Sharing your true essence, in your own true voice

I took my own advice yesterday and got a Thai hot herb massage

I’ll be honest, sometimes I’m harder on myself than I ever suggest my clients and loved ones be on themselves.

I was working yesterday, and had the whole afternoon blocked off to complete the materials for my new VIP Deep Dive Virtual Retreat (coming soon, I’m so excited!!), and then to write this article. When I stood up to stretch I could feel just how bad my shoulder and neck pain had gotten. Even though it was burning, I had been trying to ignore it for hours. I knew I could have sat down with my back massager and given my aching parts some love. I could have rolled it out. But that truth-telling inner voice, my true essence, had a better idea. Thai massage

I clearly heard my inner voice reminding me of the Thai massage place I had learned about the week before. I called, they had an opening, and I got my stuff together and headed out.

I know that my job is to teach what I have learned

And sometimes the best way I can do that is to take the radical act of being really kind to myself. Even though I have So.Much.To.Do! Even though I lost so much time to illness over the summer, and am still healing, on many levels. Even though it’s challenging for me to let go of working, of doing, and to relax into being. Sometimes the best teaching I can offer looks a lot like relaxing, slowing down, and letting my true essence be healed, made whole, so it — that beautiful true essence inside me — can shine through in the right way, at the right time, for the right people.

So now, here I am, massaged, pulled, stretched, with more ease in my body, and ready to talk about today’s topic:

How — and why — to share your true essence in your own true voice

I went on a mad tear after I got out of the hospital, and unsubscribed from hundreds of newsletters — it was a time of purging what no longer served me from my inbox. Now I’m seeing a much smaller amount of interesting, illuminating and inspiring content every day. I read a lot about blogging, and branding, and the art of heart-centered marketing. I try my best to fill my head and heart with articles by teachers whose wisdom is wrapped in heart and spirit. Somehow, this week, my eyes landed on an article teaching that the way to be a successful blogger is to hire someone to write your articles for you. Oy! Double oy! (And another immediate unsubscribe by me.)

If you are a changemaking business owner, a healer, you may have already learned what it feels like to connect with your ideal client, to grow your tribe organically so that you know that you are talking to, serving, being hired by exactly whom you are meant to serve. (If you haven’t learned or experienced this yet, I would love to talk to you; you deserve to have exactly the right people — the ones you are meant to help — in your business, your practice, and in your life!)

A very important way to build trust, to get your ideal clients to become your fans, tell others about you, and buy from you, is to use your own true voice in everything you write. Let your true essence shine through. Your blog, especially, should be as personal as possible.

Here’s the why

There are many powerful principles of heart-based marketing. This is one of them. When you write a blogpost, a web page, a sales page, or any other piece that’s directed to your ideal client, you want that person to feel seen, heard, understood, recognized, safe. You want her or him to feel comfortable, to feel like she wants to stick around. You’re developing that invaluable know-like-trust, and you do that by writing from your true essence, by being transparent, authentic and completely honest.

[I’m coming back to this next paragraph and editing it a little bit for clarity. My first commenter made a better distinction than I did in the first pass, and I’m incorporating it here.]

You might be able to get some of this flavor into your writing via a hired writer; it can be very helpful to work with a great collaborator / co-writer / editor, especially when both of you are making sure that your true essence shines through. But your blog? I’m 100% certain that your posts won’t have the same impact as you can be sure you’ll have when you do the writing yourself.

I don’t mean that you should do everything yourself! I am a big champion of delegating tasks.

Here are some really good things to delegate:

  • Hire someone to design your logo, set up a beautiful WordPress site, install whizzy smart functionality on it.
  • Have someone set up your email template and maintain your lists.
  • Find a coach or editor who can support you in your writing.
  • Have someone clean your home and office regularly.
  • Get a massage, often.

But don’t, precious one, don’t let your web pages, or your emails, or your blog, be written by someone else.

Full disclosure: I have someone help me with structure and edits of much of my own web pages and teaching materials — most often I use my brilliant business coach for this. I provide a similar service for my own clients. I am a good editor and I love helping people shape their words into web pages and sales pages that resonate for others. There’s an important distinction here: Use your own words, let your true essence shine through, and then get all the help you want creating the shape, flow and structure.

How do you make sure that your true essence shines forth in your marketing copy? What works for you? What doesn’t? What can you delegate so you can be free to focus on the expression of your true essence? Talk to me in the comments.

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  1. Some of us love to write and are good at it while others find it a challenge, Sue. In such a situation, it is a good idea to get the required help, whether to have a professional edit one’s copy or to put in tweaks to show one’s true essence once a copy has been created. The thought of having someone else write your blog? No way! That would be losing the true essence of the blog.

    I’m a great fan of DIY but follow a rule of thumb – if it is something I can do quickly and without much learning or a one-off activity, I’ll do it myself, otherwise delegate to someone who has the required competency.

    • Vatsala, thanks. You’ve made a better distinction than I did. I agree — get as much help as you need for your marketing copy, and make the blog you and only you.

      Thanks; I’ll probably come back and edit the post for clarity — I am grateful for your inspiration.


  2. So true Sue and something I am still learning to do. I know that reading my blog post or copy out loud and having Des listen often makes for much greater clarity.
    I am doing Let go on email bigtime right now as I get the distraction 🙂
    Namaste xxoo

    • Suzie, I’m so glad you didn’t have to get sick in order to review your inbox and release what no longer serves you there.

      I’m a slow learner…!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  3. There is lots of wisdom here but mostly I just wanted to congratulate you on following your own advice & getting advice. Being any sort of a ‘helping profession’ sometimes we get caught up and have to remind ourselves to do what we preach 🙂 And massages are gooood!

    • Kat, thanks. It’s true. If it weren’t for my clients, I think I’d be in even worse shape, self-care wise. I owe them so much, for the mirror they hold up to me, and for the reminders of just how important exquisite self-care is, for our bodies, and for our businesses!

      Oh, and I love the message in what you’re offering. So glad you’re doing what you do.

      Blessed be,

  4. I like the idea of delegating, but have to get better at it. I learned WordPress and designed my blog myself, take care of my own emails, clean my house and office, and write my own blogs. I think hiring a writer to write your blog is okay if you are writing about a technical subject, but if you have a more personalized blog, you are right – let your voice and essence shine! And after moving last weekend, boy, oh, boy, that massage sounds like the perfect ticket! Thanks for some great advice!

    • Oh Julie, book that massage today.

      You make an excellent point. Sadly, the article I read about hiring blog writers made no distinction about the kind of blogging one does. For those of us who bring heart, soul and passion to our work, we must allow for every bit of those qualities to show through.

      Thanks, and welcome here!

      Love and light,

  5. As a fellow writer/editor, I could not agree more, Sue. I love to help people craft their message or create more flow in their writing but my highest priority (ok – 2nd highest – since connection with my clients is first!) is to preserve his or her “voice” in all writing. I once had someone want to hire me to write his blog and I couldn’t wrap my head around how exactly that could happen and it would still be his (gender changed to protect the not-so-innocent). Needless to say, we never got that off the ground. I often wonder if what I read in HER blogs is really even her. Oh well, as you mentioned, I am needing to weed through my many subscriptions and usually the first to go are those that don’t seem to be authentic. Thanks for sharing an important piece.

    • Deb, You are exactly the kind of writer I want when I’m looking for a collaborator. So glad you’re doing what you’re doing!

      Congratulations on claiming sovereignty over your inbox!

      Blessed be,

      • Thanks, Sue! I hope you will keep in mind when you are looking for a collaborative partner. The sum is definitely greater than its parts! Many of my wonderful connections are with other writers. I don’t ever see it as competition – the world is full of abundance and there is plenty for all of us!

        Have a peace-filled week,

  6. Love the sage advice to delegate. I feel this is one of the most loving and healing ways of living and being.Accepting that you can’t do it all and learning where to delegate and where to refrain from it as well, is precious insight. Thank you for your wisdom! xo Cindy

    • Cindy, welcome here.

      Thanks for your loving comment. You’re right. We can’t do it all, and it’s even more freeing to know we don’t have to!

      Love and light,

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