New Moon in Scorpio—transform or don’t

Today’s the last day of  the New Moon window in Scorpio, the fixed water sign associated with change, transformation—the phoenix, darkness, secrets. It’s the sign that feels very deeply (as those of you with your Sun in Scorpio already know; I know I surely do). Scorpio energy uncovers what’s hidden, brings the shadow to the light, even when that creates or enhances discomfort. Scorpio reveals hidden urges, encourages personal and community power and invites audacious intimacy. It’s said that the Moon’s opposition to Jupiter in Taurus (indulgence) has an intensifying Scorpio’s already intense attributes—this is/has been a very juicy New Moon!

This Scorpio New Moon has been particularly intense for me. The New Moon window began on Tuesday the 25th, when the police action against the Occupy Oakland happened. I was and continue to be deeply affected by what has happened since the Occupy movement began and by the events of this week.

During the peak of the New Moon, yesterday, I was in prayer and meditation most of the morning sending waves of love to the 99%. Sending a wake-up call to the protesters, and politicians and police—Yo! you guys are in the 99% too. You are us. We are you.

I was glued to Twitter for too much of the day reading what people much smarter than I were writing. The most concise and moving words I read were (paraphrasing): The Occupy movement is not about claiming the right to sleep in public parks and plazas. It’s about reclaiming the right to sleep safely indoors in one’s own bed.

Just sayin’…

My New Moon wishes for my family, my friends, my coven, my community, my city, my country, my planet:

It’s getting darker every day. Please remember that inside the darkness is the light. Remember the wheel and your place upon it. Embrace change. Stand in compassion. Live into your intentions. If not now, bubbeleh, when?

Unravel the first knot of what’s holding you back. Slowly. Patiently. One knot at a time. Do not let the size of the snarl stop you. Breathe. And breathe again. Even better, do this: Close your eyes. Bow your head just a bit. Cover your upper sternum with your hand. Breathe into your heart. Whisper silently to yourself the name you associate with Spirit. Open. Open. (Thank you, Mark Silver, for sharing with me this beautiful and simple Sufi Remembrance practice.)

Look around you at the brave and powerful Occupy movement. Ask yourself how you can support and serve and join this movement that exists for you. What better time than now to remember Unity? To remember that we are one. That the issues being brought into the light (there’s the Scorpio energy again) affect us globally. What a magnificent time to notice, feel, think and act.

This my sisters and brothers is my New Moon loving message and prayer. Blessed be!


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  1. Thank you for this poignant and timely interpretation! I think we’ve all got the messages coming through but you words certainly helped me bring some clarity to some confusing times. Thanks again! (^_^)

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