Remind me tomorrow.

Remind me tomorrow.

A phrase familiar to Mac users, I know.

Thoughts about upgrading my own operating system.

I’ve been working with a hypnotherapist for some time now. She records her hypnosis sessions with me, and I play them often as I’m falling asleep (hypnosis talks to the subconscious, right?).

When the time came for my latest session, I found myself saying I wanted to go deeper. So far, I’ve used hypnosis to support the way I’ve been handling the many changes that have come my way this year (and show no sign of slowing down).

I wanted something bigger.

I know about changes and circumstances — we all have them, we all get them.

We all have a plate. You know, that plate that everyone says there’s too much on! “I have too much on my plate.” We all get a plate.

I tell this story a lot, because it’s so powerful. Many years ago, a speaker at a 12-step meeting said “If we all put our problems, our challenges, our issues (yup, that plate!) on the center of this table, I promise you you’d pick your own plate up on the way out the door.” Boom. Let that simmer while you take a look at the video.

Those circumstances and challenges are a gift.

Circumstances and challenges are the key to your transformation. I don’t know if that saying “you are never given more than you can handle” is true. I personally doubt it very much sometimes. But I do know this to be true: “Whatever doesn’t kill me does in fact make me stronger.”

What seasons a woman? Dealing with steep precipices and dark nights of the soul. Surviving difficult challenges and changes. Like Eleanor Roosevelt put it: “A woman is like a tea bag — you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”

I asked Sharmaine Collier, my brilliant hypnotherapist, to go deeper with me. I want to change my hard-wired tendency to fear change, resent circumstances, and crumble when challenged.

Remind me tomorrowShe sat with my request for a minute and then said: “Oh you mean an operating system upgrade!”

I kind of love this idea, tech-y woman that I am.

We did the session, and I’ve listened to the recording a few times now. And — this will make sense to Mac people, I don’t know what you others see on their monitors — I’ve been thinking about what I see on my computer when software upgrades are available. I get four options: Try in an hour, Try tonight, Remind me tomorrow, and Turn on auto update.

That dialog box pops up every day when upgrades are in the queue, and every day that I don’t feel like going through the upgrade process, I hit Remind me tomorrow.

Oh wait. I’m hitting a mental Remind me tomorrow button!

I realized I do this avoidant thing with the oh-so-many opportunities for transformation life keeps offering me. I keep hitting that imaginary Remind me tomorrow button. Know what I mean?

Acceptance, change, surrender, let go, trust — sometimes you just want to do anything but change!

Even though I’m still clicking Remind me tomorrow on my iMac (not ready yet, no thank you), I’m finding a new way to connect with my responses in the moment, and to embrace a little more willingness to lighten up — so many opportunities! — and be more accountable to my responses and behaviors as they arise. Yeah that sounds hard. But maybe not impossible.

I love looking at this stuff! I invite you to join me in these kinds of explorations.

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  1. Huge Yes to facing – and sitting with – Sue…rather than hitting the “remind me tomorrow” button. Yet…facing fresh trauma currently, I find I need to push the “remind me tomorrow” button. It’s too hard to feel it all right now – I literally cannot handle it, when I face it straight on. At least, not yet. But can work with surrender, trust, letting go…

    Thank you for an inspiring post, as always!

    • Ah Dana, thank you. You are setting a powerful and regal example (even more than usual) walking through such a jarring and traumatic set of changes.

      Wrapping you in the ever-present, ever-available love and ease of the Divine. (You and me both, actually.)

  2. Kudo’s for you Sue for using hypnotherapy as part of your process. I was a practitioner for many years and can attest to how transformative it can be. In these challenging times, many would like things to be the way they were. And, any change, let alone an upgrade, can make us fearful. So, we can look at the next upgrade with an open mind, because, we have a had wise women like Eleanor Roosevelt who has already confirmed on strengths. Thanks for another woman-affirming post.

    • Joyce, I am happily so surprised about hypnotherapy. Not sure what I was expecting, but I’m finding it powerful, deeply transformative, and healing.

      Every upgrade keeps opening my mind, and hooboy, I sure can use it. As much as I can get.

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