Patience — don’t just do something, sit there

The gifts that come when you wait!

I bought my new iMac on December 1st, and it arrived on the 8th or so. It sat, unopened, until Christmas Day!

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, and believe me, there were times when I really really really wanted to open the box and get started.

But I waited. I waited until I could have at least three (and up to five if needed) days during which I could make my new Mac the priority.

Evernote-iMacWaiting gave me time to have a couple of long talks with my best geek buddy, talking through every single application and possible issue that would have to be dealt with, and making a master list in Evernote.

So that, on Christmas morning, when I got through the physically demanding part of getting the iMac out of the box, and onto the desk, and plugged in, and turned on—all I needed to do then was just start working through my list.

And I did! I started on Wednesday, and even with the really long download and copy times required, I was up and running by Saturday. Everything works, except for my Canon scanner, which unfortunately is not supported by Canon for the new operating system of the iMac. Grrrr. Still…just one thing, not bad!

I had pre-researched moving proof-of-ownership credentials, so applications I have paid for and owned either worked on the first go, or did just as soon as I made one support call.

Patience, sitting and waiting even when it’s nothing but uncomfortable, is such a gift! Our culture favors rushing through everything, doesn’t it? Give yourself the gift of stopping and sitting and let the actions unfold for you.

New technology — new accessibility

I gotta say, I’m really happy with the ability to dictate on my new Mac, and the ability to speak some commands and automate some functions. I’m dictating part of this article, and trying out a lot of new functionality to add ease to my tired hands and arms.

What do you do to add ease to your workflow and take care of your body as you work? I’d love to hear from you! Tell me what what you do, and what works for you in the comments. 


How does the New Year’s Day New Moon make space for and encourage patience and commitment in and for you?

First the facts.

This year’s Capricorn New Moon lands on Wednesday at 3:14 a.m. at 10º57′ into the sign.

littlekidgazingWednesday’s Dark Moon will line up with Pluto and Mercury (in Capricorn) while squaring Mars in Libra, and Uranus in Aries. You might want to lighten up on the wild partying on New Year’s Eve, because the entire month of January is graced by this Cardinal Grand Cross, and you’ll need your wits about you, I’m thinking. Yes, this energy is just a prequel to the goings-on in April as the Grand Cross gets even more tightly aligned, but my feeling is that everything we do now, every plan we make, and every intention we set, and how we handle them will set the stage for how we move through the events of this coming April.

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury being part of the energy of the Grand Cross, you will be personally affected. Here’s the New Year’s invitation to let go of old structures that no longer serve you, like unrewarding jobs or clients, negative relationships, poor self-image and unsustainable life-styles. Accept the invitation to shift your consciousness into a new paradigm.

Yes things are really intense and are going to get even more intense.

This New Moon is your year-beginning invitation to take all that intensity and all that importance and embrace it for the year ahead and embrace it for this breath. This breath, and the next breath, and this action, and the next…

The energy will be crackling with ambition, initiative and forward momentum. Mercury (communication and information) with Pluto (power) combine to deliver big insights that solidify your commitment to start, work on and complete what you are meant to deliver to your tribe now and through 2014. Capricorn deepens your potential, and Pluto makes it unavoidable that you feel the deepness down into your bones, your cells, every atom of your being. Yes, it may feel intense, and there may be more than a bit of your own darkness activated here. The key is to stay on task with your commitments, even when you don’t want to, and reap those feel-good rewards promised by the Saturn-Jupiter trine.

Suggestions for your New Moon ritual

Take some time, as close to the actual New Moon as you can to do this work (best done between the night of December 31st and January 4th). Go to your sacred space — your altar, your favorite tree, by the seashore. Turn away from the world, from your problems, and drop inside, drop into your heart. Have a pen and paper with you. Do you have a divination tool you like? A tarot or other deck? Runes? Oracles? Or you can gaze into the flame of a candle. Or look at the stars in the Dark Moon sky.

Earth and water, and cardinal earth, and dominating right now. Capricorn has the strongest message for you now.

  • Traditions are important whether following old ones or developing new ones.
  • Respect, consistency and dependability are all necessary ingredients to launching new projects on this Capricorn New Moon.
  • There are vast amounts of energy being generated, so take special care to direct it carefully.

Divine for yourself, in the way that resonates best for you — a list, a song, a poem, a painting, a mandala (I’m going to be working with a mandala this year) what you are being called to create, manifest, starting now, and going through 2014. Invite your soul, the stars, and all this amazing energy to come together to create your resolutions, your commitments, for the coming year.

To help you with this process, take some inspiration from Andrea Gibson’s spoken poem, Say Yes.

As you sink into your heart, and make your plans, your resolutions, your goals, say yes, say yes, say yes. (You can watch the powerful video, and an excerpt of the words follows.)

Say Yes

this is for the possibility that guides us
and for the possibilities still waiting to sing
and spread their wings inside us
cause tonight saturn is on his knees

proposing with all of his ten thousand rings
that whatever song we’ve been singing we sing even more
the world needs us right now more than it ever has before

pull all your strings
play every chord

if you’re writing letters to the prisoners
start tearing down the bars

if you’re handing our flashlights in the dark
start handing our stars

never go a second hushing the percussion of your heart
play loud

play like you know the clouds have left too many people cold and broken
and you’re their last chance for sun

play like there’s no time for hoping brighter days will come

play like the apocalypse is only 4…3…2

but you have a drum in your chest that could save us
you have a song like a breath that could raise us
like the sunrise into a dark sky that cries to be blue
play like you know we won’t survive if you don’t
but we will if you do

play like saturn is on his knees
proposing with all of his ten thousand rings

that we give every single breath

this is for saying yes

How does this New Moon support you as you step powerfully into the New Year? Please talk to me in the comments!


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  1. Your suggestions for the New Moon ritual are very inspiring and helpful. It’s a great idea starter and you compassionately suggest that we divine a way to lead our own rituals, which can help us connect to our hearts and have a ritual that is meaningful for us in our lives.

    The poem is wonderful as well, as if we don’t say YES, then what is the point of doing the ritual or being aware and prepared. It’s being aware of the anxiety you may feel, but still being willing to step up and forward in your life.

  2. Sue, 

    I absolutely adore your whole New Moon post. The poem is exquisite.  I held my breath as I read it, letting every word sink into my pores.  I bridged the gap between the old and the new year by spending it with friends who are an essential element of my tribe, and have yet to perform my new moon ritual, but will definitely be incorporating your suggestions.  I love the intensity that’s around at the moment – it’s an energy I feel very much at home with.  

    Thank you for your incredibly insightful work.  I’m so grateful to you!

    Shân xxxx

    • Shan, so nice to read this. I know, this poem is so powerful!

      Sending New Year’s/Dark Moon love, blessings, and appreciation to you!


  3. I just read your beautiful blog on “Patience…and New Year’s Dark Moon” and I can feel my heart opening and energy pouring out.  I read this just as I was sitting down to review my goals and sacred contracts for the coming year.  Now I feel so inspired and grateful, with a deeper awareness of my passion for my sacred purpose and a willingness to release imaginary limits that I am imposing on myself.  “If you’re handing out flashlights in the dark, start handing out stars.”  Thank you! 

    • Catherine, welcome here! So glad you felt this powerful energy!

      May today’s inspiration and gratitude stay with you through this breath, and the next, and the next…

      Handing out stars, indeed!

      Love and more love,

  4. Hi Sue, Love this line. “Give yourself the gift of stopping and sitting and let the actions unfold for you.” We need to allow life to unfold as it is,  that means saying yes to this moment regardless (complete acceptance). Nothing we can do about this moment, but we can take actions in the next moment. I don’t know much about astrology and the impacts of energy. Once I was hypersenstive, but after the Kundalini rewiring I no longer notice things like retrogrades or other energies. Be well, Sam

    • Hi Sam, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

      Yes to this moment, regardless, complete. It seems to be the key. Thanks so much for your consistent and so-loving message.


  5. Well done you for having such patience.. I am so guilty of diving in, being the Ram I am, sometimes to my detriment, patience was on my mind today as something to develop further in 2014, though I realize I’ve come a long way.   Powerful poem, thank you for sharing. Delighted I have until the 4th to do my new year & new moon ritual as I’ve been busy finalizing a project and am soooo looking forward to doing just this.. love your moon insights and info, always, am learning so much .. thank you, may 2014 be abundant in all ways xo

    • Aaah, Caroline, don’t be fooled, patience is an ongoing learning for me too! I’ve come a long way and yet there are still times when I bring out the flamethrower when I have a challenge (and completely forget to relax, wait, and breathe).

      May your 2014 rock!

      Love and light,

  6. Patience, waiting, percolating (as I like to call it). Their value is so diminished in our world, yet they are so important to us really fulfilling what we are meant to do. I’ve been doing a fair amount of this waiting, this keeping the space open and ready for the next action. 

    I love this idea of the New Moon ritual, and love it even more that I still have a day or two more in which to do it. Thank you for this guidance and this beautiful message.

    Hugs and butterflies,


    • Teresa, so nice to see you here, welcome!!

      Percolating, love that! Yes, to you and Caroline above, and anyone else who’s curious, I believe the New Moon window to be the three days between the New Moon exact and the time you can see the first tiny sliver of Moon in the sky, three days. In the Jewish tradition, that night is called Rosh Chodesh, which means “start of the month.” So yes, your sacred time is until the 4th.

      Love and magic,

    • Heaven, thank you so much for commenting, and welcome here!

      Rosh Chodesh blessings back at’cha, precious one…

      Love and magic,

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