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Unleash your creative spark. Make something. Write something.

Recipes. Printable notepads. Healing and beauty products. Beautify and heal your precious body. Shine your light. Enjoy some cool printables — make your own notepads and inspiration holders.

Beautiful pages to print out. Inspiration guaranteed.

Celebrate the third third of your life with these notepads you can print.

Printable note pages, 8-1/2 x 11. Some with lines. Some with boxes. Some blank. Capture those lessons learned, the changes that just keep coming. Own your wisdom; it’s your legacy. Who knows? Maybe this is how you start your memoirs. $5.

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Even if you want me to create a formulation just for you... I’m here to help.

Get your glow on. Skin. Hair. Nails.

Shine Your Light serum.

Skin changes as we age. Nails and hair too. Replenish that bounce and shine with oils that encourage collagen growth, even out skin tone, and put the bounce back. Get your glow back. Pick your size. $30/15mL or $45/30mL. Plus sales tax and shipping (added before you check out).

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Dip a toe in. Learn something new.

Looking for some guidance? Check out these eBooks. You’ll find: Ways to get grounded in the moment. Creativity tips and prompts. Marketing from the heart. Inspiration.

Learn how to write copy that connects and engages.

The Secrets of an About Page That Works

This eBook teaches you — in simple and easy-to-understand language — the magic of empathy marketing. Learn how to create copy that effectively creates interest. These tips work on web copy, blogposts, resumes, cover letters, even your dating profile! $27.


More titles coming soon.

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Get complete. Shake it off. Move on.

Completion and Release Planning Guide

Feeling stuck? This guide can help you shake it off and move on. Use this any time you can't see beyond your thoughts and fears — when you feel stuck. Return to that lovely feeling of inspiration and spark and find your way forward again. $27.

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I make healing and beauty products and ship them all over the world. I can come to your home and teach you. Or set up personalized video instruction.

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