In the darkness, take time to review, complete, release the year that’s ending

Are you feeling that impulse to plan?

As the darkness deepens, as we head toward the Solstice and the return of the light in the north, a natural impulse arises to get complete with the year that’s ending and look toward the coming year to map out visions, plans, and goals.

I learned a long time ago that “resolutions” — those year-end declarations of what you’ll do differently or better in the new year — are hard to sustain. Picture your gym or a 12-step meeting in January — much more crowded than usual with enthusiastic people full of resolve.

Picture the same room in late February or early March — back to normal, right? You’re surrounded now with folks who have found a way to make a sustainable and supportive commitment.

Resolutions without a foundation of completion aren't sustainable

How to make your plans, goals, and visions sustainable

One way I know how to create a sustainable and supportive foundation for your audacious visions and goals for the new year is to spend some time in the darkness of December reviewing, completing, and releasing 2017 — which, as far as years go, has been quite a doozy globally and culturally. I know I’m not the only one feeling some layers of depletion of world-weariness wrapping themselves around me in this season.

There’s a lot of activity this time of year. Gatherings. Family. Social events. Claim your sovereignty. Do what feels right, and allow your exquisite self-care to be the center around which your holiday activities revolve. And take some time in the stillness and the darkness to get complete with the year that’s ending so that your goals and visions for the new year have a strong foundation on which to flourish.

Take a journey of completion

Review, Complete, Release 2017The 2017 version of the Review, Complete, Release workbook is done, completely revised for this year, and I’m happy to offer it to you. The workbook guides you on a journey in which you look back at the year that’s ending through the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit). And then, once you’ve completed that review, you’re invited to ritually release the year that’s ending — completing and releasing it — and turn your sights forward to the coming year (or month, or quarter, whatever segment of time works for your planning and visioning heart).

While you can go through the Review, Complete, Release guidebook on your own, you can go even deeper if you take this journey with support. Over in the Reclaim Resilience tribe we’re doing just that and I’d like to invite you to join us. Reclaim Resilience is a tribe of women who meet twice a month in a virtual circle, co-facilitiated by me and Katharine Wismer. Our calls in December are on the 14th and 28th, and we will be sharing our journey with the Review, Complete, Release workbook with each other. Then, in January, we will turn our attention to the new year and our vision for it, and our goals and plans — which we’ll complete just in time for Imbolc, an ancient day of commitment and initiation, in early February.

I invite you to join the Reclaim Resilience tribe and do this work with us. Celebrate your efforts, move through the feelings that arise when you look back at what worked and what did not. Take ownership of your authentic self. And be held in sacred support as you do.

So many choices!

You can purchase the workbook if you’d like to do the work on your own. It’s $20.17.

You can join us in the Reclaim Resilience tribe and do this work with the amazing women in the group. In circle around our simmering creative cauldron, we will support each other into audacity, adventure, and appreciation. Reclaim Your Resilience costs $50/month, and you can stay as long as you like — we will be here for you.

Maybe 1:1 support is your jam. If so, please use the form below or email me and we’ll set up a personalized journey that’s just right for you.

Whatever way you go, the Review, Complete, Release workbook is an invitation for you to spend some time nurturing your tender heart and beautiful soul. In the mystery that the darkest time of the year offers, dive in deep, own what’s true, and prepare to move into the new year free of regret and un-ease. As you dance through this Solstice season, and await the return of the light, nurture your sweet self.

1:1 request or questions?

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  1. I love the idea of having some closure of the old year before we make plans for the new one. It gives us a better picture of where we need to go and what most needs our attention.

  2. I really needed to read your post, Sue, especially today when my Inbox is flooded with emails about planning for 2018 and all sorts of webinars etc when I am still living in 2017 and in a reflective mood.

    Honoring the present moment and this year for all the highs, lows, wins and could have been wins is important if one intends to make 2018 a success. If I learned anything this year, it has been that plans can go haywire and yet something good can emerge if we face it with the right mindset.

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