What are your most powerful allies? — New Moon Thurs 9/5

Yes, precious, we all need a set of powerful allies, because sometimes it just gets hard!

When I talk about allies here, I’m talking about your go-to practices. What do you use when the pull of darkness gets too big? What do you rely on to help you change your thinking so that you feel the love and support that’s always available, always in this now moment and the next? Even and especially when things are difficult.

gratitudeWhat are your allies when you are feeling weighed down by negative thoughts?

I know you have moments when you’re beset by negative thoughts, right? Things like:

  • Launching this new program is too hard, I’ll never get it done, so why bother?
  • I’m too old, too sick, too poor to … [yup, fill in the blank]
  • There’s too much competition, why would anyone buy what I’m offering?
  • Managing my business and all its parts, components and bits is just too much!
  • Showing up for my own wellness and health is tiring.

When these voices are dragging their asses all over your plans and intentions, it’s really good to have allies.

I’m going to share my three favorite allies with you.

  • Gratitude
    Have we talked about gratitude lately? 🙂 I know, I’m talking gratitude all the time. I share with you, every week, what moves me to gratitude, but I don’t often tell you why I’m such a passionate adherent to this practice. The Buddhists say that gratitude enables you to create more wholesome habits. I love that! Because thinking about and expressing gratitude is the single most powerful tool there is to shift your thinking, speaking and acting from a habitual negative path to a more positive one. I’ve written about this in more detail a bunch of times; there’s a good article here.
  • Generosity
    Getting up and doing something—one little (or big, don’t hold back!) thing—for someone else, is nearly as powerful as gratitude as a change-maker. Generosity counters deprivation (just as gratitude counters entitlement). It is physically impossible for generosity and self-pity to co-exist. When you’re feeling alone, unsupported, put upon, stressed by what looks like a dearth of resources, try one of these: Let someone cut in front of you on the road—or even more audaciously, in the express line at the market with a full cart!—with a smile. Take someone out for a meal. Make something for someone you love.
  • Willingness
    Someone told me, long ago, that my willingness would set me free. And I think it has. Here’s how willingness can be a powerful ally. When you see someone who has a bit of what you want—ease, serenity, sustainability and abundance in her business—and you ask her how she does it, she may share a practice or two that helps her. Well, sister, even if you really and truly don’t think that her practice could possibly work for you, you can still be willing to give it a try. Sometimes you can just be willing to be willing. Or willing to be willing to be willing. Or…go back as far as you need to, all you need is a start!

I want to know what your allies are. Please jump into the conversation in the comments below and let me know.

New Moon 13º04 Virgo, Thursday September 5th
4:36am PDT 7:36am EDT 11:36amGMT

Change is in the air, we’re coming up on the equinox and the season change.

Here in northern California, the abundance of the garden is still in full swing. You can see the beginnings of the season change, though. Leaves are yellowing, and just beginning to fall.

We’re also nearing the halfway point of the astrological year. Virgo helps you integrate any new practices you’ve put into place as well as new ideas and strategies for moving forward with your business in a harmonious way. Virgo urges you to discern what’s really important to you regarding money, your health, your work and your spirituality, so that you can get really really clear about what you are about, inside and out.

On a practical level, this is a great time to concentrate what’s next for you in your life and your business. Start the next phase of your big project you want to launch before the year is out (okay yes I’m talking to myself here, maybe one or two of you as well?). Do some of that detail work you’ve been putting off. Start the next phase of your health, diet and wellness improvements.

Want to make sure your work will pay off? Keep this three-part checklist in mind:

  • Is my work dedicated to be of powerful service to others?
  • Have I taken the time to make sure I have everything I need on hand?
  • Is my effort coming from my most humble and grateful self?

In fact, here’s a great way to seal the deal

Take some time at your altar or outside in a place that’s sacred to you, any time between Wednesday and Sunday (the third day after the New Moon, the night you can see the first sliver of the Moon in the sky), and spend some time journaling your answers to the questions above.

Dedicate your work to those you are here to serve. Make lists of what you need, and create the time and space to get yourself organized. And connect your hands, head and heart to the divine, in humble gratitude that you get to be of service.

I can’t wait to hear from you. How is this New Moon for you? Let me know in the comments.


  • I’m grateful I gave myself some downtime yesterday, reading a novel and taking multiple naps. Yum!
  • I’m grateful for the holiday I had last week at Pigeon Point Lighthouse on the Pescadero coast. This is a pelican wing I found on a cliff. More photos here.


  • I’m grateful for late summer corn, bone broth simmering on the stove, and blueberries.

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  1. Sue, I love this post. I, too, use gratitude daily to reaffirm the blessings in my life but lately it’s been more in my head when I first wake of a morning instead of writing it down and I find writing out the things I’m grateful for a much more powerful practice so thank you! I’m going to start writing a daily gratitude list again.

    One of my other go to’s is self-love. When I’m feeling a bit down or feeling lack in my life I focus on treating myself very gently and nurturing my spirit and soul by doing things that delight my senses: burning beautiful incense, listening to achingly beautiful music, meditating, painting, etc. 

    My final go-to which never ceases to work wonders for me is knitting. For me, it’s a moving meditation.  Combined with creativity, lustrous tactile yarn and gorgeous colour and I can lose myself in contemplation for hours and things always seem much clearer and less dire afterwards.

    Thank you SO much for the new moon ritual.  I’ve been feeling a tad disconnected from my business lately as I put together a business plan to satisfy the government concerning a mentoring opportunity that has arisen for me and the “corporatese” has led me to feel a bit of distance. This is the perfect chance to reconnect with its soul and my will and desire to serve others through it. With gratitude and love Shân xxx

    • Hi Shân,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment today. I love the self-love ally, it’s one I use too, but I must say it’s a little less accessible for me than the ones I listed. Guess that means I have more work to do in the self-love department!

      And knitting! As an ex-knitter (too much repetitive strain, knitter’s elbow), I can totally relate.

      Can’t wait to hear how it feels to write your grats out again on a daily basis. Powerful, I promise!

      Love and magic,

  2. Hi Sue,  this post was meant to find me.  I am having major self-doubt issues at the moment.  Tonight I will begin my gratitude journaling again. I have let this slide of late as I am just starting my Yoga and meditation business…..  My self-love needs topping up too so more meditation and positive affirmations for me. I am yearning to create something in the ‘Gypsy’ vein which up until now I keep telling myself I don’t have time for. However, reading Shan’s post above reminds me that restoring myself through creation is an act of self-love and will be of far more benefit than listening to another telesummit about business. Blessings and light, Tina

    • Tina, exactly! Self-love and self-restoration is the name of the game. I find I pick my biz telesummits very carefully these days, preserving bandwidth for all these other beautiful essential heart-centered business practices, like meditation and affirmation.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      Love and love!

  3. I use repetition of prayer or song to get me out of negative circular thinking. “You’re not good enough, you may as well not try.” “You’ve already messed this one up, no reason to go through it now”  These thoughts are swept away by the Charge of the Goddess or a few times chanting Om Mani Padme Hum, or even Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! This allows me to reset my thoughts and change my energy. Thanks for a great post!

    • Iris, thanks for sharing your energy-charging allies. I’ve never tried using the Charge in moments of dark and negative work thinking. What a great and wonderful idea!

      Love and magic,

  4. Gratitude is one of my best friends as I impart this daily. I love your blog and your writing style and I am honored I have come across you. This world needs more people like you!

  5. Hi Sue,

    Love this, gratitude, generosity and willingness, i can see what wonderful allies these will be. I am big on gratitude, fill diaries with them, it has such amazing power to change our state of being, for sure…another ally for me, is connecting within, just stopping those voices by concentrating on my breath or a beautiful guided meditation bringing my focus to my heart & soul instead. i emerge the winner, the voices have quietened and i can flow again. 

    Love your words and your images. Shared one of them today on my own fb page, with credit of course, as discussed.

    Have a sunshiney Sunday 🙂

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