The season of awe — Wake up! What’s left to do?

Feeling the season change?

You see it in the angle of the light. And feel the cool bite in the air (in the northern hemisphere). The leaves are beginning to dry out, lose luster, change color.

The days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are called the Days of Awe.

Here’s one realization that brings the awe right into me:

I no longer have to thingify everything about my spiritual journey. (Freedom!)

It’s liberating and lovely to let go of my ego’s need to thingify, solidify, and make a credo out of the places curiosity takes me. To appreciate the flow of life, and the changes, and to be okay with the changes as they come. To enjoy the exploration, without having to know how deep I’ll go, how permanent the changes may be….

These days Jewish tradition is looking pretty sweet to me, after years of being staunchly opposed to religion as a whole, and Judaism in particular.

Awe is present when I notice how Jewish lore and ritual are a sweet spot in my life lately. We’ve progressed from occasionally hooking up — Judaism and I — to casual dating. At this point, it feels like this religion of my ancestors and I are going steady.

Part of the exploration, this time around, brings moments of discovery. I love finding the ancient pagan threads that run through this religion that looks so patriarchal and masculine on the surface. As a lover of the Divine Feminine that preceded all organized religion, I rejoice.

For example: The Days of Awe, the High Holidays, come at harvest time. The time of the year when you’re reaping the fruits of what you began earlier.Awe. Wake up! What's left to do?

Lean into this week, this season, this turning, as a reminder to take a look at what you haven’t gotten to yet. Or haven’t started. Or begun and haven’t yet completed.

Feel for it when you look at the calendar. Yup, that calendar, the one with 2019 looming. September’s half over, we’re nearly into the fourth quarter of the calendar year, when it’s natural to start thinking about planning for the year to come. To look at what’s incomplete. To make resolutions (shudder!)

Maimonides said, about the blowing of the shofar, that the blast of the ram’s horn tells us, “Awake, you sleepers, from your slumber. Examine your deeds.” Or the way I hear it in my heart: “Wake up, yo. What are you neglecting? What have you committed to do that you haven’t done yet?”

Maybe it’s Awe. Maybe it’s “Aw shit, I haven’t gotten to that yet!”

What are you being called to wake up to?

  • Are you the mother you want to be? The daughter? Sister? Friend?
  • Are you writing the book? Creating the art? Singing the song?
  • Have you helped? Disrupted? Instigated for change?

How are you showing up to your desires and commitments? What’s left to start and to complete?

It’s really helpful, I find, to stop waiting for your beautiful, messy, precious Life As It Is to right itself before you begin. Because it just doesn’t work that way, does it? Life and its messes just keep coming. Today would be a great day to stop moaning about it. Celebrate your mess. We all get one (or is that many?)!

I’m scheduling another Life As It Is — What Are You Waiting For? roundup, and will announce it this week. Want to get the invitation? Tell me in a comment below and I’ll make sure you get notified.Other ways to stay tuned? Follow my Facebook page, or stay connected on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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