Soak up the serenity, bathe in the calm waters…you’ll need the rest!

Full Moon in Virgo

Sunday 3/16/14
26º02′ Virgo
10:08 am Pacific
1:08 pm Eastern

This Full Moon in Virgo offers some serenity, some calm before the storm

Please, dear one, take that breath.

By the time April rolls around, you may find it a bit harder to access that serenity, and that calm.

First, of course, let’s remember that every Full Moon is a culmination moment. This is the time to look back over the last couple of weeks, and acknowledge with gratitude what has come to pass, how you have manifested your intentions. Under the light of this Full Moon this weekend, take some time to bask in her glow and express gratitude for what has come to pass, and state your sacred intentions for the coming lunation.

You can do this on your own, or you can circle with other women… However you choose to mark this moment, know that I will be marking it with you, and that our regal selves are connected on our journey.

FullMoonVirgoTake another breath, and let’s look at what’s noteworthy for this Moon.

  • The Moon is Full in Virgo, opposite the Sun in Pisces, which asks us how well we are integrating our spirit with our work. We get to look at the unity of our sacred essence with our commitment to being useful — this is the Full Moon that invites us in a very deep way to be of service now.
  • Virgo is the only constellation in the galaxy that is depicted as a woman, and is a Virgin in the sense that she is a complete being in her own right, belonging to herself. She is also the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, the Great Creatrix. Each of us — of any gender — can find and reclaim our Sacred Virgo Feminine and belong to and be accountable to our own selves. We can see, feel, taste and own who and what we are meant to be, do and give.
  • Virgo’s greatest gift is discernment, which helps us see, know and accept who we really are. Of course, we will do best to rock this skill of discernment if we can avoid Virgo’s dark side and not get sucked into the need to be fucking perfect! In my own natal chart, Saturn is in Virgo, and makes a square aspect to Mars, which, if I let it, leaves me making myself crazy about the details at the expense of finishing what I have set out to do. Let me share this wisdom with you: embrace the imperfect, it’s so freeing!  Let this Full Moon support you as you take actions that support your business, and let go of the idea that they have to be perfect.

As Harry Truman said, “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.”

  • For the astro-geeks in the house, or at least the ones who can get their hands on their chart(s), check and see what you have at or aspected to 26 degrees Virgo. For me, this Moon lands right on my Saturn and squares my Mars. I will be taking more time than I think I need, whether I want to or not.
  • When you’re balanced in the Virgo energy, you’re primed to get shit done. In this space, you can see and feel your tasks as sacred, and when you turn your attention to the details of your life — like finishing your taxes — you can get a lot accomplished.
  • The Virgo-Pisces opposition invites ceremony and ritual. This is a potent Full Moon for connecting to the Divine. I’m going to create a Full Moon water. Tonight (Saturday) I’m placing a bowl of water outside so it can charge overnight. Then tomorrow, I will cook with it. If you use the water within 24 hours, it’s perfectly safe. Or you can water seedlings or plants with it.
  • Which reminds me, how are you doing with the Mars retrograde? We’re ending week two of ten of Mars Rx in Libra (not a happy placement for get-it-done Mars. I have been getting that “slow down whether you’d like to or not” message over and over again since this Mars party began. I broke two glass jars the first day, one in a hard-to-clean place, and it contained my favorite and pricey tea. I nearly fried my iPhone because my car charger was in spilled tea in the cup holder. I updated my iPad without backing it up and it froze. When I plugged the iPad into my laptop to restore it to an 11-month-old backup, it fried my iPhoto library. I lost my wallet with $135 and my brand-new 23-year AA sobriety chip. All those things resolved, I even found the cash, but much unplanned time needed to be spent to resolve them. Plan for the unexpected, because I think it will just keep happening! Allow for more time than you need.
  • Name this Full Moon in a way that works for you! I’m calling it the Sacred Feminine Moon. Some traditional names for this Full Moon are Fish Moon, Sleepy Moon, Big Famine Moon, Sap Moon, Crow Moon, Windy Moon, Moon When Eyes Are Sore from Bright Snow, Chaste Moon and Death Moon.

The calm before the shit gets real

Enjoy this Full Moon, lean into it. Enjoy the last week of the Sun in Pisces. Give yourself the time and room to get as spiritually grounded as you can, because the Spring Equinox, when the Sun moves into Aries here in the North will as usual fire things up.

But that’s just the beginning

The intense Cardinal Grand Cross begins the first week in April. This involves Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, and a New Moon in Aries. This challenging configuration is in effect now and will continue to build until the Grand Cross is exact on April 23 and 24, when all four planets are at thirteen degrees (a number associated with deep transformation). How will you move through these big shifts? Will you feel these energies as loving whispers and suggestions from the Divine, or will you feel buffeted about by forces you don’t understand? Again, if you have your chart(s), you may want to look at what’s at 13º to see how these energies may manifest for you.

The more you can leverage the energy that is being offered to you now, the more you can absorb and embody the courage, deep love and energy that the Full Moon is offering, the better off you will be as these changes build and come into being.

I am being more than usually astrological in today’s post, I think.

Do you find it useful? What are you taking away from what’s going on during this Full Moon? What actions are you taking for your business and for your beautiful self that this Full Moon can support?

I’d love to hear from you! Talk to me in the comments, thanks!


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    • Delia, thanks so much for sharing this with me. That’s exactly my purpose; adding to your ease is just perfect.

      So grateful!

      Love and light,

  1. Beautifully outlined, and I love the idea of naming the full moon, I think I’ll go with your name for her – Sacred Feminine Moon – perfect fit 🙂

    • Leanne, thanks so much for the lovely comment. May you well blessed by the Divine Feminine energy.

      Love and Full Moon magic,

  2. Wow – such great information on a topic I know very little about. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Like Delia, just taking the time to read and breathe and relax was so helpful!

    • Lisa, welcome! So grateful you took the time to comment.

      Any time we breathe and relax is such a blessing!

      Love and more love,

  3. Sue, I always adore visiting your blog. Now I’m signing up for the newsletter so I can keep up with you! Secondly, yes, I totally *feel* all these astrological energies you speak of… especially ‘integrating spirit into my work’. This week, I’d been planning on making some really-quick art pieces that would sell well — and bam, I’m hit with a full body burn out. I couldn’t even lift my hands! I am doing better now, but after some investigating, I found that making art just to sell it doesn’t jive with my spirit anymore. As soon as I ditched the idea and focused on my real callings, i.e. painting the tarot!, I began to get my strength back.

    Ah, thanks for reminding me about the full moon, too. I am doing my candle ritual tonight… Love and light to you!

    • Raquel, lovely the way you listened to your body.

      Can’t wait to see your Tarot paintings… I’m gonna keep an eye on your blog.

      So glad you subscribed. Thanks!

      Love and blessing,

  4. As a Virgo, this section spoke to me: “Virgo’s greatest gift is discernment, which helps us see, know and accept who we really are. Of course, we will do best to rock this skill of discernment if we can avoid Virgo’s dark side and not get sucked into the need to be fucking perfect!”

    So I’m not too knowledgeable about astrology, so please explain the difference between the moon being in Virgo now and the timeframe associated with Virgo in August/September.

    • Kelly, this is a brief response. There is so much to say about signs and planets. The Sun represents the outer you, a reflection of the face you show in the world, your masculine energy. The Moon is your inner self, your divine feminine.

      When the Sun is in any sign, it’s in that sign for nearly a month, which may be experienced as an influence on what you’re doing. When the Moon is a sign, it’s in that sign for about two days, and you may feel it as influencing your thoughts and ideas.

      Does that help?

      Love and light,

  5. Thanks Sue, always good reminder that: As Harry Truman said, “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” Yep;)

    I was at the river at full moon with a dear friend and we suddenly saw a pod of dolphins within feet of us. It was so magical and definitely sacred.
    joyful blessings, Tina

  6. Am not an astrological geek, I did get this ” The calm before the shit gets real” and I thought I had just read somewhere that this was a time for change and of course with change can come chaos!!!!!!!!!!
    So down under the moon is Harvest Moon and Corn Moon since autumn is coming. I relate to the harvest time, a clearing time for me too. to be honest I prefer less astro speak Namaste Suzie xx

    • Suzie, thanks so much. And duly noted. Sometimes the astro info feels so big and compelling…

      Taking your words to heart, I’ll keep working on tempering and tweaking my message.

      So much appreciation for you.


  7. Thanks for the informative post Sue. I learned alot. I enjoy your voice as it’s as if you’re speaking right to me. Love the beautiful photo as well . … I so love full moons!

    • Pamela, welcome, so happy to connect with you.

      Thanks for sharing some love on the photo; I loved making it.

      Grateful for you!

  8. Great post! I really enjoy learning more about astrology and what is going on in the sky right now, and you have such a beautiful and fun way of explaining it. Thank you!

    • Christina,

      Glad to hear from you and so grateful you get something useful — and enjoyable — from this.

      Love and light,

    • Elise, welcome!

      I’m glad you got the ease and relaxation from this lovely Full Moon.

      Blessings and love,

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