The new normal — connect with your wisdom, choose what you transform

The new normal can be pretty hard to take

Embrace the opportunity! Choose to see the new normal as an invitation, an opening, to reclaim and restore divine order in yourself, your community, your business, your country, your planet. Check in with yourself and choose what it is you will transform today.

Start with yourself.

Be the change. Be the love. Be the strength. Be the rage. Be the sovereign wise woman who can and must hold the beacon for all those who have been knocked back into fear, despair, and hatred. Bring love back into the new normal. You own your actions. You can do it. You don’t have to do it alone.

New normal

It’s difficult to find balance these days.

How do you stay balanced? Restore balance once it’s teetering again?

Discern the truth — for you.

  • Choose your activism. A local political action group. Writing or calling a congressperson. Marching.
  • Spend time at your altar every day. Meditate and journal. Consistent practice sets you up to remember to return to your conscious restorative breath when things feel tense and overwhelming.
  • Up your badass radical self-care. Because, sister, you may find yourself called to show up more now than in a long time. 2016’s self-care routine may not sustain you in 2017.

The low-vibration decisions coming out of the new US administration continue to weigh heavily. (That feels like the world’s biggest understatement!) Executive orders. Cabinet appointments. Actions that threaten rights, inclusivity, and personal agency that took so much love, sweat, and tears to put into place make it challenging to resist discouragement.

Sometimes shit is just hard.

Please let go of the idea that you have to be perfectly resourced and together all the time. That’s never a useful bar to set, and especially now, lower the bar, forgive your humanity, and show up flawed, beautifully human, present and amazing as you are. Here: this post and this one go a little deeper, you may find them useful.

I had my consciousness raised in the ’70s. I saw civil rights, human rights, women’s rights, reproductive rights, gender rights, come to pass and become the way things are.

“Freedom is something that dies unless it’s used.” — Hunter S. Thompson

I raised a daughter who’s about to turn 30; she grew up knowing that she could rely on these rights to protect her and her choices. Now? Now we need to prepare ourselves to step up again for these important sanctuaries.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Staying engaged, making effective decisions, remaining present and resourced feels harder now. Ask for support. Sometimes it helps to be reminded that yes you can trust your instincts and intuition even/especially now. Get support so you can be reminded.

What are you transforming today?

Comment below. I am here for you. We are here for each other.

Does 1:1 support sound like what you need?

If you think 1:1 support sounds really good right now, I have two openings in my Priestess Your Life coaching practice. Book a no-strings call with me. Dive deep, let’s see if it’s a fit. If this sounds good, comment with a YES! and I’ll get back to you with details. Or just schedule your call right now using this link.

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I’m a barely tamed hippie, sage, seasoned, sarcastic (not all the time any more, but still). I’m a mom, a daughter, sister, a neighbor, and a friend. I’ve been on this meandering journey — like you, probably — seeking a better connection to and experience of peace, harmony, and fun in every bit of life. I’m single, quite good at it, and mostly love it. I’m here for the conversations I get to have with you, which these days center on exploring the mystery and beauty of life, work, health, aging, and creative expression. Want to know a little more about me and my journey? Explore the site. Read the blog. Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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  1. Sue I love this post! It’s so important with the tumultuous energies swirling around us that we take time out to balance and release any negative energies we absorb. We do need to support each other while we all go through such tremendous transformation. Thank you for your beautiful being and wisdom xo

  2. I’m 100% with you in all ways, Sue! And I am a Canadian! I attended the Sister Giant event last weekend and boy are there ever a lot of new initiatives, new movements that are about to transform democracy from the inside out. From the Spiritual Progressives (based in your hometown of San Francisco), to The Justice Democrats and Wolf Pac, to CTZN WELL. It was so incredibly uplifting to see how many like-hearted people there are to align with in love and transformation. Exiting times, although scary as well, but it is not a time that even one person can choose to sit on the sidelines and just watch. We are being called to stand up, speak up and show up in whatever ways we can to be a participant in change.

    • Beverley, oh lucky you, you got to be at Sister Giant. I’m going to start watching the replays this weekend. Stand up. Speak up. Get up. Stand up. Okay. Can’t resist — enjoy a little Bob Marley.

  3. Such a timely post, Sue! So many of us are feeling so overwhelmed with which way to spend our activism energies. Just this: “Choose your activism. A local political action group. Writing or calling a congressperson. Marching,” calmed me. That’s what I’m shooting for–to choose wisely, so I don’t over-expend my energy.
    And this community really bolsters me as well–we are all in this together. And together, we rise!
    Thank you for this.

    • Thanks so much for encouraging comment, Susan (or is it Susan Mary?). I am hugely grateful to be in this in community with sage women, brave women, badass women.

      Blessed be.

  4. I love the firm & decisive tone of this post & the way you balance the strategies, activism with meditation. Your website is beautiful & your photos at the top make me smile.

    • Juliet, wow, thanks. I don’t know if you saw any other pages, but the banner images change from page to page. It was a fun way to show the different aspects of myself and my way of being throughout my site — one of the favorite bits about the last rebrand.

  5. Important message Sue! The following quote is from one of the signs at a recent protest march and it’s become my mantra – “I am no longer accepting the things I can not change. I am changing the things I can not accept.” It would be so easy to fall into a feeling of helplessness, but as we’ve been reminded over the past couple of weeks, people can and will make a difference if they care enough. I’ve volunteered with a local group and I’m just finishing the final edits on my book about resilient living with a significant emphasis on managing stress and change in modern times. We do what we can do. Thanks for the motivation!

    • I love that sign you saw and quoted, Marty, thanks!

      Your work has always held the container for stress management even/especially when things are difficult and challenging. I’m so glad you share your message so widely and consistently.

  6. Sue, your message is the perfect example of “Out of Chaos Comes New Order.” What makes us different from so many other creatures on earth is the ability to adapt. to change. Your suggestions of meditating and journaling daily is such a great help for anyone dealing with the stress of change because we can connect with Inner-guidance and then read our past journal entries to see how far we have come.

    • Kathleen, exactly. I’m dealing with a curveball — my housemate just announced she’s moving out. Which leaves me with a ton and a half of decisions to make. Scary and stressful. I meditated and journaled today — lengthened my meditation session when I noticed just how not-so-present I am (with all these thoughts and fears running around my brain).

      I’m trying to stay grateful, to say “Thank you universe, for the invitation and opportunity to keep showing up. From dealing with my housing sitch, to dealing with all the rest of the New Normal.”

      I will be happy to review my journal to see just how I managed these changes and how far I’ve come. Right now my practices are anchoring me in the present, and in a bit of sanity.

  7. “Sometimes shit is just hard.” Amen sista. Rise up, right? My 26 year old reminds me everyday that the fight to be on the right side of history is always a fight worth fighting.

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