Self-love coaching, a new targeted program for women…

Update February 19, 2013

Self-love coaching has been replaced by my new Share Your Magic coaching for passionate women in business. Please check it out right here.

Hello, beautiful women!

Inspired by our recent Love Letter teleclass, I’m offering a new coaching package, just for you women who want more support for self-love, the love that provides the foundation for being heart-centered in everything you do: your business, your personal life, your wellness, your spiritual life, your relationships with your loved ones.

The Self-love coaching program is especially for women who are having an inconsistent or challenging relationship with self-love. If you (secretly?) crave support for the audacious goal of having every dream and vision fully expressed in your life, this could be for you. I know what it’s like to see and name and express your beautiful, powerful visions, and yet experience a big disconnect that blocks you from making progress in the direction of these, your most juicy dreams.

Perhaps, like many women, you’ve been in an inspired loving place before, inspired by some powerful work you’ve done, or class you’ve taken, but you’ve felt the energy dissipate as time went on.

  • You may have taken spiritually inspiring teleclasses or read uplifting books
  • You may have joined a spiritual group or a congregation
  • You may have changed location, or job, or lover
  • You may have joined a gym
  • You may have colored your hair

And yet you feel—you know—that you can’t maintain the level of transformation, of change, that you so want in your life. You find that you can’t, on your own, achieve the lasting and consistent changes you want to make, ones that allow you to audaciously, magnificently and regally walk a direct path toward your goals.

I understand. It’s very hard to be nourished today from last week’s meal. The truth is that this kind of high level of transformation, of thinking, speaking and acting in a way that’s consistent with the very best parts of you is hard. It’s hard to do with support, it’s a zillion times harder to do on your own. Just like learning any difficult skill. Think about it. Have you ever tried teach yourself to dance? Or to throw a pot on a wheel? Or to speak another language? Or to raise a child? Or to make kombucha?

Have you experienced the difference between what happens when you try to teach yourself and when you hook up with a good teacher? A good coach?


Lovingly express and manifest your most audacious goals

The Self-love coaching program will give you strategies, practices, and structures that make it possible to live lovingly into your most audacious goals each and every day. And provide you intensive support as you take this on. Just like the high school football team practices running through the tires every day so that when Friday night rolls around they can bring their “A” game—they don’t just do that exercise once, do they? Or twice. They do it every day. And they have coaches on the field watching them and cueing them as they take on the tough stuff. Can you imagine how you would begin to play your game—to live your life—at a whole new level if you had someone on your team looking out for you like that?

Since I entered into coaching with Magnolias West several years ago, my dream of selling my ceramic art has become a reality. I now have a brand—Red Water Arts—and a website, business cards and postcards that showcase my work. Next month I have my first show! Sue and I continue to work through every area of my life, one piece at a time. The work we do together has brought me increased balance and productivity by creating structures that support my physical wellness, financial ease and workable social and intimate relationships. Since working with Sue I’ve seen change and improvement in my honesty, integrity and accountability; my ability to adjust to life changes—major and minor; and a deep change for the better in my thinking and language.

If you’re looking for help in creating and living the best life possible then Sue’s coaching is essential. —Kim

I’m a neuroscience geek and I study and read a lot about the art and science of creating new neural pathways. In this field it’s said, “It takes seven positive experiences to counter one negative one.” That’s because it’s our brain’s habit to be negative. Those negative thoughts and responses are grooved deep, and it takes practice, time, and support for the practice, to start to groove new pathways—new ways of thinking, speaking and acting.

The Self-Love coaching program is designed to do just that.


What do we cover?

The Magnolias West Self-love coaching program covers a wide range of topics and techniques:

  • Busting the myth of “I’m a powerful woman, I should be able to do this on my own!”
  • The secret to mastering your energy with time, money and clutter
  • The link between time spent in creative and spiritual pursuits and how that directly affects your success in every thing you take on
  • The power of acting “as if”… taking positive and powerful actions anyway even if you have a head full of beliefs about how change is just not possible for you
  • The real meaning of integrity, and how that’s the foundation of living a life that works

The beauty of the Self-Love coaching program is that all of these tools are not given to you in a formula. Instead, the work we do is specific to your needs. In our work together, you will get suggestions and assignments tailored to your unique situation, designed to get you on track to self-lovingly manifesting your most audacious goals. Effectively, easily, powerfully, gracefully.


Personalized support, tailored to you

While I ask the same questions of everyone at the beginning of the coaching conversation, from that point on, the work that every single client does is unique. And the focus and agenda are driven by you, the client.

  • You might want to focus on wellness practices: How can you connect your heart and your self-love to the way you feed and move your body, the temple inside which you live?
  • You might be ready to rebrand your business: What does that loving voice in your heart tell you about what’s missing from your brand and message?
  • You might be ready to go into business! If you could wave your wand, what actions would you take that move you into your heart-centered entrepneurship?
  • You might want coaching around leadership in your career: What would it feel like to walk through every challenge at work knowing that there is nothing adversarial about any of it; that you can be a loving leader in every work interaction?
  • You might want support around addictions: What’s standing in the way of your intentions to live a life that reflects the love you feel when you’re connected to source?
  • You might be in recovery a long time and want a coach to support you as you take some risks and do long-deferred amazing things: What would it look like to take ownership of the possibility of change and growth in your own life?
  • You might be challenged by your relationship with your teenage and young-adult children: And wow! How would you like spacious, compassionate support as you learn how to detach with love from your challenging kids?

I don’t offer a book for DIY coaching. Instead, you get to have me, actively listening, caring, loving and supporting your transformation.


How does it work?

A meeting each week via phone or Skype
We meet once a week, for an hour, at a mutually agreeable time, on the phone or on Skype. Which makes distance no issue at all. I live in Oakland, California, and I have clients in California, Arizona, and New Zealand.

Unlimited email support between the calls
You bet! You get me as your coach 24/7. In fact, the majority of the really juicy transformation will occur between the calls. There will be some assignments, and emails in between the calls. I respond to your emails within 48 hours, usually much less. And of course, if some laser coaching is needed between scheduled calls, we can have a short call as quickly as it can be arranged.

Your investment
I’m offering two Self-Love Coaching packages. The three-month package is $1,650 ($150 less than the month-to-month price) and the six-month package is $3,000 ($600 less than the month-to-month price). Choose the option that’s right for you and click the button below it to sign up.

But wait! I have questions…
Good for you! I think that’s a great idea. With one click, you can generate an email to me, and type in your questions and send them over. I’ll look them over and then either reply in an email, or send you a link to my calendar so we can talk through your questions on a call.


Self-Love coaching, three-months of powerful loving support


Self-Love coaching, six-months of powerful loving support

Of course, if you have any questions about the offer, about any of this, please get in touch with me today.

Love and blessings!

(Photo credit: This beautiful image, Pele’s Heart, is a photo by Brad Lewis, the Volcanoman. I own a copy of this, a gift from a dear friend. The power and passion of love!)

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