New Moon in Gemini, a watery grand trine…do you swim or sink?

Are you starting to feel the New Moon in Gemini energy?

The Sun and Moon line up on Saturday, June 8, 8:56 a.m. Pacific at 18º Gemini

Gemini is the mutable Air sign. The Air signs have a lot to do with our mental energy, how we communicate and how well we integrate with the world and our work. This New Moon comes as we are deep in the growing season here in the Bay Area, the days are long, summer is coming. I have begun a slate of new projects for Magnolias West: a new eBook and two new eCourses, one of which is slated to also become a telecourse. I’m seeing lots of activity and growth, not only in my business, but everywhere around me, in the work my clients and colleagues are doing.

two mermaidsI find myself working, for the first time in my business, with joint venture partners. I have a co-author for some of my work, and a partner in one of the eCourses. What a great time to initiate partnering, and joint venturing, because just as Gemini exemplifies, two heads are better than one!

There’s a yummy, watery Grand Trine going on now—check it out

There is some beautiful energy being bestowed on us now with Venus (in Cancer), Saturn (in Scorpio) and Neptune (in Pisces) connecting with each other. We’re being presented with an invitation to manifest our best and highest, and to rest in the knowing that the Divine is always with us—all we need to do is to open the door to the connection.

Listen to the mermaids whispering encouragement and love. We will have this loving gift all summer long, enjoy it. But keep moving, precious. Keep moving forward. The trine energy can lull us into non-action (remember the Siren’s song?). As long as you allow the fresh air to keep your waters flowing, and resist stagnation, you will be sure to swim towards your most magnificent manifestation of your passion and your purpose. Instead of sinking like a stone.

Just sayin’…

Who do you talk to, collaborate with, in your projects? Where do you get support for your ideas and goals, and help with your issues and challenges?

Do you have a coach? A mastermind? Are you using them? Bounce your ideas off of your trusted ones, no matter how outlandish your ideas may seem! Let people know the inspirations that come to you in the shower, that dance around in your head when you’re falling asleep, or when you wake up in the morning. Allow your ideas and inspirations to be reflected back to you as the gifts that they are. Get the help that’s so critical, so that you can transform your dreams from “Oh that’s too big; I could never do that!” to “Oh yes! That’s a good one! And I’ll start with…[insert first sacred action item here].”

The New Moon window is a great time to go inside, discern what’s next for you to begin, or what projects you will take actions on next, or even complete.

Take some time on Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday in your sacred space, whether it’s your altar, or a redwood grove, or by the seashore, or some other place where you feel grounded and connected to the Divine. Here are some helpful questions…Pick the one that rises to the top, that feels most important, and take some time meditating on it. I find that in New Moon workings, dealing as we are with internal energies, it’s more useful to concentrate on one idea rather than many.

  • What’s next to do to freshen your website and your business communication?
  • What questions need answered for your next big project?
  • How can you improve your communication with your clients and your tribe?
  • Who can you enroll in Team You, to mentor you, and support you in your unfoldment?
  • What have you learned recently? Is that lesson complete? If so, what do you want to learn next?
  • What are your most sacred intentions for this summer season?

I have so much gratitude!

  • I’m grateful for my beautiful daughter, who’s working so hard and who is taking ownership of her life in more and more solid ways.
  • I’m grateful for my work and my beautiful clients.
  • I’m grateful for the beautiful acknowledgements that are coming my way these days. It feels so good to be able to receive them in humble appreciation.
  • I’m grateful for health and strength and flexibility.
  • I’m grateful for my retreat in Boonville earlier this week, for the first-growth redwoods, and the ocean.




  • I’m grateful for my co-author for my upcoming eBook and eCourse, how did I ever live without one?
  • I’m grateful for my training with Mark Silver and every single thing I’ve learned taking his classes.
  • I’m grateful for my loving family, and that my niece and nephew are back in town for a bit.
  • I’m grateful for my tribe of priestesses and the work we will do tomorrow to mark the New Moon at the beach.
  • I’m grateful for community, and the beautiful circles of people with whom I get to interact. I’m so lucky!

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  1. Oh WOW!! This post is exactly what I needed to hear, the timing is so perfect.  I am in the process of freshening up my website and the beginnings of recreating/creating some new products and your powerful questions in this post are so relevant to me right now.  Thank you thank you thank you.  I love knowing that I’m on track here and in sync with the new moon.  Perfect.  xo

  2. Love this post – and the questions that you asked within it……def. going to spend some time in my sacred space this weekend :). thanks for sharing…..

    • Hi Gina, I’d love to hear where you end up with the questions you choose to ask.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  3. I really enjoyed this post. The mermaids have been whispering away in my ear. Today I listened and told my employer that I plan to reduce my hours in November to focus on my biz more. I’m so happy I have a supportive husband and friends to listen to all my wild dreams. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Billie, how wonderful to see you going with your wild, wilder, wildest dreams. Rock on, precious one!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.


  4. Excellent blog post! I love reading about the signs, moon cycles, etc and how it affects us! It’s a kind reminder! I was just ‘looking inside’ earlier today just thinking about what’s next etc.

    • Hi Tia,

      I’m glad you get something out of being aware of the celestial energies. Glad to see you here.

      Love and light,

    • Thank you much Gail, for passing this along, and to you for writing the above. I really needed this today…it’s time to SHOUT OUT my work bigger, to create a team and to realize how vital the Universe is in its support of our integrity and our life missions.

      • Alice, I just love this! Yes! Call more attention to The Attention Factor and your beautiful mission and purpose!

        Thanks, Gail, for sharing this.


  5. I love all the information you’ve shared here and I’m listening to the mermaids now! Careful not to be seduced, like you said, by the siren’s song. I’m going to keep this image with me as I continue to write and blog and create.

    • Cassandra, I’m so glad that “siren’s song” bit resonated with you. It’s amazing how seductive our habits, our stasis, can be. The energy for creating and writing is huge right now, glad you’re catching the wave.


  6. Beautiful and inspiring post, Sue. Thanks so much for sharing it. I love the imagery and the questions—and the way you included your gratitude practice at the end. Most of all, though, I love the idea of Team You. We all need one of those! 🙂

    • Hey Nancy, Thanks for this. It’s nearly the exact New Moon time as I write this, and I’m feeling a lot of energy around my heart. May today be full of love and nourishment. And may you be supported and connected everywhere.

      Love and light,

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