The Full Moon in Virgo — reason meets spirituality

Every Full Moon is a culmination point

What have you created and completed since the last New Moon?

How have you manifested your creativity and your passion since the New Moon? The Full Moon is the time to celebrate what you have created, completed, and launched. It’s an auspicious moment to express gratitude for what has blossomed and borne fruit from the seeds you planted at the previous New Moon, make note of what is still left to do, and to set your intentions for the coming lunation.

Full Moon in Virgo — where reason meets spirituality

How does the nourishing healing spirit of this Full Moon show up for you?

Full Moon in Virgo

Thursday, March 5th
14º50′ Virgo
10:05 am Pacific
1:05 pm Eastern

The Virgo Full Moon is the last Full Moon before the Equinox. Virgo brings healing, nurturing, and organizing energy. Decluttering and spring cleaning starts to be a thing in the northern hemisphere around this time. I’m guessing that in the southern hemisphere the Virgo New Moon six months later (when you approach Spring) will bring the same impulse. Let me know if I’m right.

  • You may find yourself moved to declutter — the Virgo Full Moon is a great time for cleaning out closets and donating to a meaningful charity or friends-in-need. Go for it!

    In addition to recycling, or donating, though, I invite you to consider repurposing. Could that beautiful silk shirt that got stained be cut up and used in a quilt? Or those boots that are too old to wear could be made into planters!

  • Use the nurturing Virgo energy to take exquisite care of yourself, your business, and your loved ones. Complete what you started, get organized, and dive into the details. I always schedule my tax preparation in the two weeks following this Full Moon. Luckily I have an accountant that can handle receiving my numbers late in March!

  • Speaking of exquisite self-care, you may feel called to cleanse or purify in some way. Remember, this is the Full Moon where reason meets spirituality. Are you called to do something out of the ordinary for your beautiful body which is the vehicle of your consciousness? Or does it appear differently for you: Are you moved to release something in your business that just isn’t working out the way you’d planned? What is that loving voice in your heart whispering to you?

Suggestions for a Full Moon ritual

There’s a strong sense of freedom in this Full Moon.

  • Place something in your altar space to help you remember to cut the ties to what is holding you back. A broken piece of chain, a scissor, or a knife might do nicely.
  • Spend time in the light of the Moon, if you can. Write a gratitude list. And make note of your intentions. What will you complete? What will you release?
  • Celebrate! The Jewish festival of Purim, and the last of the Lunar New Year celebrations happen now. Join the fun or make some of your own.

Let me know how you go. What questions arise for you? Where is letting go easy? Where is it a challenge? Let’s talk in the comments.

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  1. This seriously turns me on. Living by the moon is a tool I was raised with, and as I find other like-minded like-spirited women it warms my heart. I am looking forward to feeling the effects and I truly appreciate your inspiring article! xox PS — LOVE the little pop in on the side of your site.

    • Jan, welcome, and thanks!

      Raised with awareness of the Moon? Lucky you! I came to it much later and am so glad I did, it’s a very resonant spiritual practice for me.

      That little popin is a plugin called UpPrev — It’s so handy!


  2. So much juicy goodness here, Sue. You have given me a lot to think about, beginning with celebrating what I have accomplished and ending with self-care. I am inspired to do some journaling with the ideas presented here today. Thank you so much!

    • Minette, thanks for your comment. I love it when the inspiration gets shared — I think it multiplies in effect!

      Blessed be,

  3. A woman after my own heart! I often look to the moon cycles to align my energy with her own. I am already feeling an urge to declutter. Happy full moon Sue. Many blessings XX

    • Lisa, back at’cha. Enjoy the decluttering, it’s one of my very favorite things to do!

      Love and Full Moon Light,

  4. This is interesting as I am in the southern hemisphere about to move into autumn /fall. Just today i decluttered and organised before i turned on the computer- I am being drawn to release more. Today I drew the card What is my intention card and the sacred union- relationship with self. I have just written on creating a gratitude jar I feel that this new moon is leading me to making a shift in my biz. About to mind map it. thanks for the inspiration and confirmation xxoo

  5. I love that you are now sending out this information about the Full Moon a whole week before the moon! That gives me enough time to tweak my full moon ritual and notify the rest of my circle.

    Thank you.

    Also, letting go and self-care are perennially needed in my life.

    • Ah, Vicki, it’s gonna change month to month. I’m blogging on Wednesdays and sending out my newsletter on Thursdays. The number of days between the blog and the newsletter will depend, of course, on the Moon.

      The next one, for the upcoming New Moon on the 20th, will be written just two days before. Sorry. The magic of solar scheduling around the lunar calendar!


    • Walker, welcome here! I’m glad we are connected, and I’m thrilled to know about you and the oh-so-important work you do!


  6. I manifest my creativity every day 🙂 I have completed two larger paintings this week, and taken them to a market.
    I only de-clutter and clean when I have to, so the Moon can’t make me do it 😀

    • Linda, I love the power of your affirmative statements. And you so made me smile with “The Moon can’t make me do it.” No, she can’t, but she can invite you to feel into favorable moments. Hey, I don’t always accept the invitation either, but I love knowing when the time is optimal and when it’s not.


  7. Yay, I’m loving the full moon energy and have most definitely been nuturing and de-cluttering, just going with the flow I feel guided to clear and cleanse, great post – thank you x

    • Heather, I’m feeling it too, in a good way. I find myself inspired to make some very cleansing changes to how I eat, hoping it will improve my health.

      Keep flowing!

    • Felicity, welcome! Let me know what you get from your Full Moon ritual time. Wishing you many blessings!


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