wrote those words “Magnolias West.” For eight hours over two days. About 800 times. (Believe me, I learned a ton about my handwriting.)”

    That’s something else, Sue.

    Brava! on this 3.0 version. It speaks volumes…all good.

    • Lore, thanks. I’m so grateful to read your words. And to reread my own, TBH. Helps me own just how much I’ve accomplished so far.


  2. I loved the gorgeous flower of the new brand as soon as I saw it. Then I read further to see it was a picture YOU took with your iPhone! AND included your own handwritten title (800 practices made perfect). Great job! I can’t wait to see more. <3

    • Tae, I don’t know if I ever got to perfect, but I sure did get to “good enough!”

      Thanks for the encouraging words.

      Love and light,

  3. MmmmMmmm! I LOVE this post for so many reasons – not just because you shared the care you put into your new logo development (100 times an hour is a LOT of focus, determination, and care!), not just because you brought us along for the ride, but because you really let us see more of who YOU are and who you want us to become. That is So delicious. Risky, in some ways, and yet SO delicious to people like me who need the “medicine” (verbal and otherwise) that you’re delivering.

    ROCK ON, Lady!

    • Lisa, thank you! I think that “seeing more of what you are” is key in branding a wisdom business. When I can see/feel your heart and substance in your brand, I can feel you as solid, and worthy of my attention. That’s so different from just making something pretty.

      Rocking on together…

  4. I feel your joy and your pain Sue. I love the new logo and your hand — wow eight hours. I am still working through mine, almost there. Have have some interesting feedback on my name logo people either love or dislike it. I am happy with my colours and this week I will finish all my copy I hope. Sue, have loved your series. I love the priestess idea — and yes it has taken interviews to be open to really including my story more up front. xxoo

    • Thanks so much Suzie!

      I thought of you when I was writing this, as I know we are moving in parallel these days upleveling our businesses.

      One foot in front of the other…


      • How true is that one foot in front of the other — patience!!!!! I had coffee with a designer yesterday and she said she thought my new design was great — still have new home page to do.

    • Patricia, Thanks so much.

      And you put it perfectly when you mention evolving as kickass humans and then allowing that to show through in our business visuals.


    • Peggy, wow, thanks!!

      I’m sure you get that it was a bit scary to do this reveal. Your words — everyone’s enthusiasm — are healing and happifying.


    • Lisa, and more is coming. Soon! Brought to you by an internet near you (sorry couldn’t resist).

      Love and magic,

  5. LOVE the new logo, Sue. Love the way you Priestess your business. Love how when you serve yourself — through the care you are putting into your rebrand — you are serving and teaching your clients and tribe as well. Well done, you!

    • Thank you so much, Reba.

      I’ve been reading and thinking a lot lately about the elements that combine to make entrepreneurship so irresistible (as in meant to be) to some, and scary and difficult to others.

      For someone like me, who has lived a mostly accidental life (nope, I never planned this career; shit, I never even planned to live this long!), I get so much support and encouragement every time someone shares her journey — her truth, what works, what doesn’t — all of it.

      Glad my journey can also be useful.

      In gratitude,

    • Roslyn, Yup, it’s been so good to have your eyes on all of it as I go, your eyes and your hearts. Over, under, around, through, above, below. My brand is fully blessed by all this love!

      In gratitude,

  6. Love your new logo as well, Sue! I think your love and passion for magnolias and for supporting others really speaks! What I took from the post is how important the process is, especially reading, “I wrote those words “Magnolias West.” For eight hours over two days. About 800 times. (Believe me, I learned a ton about my handwriting.)” Isn’t that what ultimately it is about? Learning more about ourselves and then making sure that is “in” the way we present ourselves to the world. As you also said, “I have never felt that “I” am in my “brand” more than I do now.” It sounds like you not only had fun working through this process, but that you are clearer and more centred in all the wonderful “Priestess” ways you bring yourself to the world! Congrats! xo

    • Beverley, well put. The more I know myself, the more I can show, give, offer, and let shine through. And now that the website elements are falling into the place, I gotta say the excitement is building. Woot!

      Love and light,

  7. I love your logo, Sue, it’s so Magnolias West (I know you understand what I’m saying).

    When I created my website, I spent a lot of time on my logo too and created it myself. My website designer who is the creative director of a major news conglomerate in India loved it and told me it would serve me better than any other logo. I feel the same holds for your lovely logo.

    • Vatsala, I totally understand what you’re saying. And looking at your logo again, I really get how it (especially the color!) radiates your smart divinely feminine approach to your gifts and your work.

      Have a great weekend!

  8. Congratulations Sue – I LOVE your new logo! You’ve put so much work and heart into this rebranding effort, but it is obviously paying off. I can hardly wait to see what other surprises you have in store. 🙂

    • Marquita, thanks so much.

      I’ve had my head in the pixels, and colors, and words for so long that I think I’ll also be surprised at the other changes that are coming. Oh wait! I remember….

      Coming soon. With luck, by Labor Day.


    • Kimba, thanks. The photo makes it easy. I have picked my new color palette almost entirely from colors in the photo itself.

      Another magic creative cauldron technique revealed!


  9. I think it’s great having your logo grow as your business grows. This gives your audience a fresh image to associate with you. By personalizing your image in a way that resonates with you, it makes everything you do more authentic.

    • Ta, Joyce,

      You captured some of my own keywords I used as I unfolded the new brand and visuals: resonant, authentic, and personalized.

      It must be working!


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