Release and renewal — New Moon Solar Eclipse

So much goodness going on this week!

The last of seven Pluto-Uranus squares since 2012, the New Moon Solar Eclipse, and the Equinox are bringing lots of energy of release and renewal — endings and beginnings.
Release and renew — New Moon Solar Eclipse

New Moon
Solar Eclipse

Friday, March 20th
29º27′ Pisces
2:36 am Pacific
5:36 am Eastern

Sun enters Aries

Friday, March 20th
3:45 pm Pacific
6:45 pm Eastern

Pluto-Uranus square

March 11–28

There’s a strong theme of releasing and renewing

This Pluto-Uranus square invites you to choose how we are going to live now, and for the rest of your life. This invitation can manifest in a number of ways.

  • You are invited to stop taking things so personally. Start here: “When I feel rejected, or slighted, or fearful in my business I connect to my heart, and remember that there is always room for love, even here.”
  • You are invited to forgive, forgive all of it, step into your sovereignty, and create a positive reality. Start here: “The past is history. The future is a mystery. The present is a gift; I live and do my sacred work in the present.”
  • You are invited to do your sacred work in the world: manifest the love, the service, and the justice you want to see and watch these awesome qualities ripple out from your heart — to your family, your friends, your loved ones, your clients, your community, your world. Start here: “I invite my dreams to shine and reveal themselves to me so I can manifest them.”

Pisces is all about transcendence and intention. It’s an inside job.

  • The Equinox ushers Spring here in the northern hemisphere, and the impulse and desire to clear out  what no longer serves you and make room for the new may be stronger at this time. Go with it! Lovingly release what has outgrown its usefulness. Gift what you can to others. There’s a deep shift and opening that happens when you declutter your office, your storage spaces, and make room for the new. Release everything that has outworn its usefulness.
  • Try yoga, meditation, or any spiritual discipline that calls to you. Or recommit if you’re out of practice. Connect to Spirit, to the Divine. Enjoy the exploration. What calls to you? Are you inspired by something you read? I love my daily walks. Thirty minutes or more basking in the fresh air, gazing afar (instead of at a computer screen) — heals my body and lightens my spirit.
  • The Eclipse invites you to step into sacred ritual. Any personal ritual will serve you here — journaling how you experience this balance point between the Solstices, making a list of what you are called to birth during this next season, painting one or all of the affirmations above — allow, express, listen to, and acknowledge your intuitive, passionate, Divine Feminine heart.

This is really interesting

According to one of the articles I read while preparing to write this for you, it seems to be a fact that this is the only time in 5,000 years that there has a been a Solar Eclipse at 29º Pisces. If this is true, we may be moving from a long cycle into a new one. Do you feel urgency to get it done? Even if what will come of your beautiful actions is shrouded in mystery?

What if the new cycle is all about women’s equality with men? What if the bold, audacious expression of your Divine Feminine helps every man’s feminine side bloom? Take ownership of your own mission and methods, be who you truly are, and let your light shine. Listen to the whispers of your heart, let it guide and empower you, express yourself, and be of beautiful service!

How is this week’s New Moon energy landing for you?

I’d love to know. Please talk to me in the comments. Blessed be!

Goddess holding eclipsed Moon image courtesy Curezone

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  1. Sue, this is one of the most encouraging explanations of this week’s astrology that I have read. Thank you! The categories with which you discuss it are really helpful.

  2. Sue,
    You offer some wonderful tips to allow more openness to what this time of year has to offer. I love the “you are invited to stop taking things so personally”. I used to take many things personally and I’ve learned that it’s not about me most of the time. I get to choose whether to take it on or not. Just like I don’t have to worry about if someone likes or dislikes a decision I make. That’s on the other person, not me.
    Insightful post Sue!

    • Teresa, I get it! I tend to think the world revolves around me, and not in a good way.

      In 12-step, I’ve heard it said “I’m a piece of shit around which the world revolves.” Negative self-aggrandizement. Sigh. Glad I’ve learned there are better ways to be!

      Love and magic,

  3. Great article Sue!

    I love your “start here” affirmations!

    You said:
    “What if the new cycle is all about women’s equality with men? What if the bold, audacious expression of your Divine Feminine helps every man’s feminine side bloom?”

    Another way I would interpret that is about the masculine and feminine coming into balance within myself. I find that the part of me that wants to vision, push, create, and “make things happen” really did get eclipsed this week by the part that wants to slow down, be here now, be with what is, feel my feelings, focus on healing the past and clearing my physical space.

    It’s not always what my mind “thinks” should be happening, but life seems a lot more peaceful when I go with what is rather than fight reality.

    Thanks for this great post.

    love Yollana

    • Yollana, I love your take on this! That’s really it: when women and men can be balanced and fully expressed in both their male and female energies, the world can truly change.


  4. Sue, thank you for writing such an uplifting and informative article. I love ALL your tips. I think forgiveness and letting go ranks pretty high up there for me because if we aren’t in a place of forgiveness (especially forgiving ourselves), it’s very difficult to move forward in life. The energy for me right now is positive and I’m feeling good about getting so much done.

    • Tandy, welcome! Thanks for taking the time to write your beautiful comment.

      You put it so well: I’ve learned that first I have to heal my insides (forgiveness,for example) in order to be authentic and useful with what I give and offer to others.


  5. Hi Sue! After taking a much needed pause to recharge this week as felt like a power surge of creativity. I’ve had two articles published, my weekend yoga classes are full, and I couldn’t be happier! Much love to you!!

    • Love that power surge, Peggy, almost as much as I love you taking the pause. I’m not so good at the latter, myself. Thanks for setting a powerful example.


  6. on my way to Vedanta for silence and ritual .. .was going to do a yard sale later this month, decided to just give it all to the local church for their fundraiser. . .

    and I’m moving again ( after almost 2 stable years!)

    • Shera, welcome!

      I am inspired by the way you honor yourself and your spiritual path.

      Hope you’re staying local. Where will you be moving to?


  7. I haven’t been noticing much of the New Moon energy yet, but I suspect I will by the weekend. I will be doing my Equinox ritual tomorrow, on the Dark Moon, and I hope to be able to see the eclipse with my daughter.

    • Linda, sending you blessings at the turn of the wheel.

      I hope you can see it, I hear clouds are in the forecast in the eclipse-visible areas.


  8. I love the way you wrote this, the invitation to engage felt so wonderful compared to how some of the astrological posts have felt to me lately. Really, really grateful for your reframe…

    • Megan, welcome, I’m so glad we’ve connected!

      Thanks for your loving comment, I’m grateful it landed as it did for you.


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