Sister Circles — you don’t have to do this alone

The power of connection (watch out, tender truths ahead)

The last half of this past weekend was very challenging for me. Physical symptoms were flaring and I was too weak to walk a block without stopping to rest, and too much pain to sleep more than three hours.

A bit worrisome.

A lot exhausting.

I canceled everything I had planned to do — including postponing writing this article — and rested. Long soak, reading, napping (or trying), watching TV.

vacuumingAnd then I reached out — to my sister, my daughter, to my beloved precious friends on Facebook

My daughter

It’s still hard for me to expose my truth to my kid. Even though she will be 28 in a couple of weeks, I still have this old reluctance to be transparent. Because I think projecting some facade is going to protect her? I rolled that way for a long time — revealing what I thought Rose should see, telling her what I thought she should hear — but I finally gave it up. Thank the Goddess! Because the references I was using to tell myself how I should be were completely unrealistic and bogus. Seriously — Donna Reed and Barbara Billingsley? Some ’50s–’60s image of the good mother? As if I ever wore pearls or vacuumed in heels and an apron! As if I ever vacuumed at all! Oy!

It’s amazing where this shit comes from, isn’t it?

There’s a deeper truth here. Growing up as I did with a desperate, harsh and physically punitive mom, no wonder I reached to some model, any model but the one I was raised with, to base my own mothering on. And I thank the Goddess again that both Rose and I survived my lunacy long enough to grow as we have.

I’ve learned that revealing what’s true to my beloved Rose is the one of the most important things I do these days as a mother. I learned it late, but I’ve learned it, and it has not only changed my relationship with her, but I know in my heart that every uncomfortable truth I tell is giving her a reference for how she rolls, in her own relationships. Big and important.

And then there’s my sister

My reluctance to reach out to her is different. I don’t hold back on the details with her, I know she can take it, but I hold back because I don’t want to be a burden.

I get all up in my head about leaning on her too much. As the single sister, I’m a little sensitive about this, I start telling myself that I’m too much, too big, and why would she (or anyone) want to hear this?

In fact, I’m blessed. My sister wants to know, wants to support me and loves me.

And my beloveds on Facebook

The reluctance here is that I think I should appear strong, invincible, like I can take anything that comes my way with grace and still be useful. The facade here is not Donna Reed, or Beaver’s mom. It’s more like: “If I reveal my vulnerability, my fears, who will want to work with me or hire me?” The gift is that I know that every single thing I go through and survive, every healing, every tragedy, every loss, becomes part of the gift that I give, part of what I teach and part of how I can help others as they move through their own stuff — the good, the challenging, the bad, the really really really hard-to-endure stuff.

This Facebook community! Made up of people I’ve known for decades, some of whom I’ve recently reconnected with, and some people I’ve not yet met face-to-face but with whom I have deep and profound relationships: clients, colleagues, teachers, inspirers, sheros. People I love, and cherish, and appreciate, and support.

I posted yesterday afternoon that I was having a rough day. And I got waves and waves of love and support. Offers of calls. Offers of rides. Love and more love. From people I know, people I coach, people I serve, people who teach and inspire me, and people I don’t remember ever having met. I got and am continuing to receive oceans of unconditional support and love.

I feel held, and loved, and supported. I feel connected. I know I’m not doing this alone.

That’s a very big deal. As a woman in business — a passionate spiritual businesswoman with heart — it starts to feel natural to do everything alone. And beautiful you, you don’t have to!

SistersCircle2Introducing Sister Circle coaching — an opportunity to work with a friend (of yours) and a mentor (me) at a reduced fee

Is this you?

  • You have a coach, who gives you lots of support and lots of suggestions, but you feel a bit adrift between your coaching calls
  • You have a Mastermind group, but there’s only so much you can ask them to do as you move through your goals and your editorial calendar, and besides, they’re not intimately familiar with what you’re learning from your coach
  • You don’t have either of these in place, and you would so much love to give this gift to yourself! And even more, you’d love to have all the support you can!

Here’s how you can magnify and multiply the support you’re getting

If you and one or more other women are ready to sign up for three months (or more) of individual coaching, and you sign up at the same time, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Targeted individual coaching as described in my Share Your Magic program
  • A private Facebook page for you and your sister(s) and me so that you can get even more support than you get from me alone as you work through your powerful transformations
  • A 10% discount for each of you off your chosen package fee

I know the power of women’s circles, of Sister Circles

I know from years of working in groups of all kinds how the potency of your intentions and actions gets magnified and multiplied by group energy.

When we cast our circle, in our sacred space, your sacred intentions and actions are fed and watered in the most powerful way.

I have 9 openings in the next few weeks (until the end of February) for you to schedule a fee-free discovery session. I can’t wait to get on Skype or on the phone with you so we can look together and see what is meant to be for you and your beautiful business and if Sister Circle coaching is right for you! The call is free and here’s the link to schedule it.


So much gratitude!

  • I am grateful for the love and support I feel all around me
  • I am grateful for the sleep I had last night…makes everything so much more endurable!
  • I am grateful for meditation and yoga, gentle practices I can do pretty much no matter how crappy I may be feeling
  • I am grateful for bone broth and kombucha
  • I am grateful for sunshine, and I call for rain!
  • I am grateful for knowing the difference between deep rest and depressed and knowing how to move from the latter to the former

How do you get support? What moves you to express gratitude? I’d love to hear from you! Talk to me in the comments…


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  1. I love you even more because you allowed yourself to be vulnerable 🙂

    Beautiful post, as always, Sue, and you inspire me with your heart and passion.

    Big Love,

    • Jenny, thank you, beloved!

      So glad to know you among my many teachers who show me how to be authentic and present and transparent. Thanks for letting me know how this bit of truth landed for you.

      Blessings and love,

    • Naomi, welcome here! It’s even more awesome to have a place or places to go to get that support. For which I am very grateful, to you and everyone else who receives the call with such compassion.

      I heard this at a 12-step meeting: We all take turns holding the sides of the trampoline. Sometimes I’m bouncing and you’re holding it steady. Most of the time, thank the Goddess, I can help support the trampoline for whoever needs a turn.

      Love and appreciate you!

  2. Sue, thank you for this gorgeous post.

    I’ve learned that I definitely can’t do everything on my own without feeling burnt out and sick. This showed up for me in October of last year.

    I now have my support partners all lined up! And I love supporting others reach their dreams as well.

    As heart and soul-centered entrepreneurs we need each other to keep on our paths. The tide is turning in our favor in bigger ways than even I can imagine. (And, I imagine BIGGG things.)

    Sending you love and healing. And a big heap of gratitude for the comfort you bring to the world.


    • Kris, welcome!

      I have this great visual when I read how you’re imagining b-i-i-i-i-g-g things! Love it. And me too!

      Love, healing and gratitude, right back at’cha.


  3. Sue, I am always inspired by what you share, and this post especially speaks to me now. I’ve never been good at asking for help, so thank you for the reminder that it is actually a sign of strength.


    • Tess, yes, it is a sign of strength. As my t’ai chi teacher used to say: strength through softness (AKA surrender to win).

      Thanks for seeing my vulnerability with so much compassion!

      Love and light,

    • Rosemarie, welcome here! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      I feel so much support just by reading your words, sister.

      Blessed be!

    • Lorii, welcome, and thanks for your lovely comment.

      I’m finding that pretty much everything is done better with the help of others.

      Love and light,

  4. Thank you for such a beautiful article.  It’s important to know that others aren’t perfect because perfection isn’t real.  It’s good to get clear on what’s bothering us because it helps us ask for the direct help that we need.  I recently decided to do a sugar cleanse, and I announced it on Facbook because I wanted accountability, and I received a beautiful amount of people cheering me on.  It only made it easier.  🙂

    • Keri, hi, and welcome.

      Yes, the support, virtual and face-to-face, is everything, isn’t it? We are not doing this, any of it alone, and so much better when we remember that.

      Love to you!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS what a great blog filled with amazing content and action steps I am going to reach out to you how fun to feel so supported. YAY Soul Sisters I love you!

    • Karen, so happy to see you here, and looking forward to connecting with you! I see we’re scheduled to have a call. Yay!

      Love and magic,

  6. Sue, this is a very heart-felt and powerful post…thank you for being transparent. That is where the magic is. Being truly open with your daughter is great, it will teach you and her many lessons and allow you two to be more intimate than ever! Showing our trials that turn into victories is a living testimony! 🙂

    • Deanna, thanks so much! Yeah, who knew? It went against all my programming to drop the facade and get real, and the payoff has been amazing.

      So much appreciation for your words!

      Love and blessings,

    • Vickie, welcome. From my unusual vantage point today of three hours in the ER and now being admitted to the hospital for a transfusion and tests, I get in an entirely new and deeper way the power of reaching out for help.

      Glad you commented, looking forward to more conversations with you!

      Love and light,

  7. How wonderful for you to share this with us, for you to see the beauty and the lesson in the difficulty, for you to share how you’ve grown through the pain. Thank you for this. Thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful journey.

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