Open Contribution—a new paradigm in the way we exchange energy

Open Contribution? What’s that? 

Open Contribution is a profound approach to how we exchange energy that allows me to fully and unconditionally share many of my workshops and some of my products with you.  Perhaps you have already heard about Open Contribution or Pay what you wish/Pay what you can models? I’d certainly been reading about them for quite a while before implementing them in my business. They’re kinda everywhere! And everyone has their own approach. So let me share my approach with you…

Have you ever received a gift that was offered with deep love, devotion and service, a need that met a need that you had been carrying in your heart? When someone gives to you like that—unconditionally—it’s natural to want to give back. This open-hearted exchange is love in action.

In this model, I offer you the gift of a workshop or program. And I invite you to make a contribution based on what you have learned and experienced, a true expression of exchange from your own heart.

Open Contribution can seem challenging at first, I know. We’re not used to being asked to think about how much we will pay for something. We are not used to having the freedom to give the amount that’s right for us.

In this new model, I ask you to take full responsibility for how you share your wealth, as it is through the generosity of each one like you who receives my work, that I am able to thrive and serve.

Even though this new kind of exchange may be challenging, even uncomfortable, I know in my heart that the consciousness required to make this system work is a positive step for business and human relationships, founded on trust, respect and generosity. It is through this new paradigm that we can collectively step beyond the old model of exchange into the new model of unconditional giving and receiving.

So… How do we do it?

  • 1. The first step is to connect with your own divine source and to know that in this moment, in every moment, the Universe is already providing for all your needs. I do this too! This is a deep and powerful spiritual practice that flies in the face of the old economic paradigm and mass media messaging that tells us that we are not enough, that we don’t have enough, and that we need more, better, newer, or something else in order to be complete, and that we need it now. This step will allow you to access your own inner wisdom more clearly, without it being clouded by fear, doubt and judgment.
  • 2. Next, I will give you a ballpark. I will let you know, for each workshop or program, what the full rate would usually be. This can give you a space within which to freely contribute the right and perfect amount for you.
  • 3. Finally, you choose to pay an amount that reflects your gratitude and is appropriate for your financial reality. You may choose to pay the given amount, you may choose to pay less, or you may choose to pay more!

At Magnolias West we are committed to fostering an intentional, awakened and inspired relationship with all the aspects of our lives: How we manage our finances, how we manage our energy with time, how we relate to our cherished clients, loved ones, and families, how we act as guardians to our mother earth.

I believe in my heart that we humans are ready to step into a new way of being with each other and with how we exchange energy, a way that includes open-hearted giving and receiving with responsibility, trust and unconditional generosity.

Hooray for the exchange of energy that honors us all!

Love and blessings…

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