Sacred journeys

And unexpected turns

You know I meant to get back to work — back to you — after my road trip with so much to show you of California’s breathtaking views and vistas.

I planned to share inspiring interactions, road stories, humbling lessons learned, the love and joy of deep connections made. Really I did.

I planned to get back to my by-now very patient and generous clients, who were kind enough to bless my journey in the first place and who have been nothing but loving since I got sick. I thought I knew what was next, that it was time to start our active collaborations again.

And then, my sacred journey took an unexpected turn — sharply inward

I have just a few thoughts to share with you today, from my big grateful heart. I write so much about gratitude because I’ve learned what a huge game changer it is. For me, it is so good to express gratitude — so I can stay connected to my path even in [ahem] slightly trying situations and so I can be a useful participant in my own care team.

  • Every sacred journey is an inner journey. This is what I’ve learned. Go out, drink up the experiences, bask in the beauty of this earth, take what you learn and transmute it into joy and wisdom. Bank it. Share your gifts and your passions, do the work you are meant to do — do the work you are meant to do. Whatever change you are meant to make, make it. However you are meant to heal, open the channel. Whatever your vision, share it. And then, when life happens in a way that brings you inside, follow this path too, connected to the ever present love of the divine.
  • Let those who are here to help you, help you. Hospitals challenge cheerfulness, I find. Makes sense, I guess. I don’t come by good cheer naturally. I have developed access to love and good cheer by having a committed spiritual practice — prayer and meditation; by being of grateful service in the world; by giving freely of my time, treasure and talents. The access to that wellspring of cheer gets a little kinked up in here, like an occluded IV tube. So I set myself, and reset myself, and keep working on meeting people where they’re at, remembering they are here to help. The same tools I use in the world. Asking people’s names, making eye contact, many pleases and thank yous.
  • One more and I’ll go back to my main job today, healing. It’s hard to manage a business from this position. (Part of me is laughing hysterically just writing those words.) So, my solopreneurial sisters, I feel you. When unexpected stuff happens for your clients, you use love, and flexibility, and generosity to help them manage their changes. I find the same principles apply when the tables are turned. I’m telling my clients everything that’s happening to throw our work off. I’m letting them know how much they mean to me. And I intend to include some gifts to them as part of celebrating my return to health. Sshhh! Don’t spoil the surprise.

Signing off, for now

My plan of the moment is to resume my New and Full Moon posts once I’m home. Just too technical for here in the hospital. Even a short blog like this takes hours, because I’m writing in code, no WYSIWIG.

I invite you to comment! let me know how this lands, share your story. This is a great opportunity for our conversation to be deep and healing. Thank you!

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I’m a barely tamed hippie, sage, seasoned, sarcastic (not all the time any more, but still). I’m a mom, a daughter, sister, a neighbor, and a friend. I’ve been on this meandering journey — like you, probably — seeking a better connection to and experience of peace, harmony, and fun in every bit of life. I’m single, quite good at it, and mostly love it. I’m here for the conversations I get to have with you, which these days center on exploring the mystery and beauty of life, work, health, aging, and creative expression. Want to know a little more about me and my journey? Explore the site. Read the blog. Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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  1. Sue, you amaze me — writing from your hospital bed! On your iPad, I presume — can’t even imagine you did this from your phone?! Thank God for your practices of extreme gratitude and humor. May this be the end of your health woes and the beginning of a path to ease in body, mind and spirit. Can I hear an “oy vey!”? Blessings, dear one…

    • I know. There’s should be a merit badge for iPad blogging. And AWeber gets a customer service medal from me for styling my email over the phone and getting it out for me this morning — they were amazing. Thanks for the love.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re in the hospital. That can be challenging considering it’s not always an upbeat place! Sending you prayers and healing for a speedy recovery❤️

    • See, just like everything I find that the vibe of this hospital and the interactions I get depend largely upon the vibe I give out. Amazing, simple and profound how that all works, isn’t it?

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. Dear Sue, Blessings and healing to you.  May you recover quickly and completely.  May you gain from any lessons you can learn from in this time.  I spent a week in the hospital in September, and as much as it was challenging and unpleasant, and the reason for being there was out of my control, I realized that walking the inner journey of healing has unexpected gifts and wisdom to take from it.  I hope this will be true for you as well.   I hope in healing you find you belong even more to yourself, and that anyone in this world or the next who sees to your protection will guide you on the journey and let you know you are not alone.  Because, you are never alone.  Hugs.

    • Eilis, thank you. I am finding there to be so much spiritual depth and growth in this experience. So glad I surrendered to the process early on. So much less fear (except for a couple of gnarly moments), so much more ease, and authentic connection.

      I am blessed by your words.

  4. Dear Sue,  I wish I could think of a really funny or witty way to make you laugh cause that’s what eases the suffering and annoyances that are waiting to be transformed. That’s what I know for sure for my practice. 

    Darn, nothing hilarious is coming.  But…let’s keep looking for the humor – all of us.  Just knowing our common intention is to bring ease and joy maybe the thought that helps.  Sending you an enormous deep from the gut straight through the heart exhalation and peace.

    And so much gratitude for the remarkable commitment to your grateful vision,



  5. Get well soon! Thanks for sharing your wonderful attitude, it was as helpful as always! 🙂


  6. So sorry to hear you are experiencing a health problem, and that’s so amazing and inspiring that you are using it for spiritual growth.  You go girl!  Blessings going out to you.  Did you explain what’s going on in a past post that I missed?  Or are you keeping that private.  Totally understand if so, sending healing energy.    Rhoda (we met years ago, don’t know if you’ll remember me – I may need coaching/branding help in the next year if you’re up for it)

    • Rhoda, of course I remember you. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. You know, I don’t think I said but I had a ruptured appendix and it’s been quite an experience. Thanks for the love, and of course reach out whenever you’re ready to talk about you and your business…

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