Sacred pause — summer solstice

The Solstice happened last night. The Wheel has turned.

Solstice means “sun standing still,” they say. To me it’s a sacred pause.

A sacred pause that is a reminder and teacher. A sacred pause in which to listen, and to receive. 

You may receive a question. Or a message. Or something that is beyond words.

For me this Solstice feels like a culmination moment. I’ve been unfolding like a flower for the last couple of months (since the move). I’m doing things I was reluctant or afraid to do before, and reaching deep down inside myself for the willingness to keep going deeper. 
Solstice — the sacred pause

What came to me in last night’s sacred pause was Yes!

A big Yes in response to all the No’s I hear in my head. You know the ones I mean?

  • No you can’t — you are too old!
  • No you won’t be able to — you’re too difficult.
  • No No No No No!

To which I say what I heard in the sacred pause: Yes I can. Yes I should (even though it’s daunting sometimes). Yes I must!

One more thing about the sacred pause.

Solstices happen twice a year, but we get growth opportunities all the time. 

Learn the value of the sacred pause and use it in any moment of indecision, stress, or worry.

  • Pause to recenter, to reconnect to your resilient core — whole, perfect, and complete in every moment.
  • Pause to remember. Take a few minutes before finishing a heated conversation and remember who you really are and what you really need (you may be surprised by what occurs to you). You can cool down and return to feeling grounded, safe, and loved and then, when you try again, expect miracles.
  • Pause to release. Take a moment to ask yourself “how important is it?” before making a decision or giving a response. This one helps me return to “I’d rather be happy than right” with ease.

Want more about Solstice? A deeper dive?

Good! Because I have tons of earlier posts about it. Here’s one with a Solstice blessing, and here’s one about asking for help. For more, use the search box at the bottom of the page.


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  1. I always feel a lightness during the summer and the solstice is the ushering in of the wish to be out and active in the world. I’ve been feeling more motivated and have looked at the last six months and committed to play bigger. I’ve become much more of a vocal activist and want to find ways I can be more involved in causes that matter most to me. Human, environmental and animal rights are a few. It also feels important to help support people to live healthy and vital lives. Thanks for sharing the invitation to go deeper and remember, refocus and recommit, Sue!

    • Whoa, sorry for the late reply. The long days have seduced me out of my normal read-and-reply-to-all-comments routine.

      I’ve beee more active in the world! You nailed it, Beverley.

      Thanks for stopping by. xoxox

  2. There was something different in yesterday’s energy, Sue, and I felt a cycle of new beginnings even though it wasn’t planned that way. I finally complete a home project that had been planned for the last year or two but which kept being shelved either due to my time commitments or those of the contractor and once by freaky weather! The project was completed yesterday save for a coat of paint which will happen today.

    Then I found a missing bundle of photographs from 25 years ago yesterday and spent time poring over the photos of my Dachshund 5 and drew energy from the images of a much younger me that has motivated me to finally commit to creating my Marketing Plan for the rest of the year. I even found the right program to help me do it!

    • Oops, forgive the long slow response time! I’ve been enjoying summer a lot and on computer a bit less. Nice, and so unusual!

      I love all the openings you’ve experienced at this turn of the seasons. Thanks for sharing (and what’s the home improvement project you finished? Pix?)

    • Suzie, thanks for stopping by, and sorry for the reply delay! New rhythms are establishing themselves. Blessed be, much love.

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