Simplify Your Life

Wake up to your well-being

Tired of improving yourself? What might happen if you stopped pushing?

A simple life IS a happy life...

You know how you feel when you’re in flow: engaged, curious, and playful. You’re open to inspiration and present, and when something inspires you, you embrace it. Dealing with life as it is, with its twists and turns, comes easily. You’re present and resilient. Simple.

A simple life is a happy life until...

Until you get stuck somehow — in one way or another — and you lose your sense of flow and well-being. Stuckness begets more stuckness — as it does — and you end up forgetting you were ever well or in flow in the first place.

Which puts quite a damper on your curiosity and playfulness. Your response to the moments of your life — plans, decisions, relationships, health, all of it — takes a hit.

Tough moments are a potent time to sit down with a compassionate and resourceful listener. These conversations are like sitting down with a good friend who’s 100% present with no agenda other than your happiness and fulfillment.

Start with a free conversation, and we’ll go from there. Single sessions and packages (customized to suit your needs) available.

Conversations like these are potent, I know.

I’m respectful of what may get stirred up in our time together. We may go deep.

I hold our work sacred and confidential — a sealed container where we can safely explore.

And should we work further together, I’ll always be holding my end of the cord that connects us — when we meet and in between.

Wondering if coaching can be helpful for you? If you see yourself in one of these, click through and book your no-strings call.

Wondering if coaching can be helpful for you? If you see yourself in one of these, click through and book your no-strings call.

  • Aging and saging — the third third of your life. So many changes. Big transitions. Kids moving out. Downsizing. What you think about the face and body you see in the mirror. Sometimes aging can feel overwhelming.
  • Your creative expression. You know, that urge to start something new. A creative project. Your business. Travel. But you feel stuck, wondering how to start, and if you should even bother, because what if you don’t finish?
  • Chronic pain and sudden, scary health journeys. Physical challenges, mysterious symptoms, high levels of pain, tough diagnoses, and the medical system.

Book a no-strings call with me. I’ll show up with open ears, eyes, and heart, and we’ll dive in. You may decide to become a client and go deeper. Whatever the outcome, I’ll give you the best of my insight, awareness, and resources.

A client says:

I learned I was creating my own challenges....

...The biggest challenge in my life today is my own negative thinking. As Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” — Catherine L.

Uzume — dancing lightly on the path of your highest good.

A little about me

Sue Kearney

I’m Sue Kearney. I’m a halfway-tamed hippie and a lifelong learner, and I’m here to tell you that the lessons offered in the third third of life keep getting realer. Luckily, so do the blessings.

I’m gratefully walking (okay, sometimes limping) through this life of miracles and mystifying survivals, addiction and recovery, sarcasm and surrender, wisdom and wonder.

I’m no longer trying to unwind time in my body; instead I’m embracing (reluctantly yet eventually) most of the changes with humor and grace. I’m a work in progress.

These days I paint, make medicines and luscious beauty products, guide healers and changemakers as they midwife their work in the world, and have deep transformative conversations on the daily.

Read more about me here. (Credentials and all.)