Priestess Your Brand — what’s in your cauldron?

I’m looking back at the Magnolias West rebrand process.

And I’m looking forward at what I’m offering to you.

As always, the lessons of my own journey are simmering in the cauldron as I work on the finishing touches of Priestess Your Brand.

If you’ve been paying attention to the doings in my corner of the world, you know that I spent the first eight months of this year upleveling the Magnolias West brand.

Priestess Your Brand cauldron

The process of reviewing every bit of what I was doing and how I was connecting to the people I serve was deep and delicious (when it wasn’t being frustrating and difficult). The way I had been working and marketing didn’t feel right any more. I saw that. I was persistently pushing that same rock up the same hill, walking the same path, but I didn’t see (my rock is big, yo) that the road in front of the rock was gone, or blocked, or barricaded. I wasn’t getting where I know I’m meant to go, nor was I connecting with and helping the women I’m here to help.

The rebrand process I took myself through (with help from my brilliant coaches and mastermind buddies) had me stirring my cauldron, taking some ingredients out altogether, changing the proportions of other ingredients, and adding in some brand-new magic elements.

I’m happy to see that my new brand and website are getting rave reviews, and I’m so excited to tell you that Priestess Your Brand (PYB) is almost ready for you.

Please watch for the link to the new Priestess Your Brand offer coming soon. Priestess Your Brand is a continuation of the brand review, realignment, and re-creation that I took myself through. And because I was the subject of my own experimentation, you can be sure that tons of compassion, patience, and humor is woven through the teachings and recommendations in PYB.

Your cauldron contains a magical, unique blend of your wisdom, passion, purpose, service, and heart.

Just like I took a stand for a complete review and re-do of everything that makes me who I am and comprises everything that I have to give, I take that stand for you: I’m here to join with you as we stand over your creative cauldron, stirring and simmering all your magic into the regal and potent expression of who you are and what you are meant to share and manifest in your business. I know you feel all that’s ready to come through you; I’m here to help you midwife it — start to finish.

Hey, if you’re ready now, jump on over to the PYB page (still in development, but close!), fill out the form, submit it, and we will talk — no fee for this call and no strings — we will dive deep and we will see what’s meant to be.

Short post today; I meant to go deeper, but I had one of those Mondays where three+ hours were required to bring my laptop back from its uninvited trip to the brink of oblivion. I am happily and gratefully typing away on that device right now, so phew!! Hooray for good tech support (and extended warranties, which I never buy for anything except Apple hardware).

So. Short and sweet today. I’d love to hear from you. Please, tell me what’s simmering in your creative cauldron? Blessed be.

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  1. Love this Your cauldron contains a magical, unique blend of your wisdom, passion, purpose, service, and heart. yes and as i discovered a few weeks ago my passion was missing , by Friday i will have completed my new branding and I can feel the difference in my heart. Loving the clarity you have too xx

    • Suzie, I know what that feels like, when passion seems to have left the building. I’m glad you got yours back and reconnected. I’m guessing you plugged back in at the beach? I know that when I’m by the sea, or leaning on a redwood, I don’t even have to think hard about my passion, I can feel it in each grain of sand (or soft piece of bark). And I see your face when beachside and can feel the passion emanating from you.


    • Thanks, Natasha, I’m glad it lands for you; since it’s a favorite of mine. We all have wisdom, passion, purpose, a sense of service, and heart. But the ingredients, and the order, and when and how to add them — all unique! I love stirring the cauldron and magicking up the exact right recipe for each of the women with whom I work.

  2. I’ll add my smiles to those who appreciate your cauldron analogy Sue. Love what you’re doing and especially happy to see you making such great progress on this new phase of your journey!

    • Marquita, thanks. After a weekend away at WordCamp, I’m diving back in, adjusting the recipe, and moving on to the next phase of the Priestess Your Brand launch.

  3. Hi, Sue

    Love the analogy of cauldron. Know that your cauldron is filled with your passion, wisdom, heart work…I am sure I will learn from your experience.

    Nice post; I love it.

    Stella Chiu

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