New Moon in Aries. “Are you sure you want to restart now?”

Well, sure or not, that’s the energy that’s all around right now. You may not have a choice, yo.

So much Aries energy. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of the astrological year. The time to set powerful intentions, make new beginnings, move projects forward.

We have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus conjunct in Aries. A juicy stew! The Sun’s move-ahead, go-for-it energy, united with the Moon, and Mercury the messenger and Uranus the throw-it-all-out-and-start-over innovator. Spring cleaning, anyone? Of your belongings, of old thoughts and behaviors that don’t serve you any longer?

What have you been holding back, waiting for the right moment to express? What new idea, new venture, new audacious act is in you? Today is a very good day to go for it!

We are still in a Mercury retrograde (until April 4). Grrrrr. This one hit me particularly hard, in the oh-now-it’s-broken department.

My friend, the beautiful witchy artist Jennybach (of ArsFabrica) and I are cooking up our Sabbat takeaways. We have been working together on these for a while now. She and I prepare themed souvenirs for each Sabbat. Examples: painted seashells with seed pearls and glitter inside for a Yemaya ritual. Or feathery and flowered hairclips for a Beltane ritual. Small, exceedingly complex, satisfying for us as makers and usually a source of delight to the participants who get to take one home.

Being Spring Equinox, combining the themes of new growth and compassion, we sourced, ordered and got seed-impregnated printer paper (safe for most printers, it says). We find quotes about compassion, lay them out and start printing them on the paper. So that we can then (or Jenny can, bless her heart; origami is not my thing, my hands do better with items less delicate) cut them out and fold them into origami birds and frogs and lotuses and lilies. Nice idea. Suits our requirement (complex, original and exceedingly cool). And the paper kills my beautiful, reliable, 8-color inkjet printer. I think we got 2.5 sheets printed and then…dead.

Five flashes. I look it up. Can’t make it work. Call Canon in the morning. Get talked through possible ways to fix. Can’t. It’s dead. Luckily for me they have a discount for customers like me who will buy from them to replace that which has died. New printer arrives tomorrow.

Bite me, Mercury retrograde. And may this be the end of your gifts to me, this time around. Just sayin’…

Did you know?
Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon that follows the Spring Equinox
Passover comes right after the first Full Moon that follows the Spring Equinox

And that’s why they move around the calendar as they do. Hooray for holidays that still follow the old ways…

Credit: That beautiful image above is called “Aries Mandala” and it’s by Sandra Mosley.

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