Return to love — new beginnings at the New Moon

I marched with my daughter and tens of thousands of other women and men this weekend.

I appreciated the shit out of the witty, fierce, snarky signs and slogans I saw everywhere I looked.

I even posted a few of the most amazing and sassy photos on Facebook.

But after only 24 hours, I stopped posting those pix. I stopped talking about them. I heeded the call to return to love instead. That’s why instead of me including some of the march pix here I’m sharing other images with you today. Read on to find out what they’re about.

As a Priestess who means business, I remember my purpose and my commitment. Every thought, word, and action is the most effective when it comes from love. And when I find that I’ve drifted off into negativity and in-your-face divisiveness, I return to love, return to love, return to love.

In layers of ever-deepening awareness, this is how my process unfolded, and what allowed me to return to love:

  • My heart stopped me in my tracks, showed me that I was perpetuating negativity, and pointed me back to love.
  • My heart reminded me that love — true unconditional love — excludes no one, not even those whom I might easily consider to be bad.
  • My heart reminded me that every time I’ve done a lovingkindness meditation, the instructions are to keep widening the circles of love I’m sending out, wider and wider, until they encompass the world (yes, even the men in power who scare and anger me).
  • My heart reminded me that I do my great work in the world much better and more effectively when my actions are aligned with my values, so it was a good time to rein myself back in.
  • My heart reminded me of other more aligned options available to me.

As the wise Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us:

Each moment is a chance for us to make peace with the world. A chance to make peace possible for the world, a chance to make happiness possible for the world.

Magnolias with my daughterRose's first magnolias shootI saw passion ignited. I heard hope all around me. I felt the love in the smiles and hugs and wonder — while I was marching and later when I was reading the accounts of women in action all over the world.

What will happen next? What will your heart’s whispers invite you to do? (Sometimes whispers are far from quiet, at least in my case. Sometimes it’s more like a clarion call. Trumpets. Drums. Feet pounding out a rhythm.)

How will your Divine Feminine wisdom — skills, experience, legacy — be expressed in this critical time?

  • Some of us will do more street actions, engage in politics, engage with politicians.
  • Some of us will write, and sing, and perform, and raise awareness from a stage or an online platform.
  • Some of us will create communities, and circles, and hold space for women to find their voice, channel their passion and badass strength into change-the-world actions.

As a woman whose consciousness was raised in the ’60s and ’70s, and who continued on to an ever-deepening spiritual inner journey…. As a woman who evolved into a heart-centered business priestess, I know what I’m particularly suited and called to do, and how I might best step into leadership and mentorship during this time of oh-so-necessary change. I know where to start.

It’s clear — last weekend’s marches made it crystal clear — that women are activated, present, and eager to protect rights and support each other.

I’m activated in new ways as well. I’m creating more ways for us to bring our badass selves together and rock whatever we are called to do to create change and empower each other, and those who are coming up after us.

I was called to create this space — sacred space for women to circle together.

Join us in the Moon Circles group — I am leading calls at each New and Full Moon that are crafted for us to support and be supported, listen and be heard, love and be loved. New Moon in Aquarius. Our call is on Thursday. Join us!

On each Moon Circles call:

  • We will create safe and sacred space together.
  • Each woman will get a chance to check in with her joys, completions, challenges, and fears.
  • We will look at this New Moon together and discuss its particular, unique invitation to transformation and change.

This month’s theme — New Beginnings.

The New Moon in Aquarius is the one that comes each year just before the Lunar Chinese New Year. For me this New Year celebration, along with the early blooming magnolias hereabouts, are indications of Spring coming. Soon enough, I’ll see the first local asparagus and avocados at the market. And I can already see the increasing light and the Sun higher in the sky. New beginnings. Let’s get together in the Moon Circle and hold space for each others’ sacred intentions and new beginnings. As women. As sisters. What are we going to start for our world? In our businesses? In our lives? Join us on Thursday’s call!

As my friend Molly Gordon put it so beautifully today in her newsletter:

This is a time to radically change the discourse. I will do everything I can to be a stand for the safety and sacredness of all beings. I marched yesterday not to oppose Donald Trump but to stand up for all beings. I marched to bridge the divide, not to deepen it.

 My heart, and the beautiful day, also reminded me to grab my kid while she was here and get our annual magnolias photos taken.

Good thing we remembered, because the bloom came early and almost no blossoms are left!

I started taking pictures of Rose with magnolias as a backdrop when she was a year old and for most of her life, we have continued the tradition every year. Magnolias are beautiful, they come early with fragrant beauty, and they have many healing qualities.

My gift for you today:

  • Find the resonant next right action for you and honor the Divine Feminine.
  • Find women you can support and who will happily support you, women who will hold safe space for you as you go and grow.
  • Join us in the WiseWoman Circle and on the New Moon call this week!

What do you think? How was the Women’s march for you in your part of the world? Have any questions about the Moon Circles? Talk to me in the comments!


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  1. Hi Sue, Thanks for reminding us to always come from a place of love, and for creating a sacred, healing space for women. I love Thich Nhat Hanh’s quote: “Each moment is a chance for us to make peace with the world.” Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Warm Hugs, Pam

    • Pamela, Yup, I’m wrapping myself in inspiration as much as possible. Kind of like a love armor I’m needing — or, as another favorite image has it, a gossamer cloak of compassion and safety, the cloak of the Divine, the cloak of the Goddess.

      Blessed be.

    • Mihaela, the best part is that is wasn’t that challenging! Well, yes, it did push my crowds! too many crowds! button, which necessitated stepping off for a while and taking a dim sum break with my pink-hatted daughter. But the vibe, the love, the smiles, the solidarity — all pervasive and wonderful.

      It’s a good thing we can all do more, because I think we’re gonna have to!

    • Hey Barb, memories that I thought would never have to be relived. Sigh. Naive. Shit. I’m even missing George W this week! So glad there are many of us who know how powerful sisterhood can be. Needed!

  2. I heeded the call to return to love — yes Sue my sentiments exactly. I keep reminding myself of why I am here and this is how change will be created. We had marches too in Australia- but not where i live — no longer in a big city, Every time I feel myself being pulled away from this — yes we get all the news first hand too 🙂 I know I must go within to go without to make a true difference Love you Suzie xx

  3. Wow Sue did you hit home for me and my takeaway from Saturday’s march. For me, I marched in Cleveland not in opposition or resistance but in promoting love. I too enjoyed the badass snarky signs that colored the landscape. But for me it was the messages of love, peace and unity that got my attention and my support. Thank you for reminding us that it’s all about pro love not anti Trump. Blessings xo

    • Debra, Oh, I am very much against this man and what he stands for. Make no mistake. But my actions? My actions have to be, can only be, ones of creating safe space and sacred containers for women to stand together and thrive.

      Blessed be.

  4. Thank you for also marching, Sue! How could women of our generation, not march? I consciously created a very loving and inclusive sign, which I posted on FB and shared in my article this week. I didn’t want to get caught up in the negativity. And yes, there were lots of signs that were cutting or condescending or nasty (and not in a good way), so I hope I marched with the very peaceful crowd here in Toronto, from a place of inclusion. People seemed to gravitate to my sign because of that. I LOVE what you share: “It’s clear — last weekend’s marches made it crystal clear — that women are activated, present, and eager to protect rights and support each other.” I also feel a movement was born on Saturday, one that has the power to ignite millions of people to take whatever action calls to them to bring about positive change! Onward for us all… I really love the photos of you and your daughter…beautiful! xo

    • Hey Beverley! I love that appreciation of women of our generation. And having my daughter with me, she who has grown up relying on contraception rights and women’s rights, meant the world to me.


  5. When we believe in the cause, the march is a message and one that comes from the heart is the best march of all. There will be new ways to share love and create the difference that we want in our lifetime. It’s the beginning. I loved the photos you shared with this post, Sue.

    • Thanks so much Vatsala. You’re in India, right? How is it there for you? Feeling any differences? Were there marches?

  6. Wasn’t marching just the most wonderful thing! And we did it in the same spirit–For wonderful loving things, rather than against anything.
    And I had to do the very same action this week–sit back, meditate, let go, and remember that everything, literally everything, comes back to unconditional love. I so appreciate this post!

    • Susan Mary (or is it just Susan? please tell me!),

      Thanks for the loving mirror and for letting me know this resonates for you too.

      Blessed be.

  7. Congratulations on getting out there and being a part of this history making event! Anger and frustration surely isn’t my go-to style of communication, at the same time I understand the anger and frustration so many people are feeling right now. But I truly believe something positive will come out of this and certainly intend to do my part to contribute. Thanks for being the inspiration!

    • Marty, thank you! That’s a very poignant and touching thing to read, and I hold it in my heart, that I can inspire. I feel very much like I am inspired by and pass along the powerful inspiration of others. Happy to be a channel for what I think is so hugely necessary right now, and that is to stand together and let that inspiration fill us (as a dictionary would have it): “with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

  8. Sue, you’re always an example to me and I salute you for taking part in the march while at the same time bringing out a positive message.
    We cannot let the negativity absorb us into a dark hole. We need to rise above it and take positive action.

    • Betty, I feel the same about you and your passion to bring out women’s stories. Inspiration, again — it’s so important.

      This is a huge off-topic aside, but I’m feeling like our new president’s way of using language is making me slow down a bit in mine. I nearly wrote “inspiration, again — so important” but I could hear his cadence and use of short short sentences in my head. So I added the “it’s.” I can feel it; I absolutely do not want to sound like him or echo his way of speaking.

      Okay, back to regularly scheduled programming.

  9. It’s funny for myself I saw the whole march as a return to love but there were definitely aspects that confirmed the separation which is not the path back to love! Thanks for honouring your commitment and cheers to new beginnings!

    • Hey Anita, good to see you here! Yes, well, I’m not ignoring the separation (I don’t think we can, even if we wanted to). But how do I want to face this? If I can find a way to state my opposition from love, I’ll choose that route. Every time.

      Blessed be.

  10. Really important message to hear at this time,. Love your honesty, your beautiful heart, your coming back to love, and your call to action. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Dana. Yes, it feels very much like a blessing to share this with my kid, and all the women, and all the kids.

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