Organic Abundance—a guest post by Tara C. Trapani

Here’s this week’s guest post, the seventh in the Gratitude Practice series. I am so honored and humbled by the gratitude stories that are being shared. There is still room for *your* article, darling! This series runs until the end of this year. Do you have a gratitude practice? Please share your story… More details here.

Today I welcome Tara C. Trapani, who’s beautifully weaving together the powerful way a gratitude practice releases scarcity. You can read her blog here.


Organic Abundance:
A Daily Practice of Remembrance and Gratitude

In recent months, I’ve sought out (and been gifted with) much support in my personal striving to learn to hold on to gratitude, generate abundance, and find what it means to me to be genuinely prosperous. I’ve found myself longing to let go of the burdens of fear, resentment, and my deep-seated perspective of scarcity. I’ve wrestled viciously over the years with these. I still struggle with them now—my difficult angels sent to challenge my soul into growth and transformation.

But each and every morning, before the whirl of the day begins tugging at my skirts, demanding attention and activity, I come here to write–rain or shine. I sit here on our porch and survey the authentic, earthy, organic bounty and genuine abundance all around. I’ve vowed to stop—at least for a few mystical moments each morning—and breathe it all in and record on paper the profusion of blessings, so easy to overlook. My heart aches at small gestures; I remind myself to not let them pass unnoticed…

  • a small black puppy chin resting on my foot as I write
  • intensely pink petunias bobbing in the rain
  • the proliferation of late summer tomatoes, heavy on the vine

Regardless of what other chaos or strife the day may bring, I begin from this place of peace and gratitude–it’s really a miraculous baseline from which to work.

But does this daily ritual prevent me from feeling stress or sadness or fear during the course of my day? Hah. I am shockingly human and infinitely fallible. Bountiful bills, ensuing tears, and insidious insects in sheep’s clothing all attempt to quietly creep through the floorboards into my sanctuary and burst forth to frighten me just when I least expect. Some days I feel the anger spilling out of every pore as my childlike sense of fairness meets its nemesis in adult realities. I look around and the thoughts begin to spin: “why not me?” “why not us?” “why is he/she/they more deserving than my simple, struggling, hard-working family.” But when these moments strike, I now return to my place on the porch, and drink in the wealth all around me, breathe deeply, and try again. It has helped immensely to keep the demons of resentment at bay. They still get out from time to time and prance around like gleeful, mischievous wild things, scattering the seeds of worry and angst. But far fewer of their seeds germinate these days, and the roots are shallower now—they just don’t take hold the way they once did.

After many months of grateful reflection in this place of profound peace and natural beauty, I’ve come to firmly believe that when we allow ourselves to breathe in these moments of authentic abundance in less turbulent times, it acts as oil to our internal flame. The joy that it generates, burns within through the times of dark and drought. If we could all forge our own path of remembrance and lovingly carve the time from each day to pause and receive these offerings from the universe, we would remain sheltered and safe through the long, cold winter, kept warm by our well of gratitude for these gifts that live on inside each of us.


Tara C. Trapani migrated north from midtown Manhattan to the woods of Vermont where she lives with her curly-haired mountain man, a feisty 17-year-old artiste, and a bouncing baby shih tzu. She delights in the company of frogs. Tara runs a non-profit organization that focuses on environmental issues from a spiritual/ethical perspective, serves as project coordinator for the Emmy-award winning Journey of the Universe film project, and also works as a freelance copywriter for non-profit organizations and ethically-minded businesses. Her reflections on spirit, planet, and the euphoric north can be found on her blog, Spinning in the Stars, and on Facebook.

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  1. Thanks so much, Tara, for your beautiful gratitude practice, and for reminding me to continue to lean into my own gratitudes for the smallest things.
    Love and light,


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