New Moon in Aries — set off on your journey, expect a miracle

First things first, I’m out of the hospital

No I didn’t know I was going in either!

Seems like ruptured, walled-off appendicitis can recur. Mine just did. I’m out of danger, taking the same really horrible drugs as 11 months ago, working lovingly and compassionately on my attitude, and doing everything I can to support my body, my tender heart, my emotions, and my balance, as I go through this. Thanks for all the love and patience.
Uzume — dancing lightly on the path of your highest good.

New Moon in Aries

Saturday, April 18th
28º25′ Aries
11:57 am Pacific
2:57 pm Eastern

Here’s my New Moon love note for you!

Many call the Spring Equinox, when the Sun rises above the Equator, as the beginning of the astrological year.

The Aries New Moon that follows the Equinox is when you may feel that you have fully landed in all this season’s newness, coinciding with the ground being softened enough and warmed enough for you to be planting the first seeds of the year. Seeds in your garden, seeds in your body, seeds in your relationships, and seeds in your business.

I always consider this Aries New Moon as the last reset point of our goals and intentions for the year, the last “New Year” point. You’ve now spent a full six months looking at and experiencing different phases of “New Year” energy. (Seasonal aspects of the list that follows describe the shifts and changes in the Northern hemisphere; I always love hearing from my Australian and New Zealand readers with your take on these.)

  • At the Fall Equinox in September (when Jewish people mark their New Year) you looked at what you reaped and harvested. You gave thanks for the harvest, and planned what to put aside for the following year’s seeding and growing seasons.
  • At the end of October you are at Samhain and Day of the Dead, when the veils between the worlds thin, when you can have access to the threads that bind you to those who have gone before, your ancestors and foremothers. This is the last harvest of the year, the end of the growing season and the start of the darkness that holds the seeds for what is to grow next, keeping the seeds safe, and warm, and fertile through the dark, internal, quiet and building time.
  • Newgrange — where the Winter Solstice Sun lights up an underground passageThe Solstice in December marks the return of the light. As the days begin to lengthen, you can mark the year new again. Even though the returning light can’t yet be seen, our ancestors built observatories and temples where the Solstice Sun lines up just so and illuminates hidden recesses — the signs that reminded us, year after year, that the light will return, the ground will warm, lambs would be born, and food would grow. Have you been to Newgrange? It’s such a powerful place! And of course, our western culture has planted its New Year flag on January 1st.
  • Then there’s the Lunar New Year just between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. There are Asian Lunar New Year festivals, The Irish celebrate the Goddess Brigit at the beginning of February — She represents the light half of the year. It’s also Groundhog Day, a trickled-down interpretation of this ancient New Year celebration, which symbolized the softening of the earth, the lambing and eweing, and the coming time to plant.
  • Which brings you to this first New Moon after the Spring Equinox. Are you ready to act on the energies that have been building up in you in the cold and dark months? Are you ready to plant your first seeds? Are you ready to leap, like The Fool, into your next adventure? To dance lightly on the path of your highest good? Eyes up, heart out, hands lightly grasping your bag of tools and tricks, your vision, your dedication, your commitment, and your passion?

Expect a miracle sister, a miracle and a half!

Let me know how you feel this week’s go-go New Moon. Where are you in your journey? Are you turning a corner? Are your steps lightening?

Feel free to send a little extra love and a virtual hug. I’m on Flagyl again, yo, can already taste that lovely metallic taste. Glad I’m not alone. Drop in to the comments, let’s connect.

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The Uzume card comes from the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck, which I own and use, by Katherine Skaggs.

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  1. Lovely. “Are you ready to leap, like The Fool, into your next adventure? To dance lightly on the path of your highest good?”

    Gonna keep this with me. Thanks for inspiring.

    • DB, Welcome here. I am so glad you like that. We all need to manifest our inner Uzume early and often, and for no apparent reason.

      Love and light,

  2. Thank you for this beautiful inspiring post sue. Needed this today to give me the spiritual fuel to move forward on some of my projects and others pause. Blessings

    • Debra, yes, the pause moment. I love how the Moon brings that invitation around to us with every cycle. Pause. Reflect. Review. Decide what gets your attention next and what remains on pause. Annnnnnd….. Go!

      Blessed be,

    • Laurie, happy birthday. Enjoy turning the corners, and smile in anticipation of what you will be revealed as the next part of the path comes into view. And then the one after that….


  3. Sue thank you so much for grounding where we are currently in the cycle by looking back at the last six months. I am feeling so much energy opened up for creativity, collaboration and growth right now! It is a very exciting time!

    • Kelley, I agree, it’s nice to look back over the last half of the wheel. It was quite a journey for me putting this together.

      Enjoy the growth; it’s the season for it!

      Blessed be,

  4. This is so interesting, Sue! And I hadn’t heard of Newgrange, but that sounds amazing.

    I love this:

    “Are you ready to leap, like The Fool, into your next adventure? To dance lightly on the path of your highest good? Eyes up, heart out, hands lightly grasping your bag of tools and tricks, your vision, your dedication, your commitment, and your passion?”

    Thank you!

  5. Oooooh, I loved this! Thanks so much for this post.

    I really am starting to feel settled into this new year. At the same time, I’m implementing new things, changing things up in my business, and embarking on a plan I put together with my business mentor. So yes: I’m turning a corner, and my steps are lightening. 🙂

  6. Here in New Zealand we are approaching Samhain and the night of the dead. Part of my writing has been about restoring the resonance for our southern hemisphere festivals, & connecting European with Maori traditions. And so for 4 years I held a vigil on the street for people, including children, to come and light pumpkin lanterns for their beloved dead, in the early evening of Samhain (april 30 here). The Maori new year begins in May/June close to winter solstice. It’s good to see you acknowledging both hemispheres in your blog. Good wishes & healing to you Sue.

    • Juliet, thanks. I am thrilled to read about the rituals you are crafting and leading that honor beloved dead and native cultures.

      I know I don’t do the Southern Hemisphere justice in my Wheel of the Year posts, but I try. Thanks for noticing.

      Blessed be,

  7. Sending you lots of light and healing. Count me as one in your light circle! And, thanks for the mention of “The Irish celebrate the Goddess Brigit at the beginning of February — She represents the light half of the year.” I need to do more research about Brigit.

    • Kimba, I’m so glad you are in my light circle, thank you!

      Brigit is near and dear to me. She’s a triple goddess: a maker, a poet, and a healer. I think you’ll enjoy the journey of finding out more.


  8. Would have to say I’m still in the process of pulling away the weeds and debris left over from past seasons to prepare a path of less resistance for the new shoots just below the surface to break through.

    • Lorraine, the process. I’m so glad it’s spiral, and circular, and not linear. I’m glad we don’t just get a single day to set intentions, or release and let go, or anything!

      We’re on a wheel, and within each month, and within each year, are invitations to explore certain energies, and make certain declarations if we’re ready.

      Keep working your weeds, and walking the path. Just by doing that you’re clearing the way….

      Blessed be,

  9. What a wonderful post, Sue! I really enjoyed travelling through the amazing astrological year. Reminds me how beautiful life is! So many opportunities for reflection on our journey! Love it! Thank you again and I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. Much gratitude. -Stacey

    • Stacey, thanks so much! For the comment and the warm and loving wishes around my health.

      Love and magic,

  10. Beautiful post, Sue! I love your artful rendering of this seed-planting, final reset time…and how you placed in within the context of the year, with all its phases and turnings. Thank you!

  11. Dear Sue,

    That image of Uzume seems to typify you. I so appreciate your interpretation of your health challenge with this joyful dancer balanced on toe.

    Just finished reading Ireland by Frank Delaney with his storytelling skills on a historical, albeit mythical, peek into all the mystical Irish sights, and you nicely included a pic of Newgrange. I get the joy of visiting this and other sacred Irish sights in September.

    Sending you even more courage and healing then you can imagine.


    • Diane, yup, I have much love for Uzume. I wish for everyone to accept and embrace what life brings them with joy, with dance!

      Ooh, I’m going to get that book now! Thanks for telling me about it. And enjoy Ireland, one of my heart’s homes.


  12. I really enjoyed this blog post. I really felt the fool energy this past new moon. I set my goal of the year which is “connection”- so even my reading and interacting on your wonderful blog post, I’m already engaging in that goal. I can’t wait to see what the year brings- lots of love to you!

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