Release what’s holding you back — Full Moon in Sagittarius

What happens when you’re stuck?

  • Do your goals and vision seem inaccessible?
  • Do you keep taking actions but feel like you’re not making progress?
  • Do you wonder about giving up, or worse, do you find yourself in fear?

Release fire

Here’s where I am on my journey….

It’s time for me to find a new place to live and work. Not by my choice.

Wait, stop! Part of what holds me back is this insistence on stamping my foot and saying it isn’t my choice! That is the last time I’m going to think and express that thought, because that thought comes from the voice of the victim. And when I’m feeling victimized I am stuck stuck stuck. So…. reboot.

It’s time for me to find a new place to live and work. My landlady is selling this place I’ve been renting and I chose not to buy it. There! That’s better.

And here’s what I’ve been noticing.

I’ve been looking at possible places to move and bemoaning costs and what looked like unacceptable choices. Oy! I was starting to spend so much time stressed that I forgot what faith, trust, and spacious ease felt like. I was fearing that I’d have to take something that doesn’t suit me (a loud smoking and heavy-drinking neighbor overhead) because I wouldn’t be able to find anything else.

Then I released the fear and the discouragement. Which led me to:

  • Awareness (the noticing). I got honest with myself about how I was paying so much attention to the negative thoughts that I forgot what’s true. I copped. I lovingly laughed at myself (yo, people pay me to teach them how to do this!).
  • Acceptance (no self-judgement). I remembered who I am, I remembered that I am safe in the arms of the Divine, and I released what’s holding me back so I can embrace this journey with spacious ease.
  • Action (moving forward in humility and faith). And now when I take actions, make calls, explore sharing space with someone, I do it from this place of surrender. I dwell in the knowing that the right and perfect outcome is already happening for me, and all I need to do is to continue to put one foot in front of the other, eyes up, heart forward, hands open.

Instead of hanging out in dis-couragement, I am now able to again feel en-couraged.

It’s all a choice. When I choose surrender, humility, and faith, it is much easier to move through the tendrils of negative thoughts that want to wrap around me as I go. When I choose to be positive, I can’t get stuck.

I may forget. I may get stuck again before all is said and done but I’m guessing I’ll be able to release and reboot quicker this time. Or I won’t. The amount I suffer is only and entirely up to me. “Said and done”? That happens when I’m dead. Having to move is a thing, yes, it’s a big thing. But it’s not the only thing. Life keeps happening, dunnit?

When I took my morning walk today in my ‘hood — west Oakland — and I passed the piles of garbage and the homeless encampment I could feel in my heart an excitement. I could end up in a higher-vibration neighborhood, and wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Tuesday, June 2nd
11º49′ Sagittarius
9:18 am Pacific
12:18 pm Eastern

Mercury retrograde in Gemini

continues through
Thursday, June 11th

The Mercury retrograde and the Full Moon in Sagittarius — what a perfect time to release!

How are you faring in this Mercury retrograde? I’ve been finding that conversations are more transparent and loving (what I give out and also what I receive), and that my research and preliminary negotiations are smooth. Of course, I’m without my desktop computer because the hinge that holds the monitor in place (27-inch iMac) died. So there’s that. Hopefully the repair will be done soon. And hopefully that will be the extent of Mercury’s trickster gifts for me this time!

Astrology for Your BusinessIf your journey during this Mercury retrograde has you thinking about where you are in your business and wondering what you might want to rethink, review, and release, this is an especially good time to get an Astrology for Your Business reading. I have time in my schedule for one, maybe two, before Mercury is done with this retrograde journey.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is a great time to release what no longer serves you in your business and in your life.

  • It may be something in the way you are connecting with clients and prospects.
  • It may be your thoughts and attitudes.
  • It may be a relationship or partnership.
  • It may be some behaviors that don’t match your values.
  • It may be a lack of self-care.

Suggestion for your Full Moon ritual

Sagittarius is a fire sign — release in the flames. Light a (safe) fire or get your cauldron. Write down what’s holding you back, and commit to releasing it as you burn what you’ve written. You can do this work on your own, or in a circle of trusted friends under the light of the Moon.

Where are you today? Are you stuck? Are you freely able to release what doesn’t fit or serve any more? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Just for fun, I’m sharing my Pandora Hawaiian station with you.

Yup, weeks  returning from Kaua’i, I’m still listening to Hawaiian music.

I get so much pleasure out of it, hope you will too. Here’s the link.

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  1. Sue, I know the moving feeling. We went through this late last year and I always felt positive that we would find something quickly, Des was more pessimistic as we only had a short time. We went and looked at something the day after we got notice and had to fill in forms- they said they didn’t have what we wanted but to submit the forms, we did that and they showed us a smaller place than we were looking for and tried to persuade us to take it as the rental market was very tight. I said i will put it out to the angels that something that suited us would come up. 3 days later we got a call saying my angels must have been listening 🙂 We then still had a month to pack and move. I didn’t get everything I wanted but we did get walking to the beach, a big plus. Picturing yourself somewhere where the vibes are high is a great idea. I am sending you good vibes and love for your search to be easy love Suzie xxoo

    • Suzie, good, thanks for sharing your story. The picture of the wonderful outcome that’s waiting for me just got bigger and clearer, adding your vision to mine.

      Love and gratitude,

  2. This is a beautiful post. I love the imagery you give us and I can picture you “safe in the arms of the Divine.” Wonderful insights. I love the “moving forward in humility and faith.” I also relate to the Full Moon in Sagittarius piece as a Sagittarius! I glanced over your bullets of what to release until “Lack of self-care” seemed to jump off the page. Thanks for both the insight and guidance. Will be burning some things I need to release!

    • Deb, thanks so much! Burn it away, and clear the way for your exquisite self-care. I’ll be right there with you.

      Blessed be,

  3. Sue,
    I love that you’re real about the possibility of falling into the negative trap again, but point out that with practice, it can become easier to step out of it in a much quicker way.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Hi Keyra, and welcome!

      Thanks for your lovely and loving comment as I move through this adventure, and it’s quite an adventure!

      Love and magic,

  4. Sue, I feel like this time you’ve crawled inside my skull and seen exactly what I need to hear! I’m so grateful for you!! I get stuck so often, it’s a habit, really. I had a major reset earlier this month (week-long hospital stay) and I actually had the chance to stop and think and discover what being unstuck actually looked like for once. I now see I can take charge of my thoughts, direct myself towards constructive, encouraging thoughts. Thank you so much for shining your light. Blessings.

    • Vanessa, I’m so grateful and humbled to hear this from you. Thank you.

      Sorry to hear about the long hospital stay — and having done that myself more than once in the last year, I am glad you too were able to glean some important lessons from the experience.

      Love and light!

  5. I love your embrace of Awareness, Acceptance and Action, Sue. Also love your recognition–and celebration–of choice..and from there choosing surrender, humility, and faith–and acting from that place.

    Though I should “know” this because, like you, I bring it into sessions with clients, I so, so welcome (and very much needed) a sage reminder to apply it to my own self and life today.

    I too am struggling with issues of Home–though different than yours. And it is a very, very tough issue for me. Home is so important, and not having the one I long for at the moment brings out some of the “worst” parts of me.

    I’m definitely working on surrender here…and acceptance and faith. The hardest part for me, in the present moment, is not acting in the way I would have previously (namely, skipping states, countries or continents). Now I have a family and recognize that I have chosen them as my first Home, above all others. It is that choice I will try to focus on today. Thank you.

    • Dana, I totally get that “cut and run” mentality. I’m inspired by the depth of your commitment to thrive where you’re planted.

      Great reminder for me as well in this time of change.


  6. I needed this message today, given I’m in the same situation. Yes, focusing on what’s possible! Letting go is hard, but, I, too, chose to do so, rather than stay in a frequency that is draining me. Thank you Sue! May our dreams and dream homes come to fruition, NOW! Faith, trust, focus, surrender one day at a time.

    • Shera, and so they are (our dreams, coming to fruition, that is).

      I end all my prayers with “This, or something better….!” Because the Goddess may have mor ein store for me than I can even imagine.


  7. Definitely going through a phase of re-evaluation and reorganization right now and it not only feels right, there’s a distinct sense that this is a period of momentum gathering. I trust you’ll soon find a great new place to live.

    • Marquita, I’ve got my seatbelt fastened, I too feel the momentum going like crazy.

      Especially right now, I’ve been up for almost three hours (since 5:30 am!) on support calls because my internet decided it didn’t want to work any more. Comcast. Then Vonage. Then Apple. Next up my treasured friend and IT buddy. Thank you Mercury retrograde. [rant over, sorry!]

      Will soon leave “well enough even if not perfect” alone and continue following the momentum of this housing search. Thanks for the good wishes.

      In gratitude,

  8. Sue, I love how you shared your lessons. Attitude is a choice but sometimes it’s hard to see that when we’re in too deep. I always find myself realizing I have a choice about the 3rd or 4th time I hear myself whining or bitching about something – then I can kick myself into more positive action. Now that your positive thoughts are ruling your thinking, I have no doubt you’ll find a wonderful new place.

    • Diane, 3rd or 4th time? That’s rockstar transformation. Think about how it used to be / could still be. Some people never ever ever get to hear themselves or find the willingness to change.

      Go you!


  9. Aloha Sue, OH, I’m ‘being happy’ listening to the strands of ‘Don’t worry, be happy.” And thanking you for the link over on Pandora. Not sure how I ended up w/Bob Marley, when I thought I was over in the Islands w/IZ. But…’don’t worry, be happy,now’ Surrounding you in the gentle Island breezes, knowing resolution is the graces of the Goddess.


    • Diane, I’ve scratched my head about Bob Marley appearing in that Pandora station, but cultural weirdness aside, I’ve loved the songs. “Don’t worry, be happy” is always appropriate, right?

      Ah thanks for that beautiful blessing.


  10. Hi Sue,
    I really enjoyed reading your words. I’ve definitely had that feeling this month, having my usual schedule and routine change beyond my control. I’ve been looking for the blessings in the experience, and your reminder to reframe and acknowledge the areas where I do have control is helpful.
    Thank you!

    • Christina, may you — and everyone! — see, feel, and hold the blessings that are already available, always.

      Blessed be,

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