Social media resources that can make your life easier

Blogging, Facebook posts, Twitter, engagement, oh my!

Social media resources can make your life easier. They can help you keep track of topics for your posts, schedule publishing in advance (such a time-saver!), even remind you to return to online conversations.

Writing: It’s so lovely when you’re in the flow, right?

  • You know what you want to post when, so that your social media channels combine into an effective marketing tool. You tie your post themes and topics to what you’re launching or promoting, creating an editorial calendar that supports your growth.
  • Your integrated themes and topics make social media engagement and conversation flow easily. This supports the growth of your follows, likes, subscribers, and fans.
  • You’re learning how to tell stories of all sizes that naturally align with and support what you’re here to offer and teach. You’re developing your own unique and potent social-media voice, which informs everything from your Instagram and Pinterest captions, to your tweets, to your Facebook and G+ posts, and to your blogposts and newsletters.

social media resources

And yet…There are days when content is elusive, right?

You know you want to connect with your tribe, and keep your promise of reaching out regularly. If you’re a wise woman in business, you quickly learn that doing what you say you’re going to do is a key component of building a tribe of fans who know, love, and trust you; who tell others how badass awesome you are; and who buy your stuff.

But you just don’t know what to write!

Here are three social media resources I use when topic and theme elude me and it’s time to write a post, or start a conversation.

I’m telling you about these resources because I want you to rock your writing and posting even when you don’t have a plan. Any products I name are being called out simply because I use and love them; I am making no affiliate fees (in this article) from my recommendations.

  • Keep notes of juicy, engaging, and relevant topics as you search the web. Find an interesting article that gives you an idea? Grab the url and file it under “blog ideas” or something like that. I use Evernote for this, which I love; I can have notebooks inside of notebooks. Shoot, I can even email a note to myself and address it to the exact notebook I want it to land up in. A fast and easy way to keep a list of topics and themes for your writing.
  • Ran out of your ideas? Generate some! Did you know that some kind souls have created free idea and title generators for you to use when you’re stuck? (I love the interwebs!) I’m particularly fond of Portent and this one on Hubspot. There are even more sophisticated title testers out there (many are paid services). Be intentional about this; make sure to save some time to write instead of whiling away hours researching.
  • Heck, subscribe to one of the National Day calendars as a fallback idea source. If you have no launch or promotion at the moment, it’s always nice to tie your post into a seasonal theme or even a National Day. As a pagan earth-based woman, I often tie my wisdom writing to the Wheel of the Year. Right now, it’s Samhain (aka Halloween), and it’s getting darker and darker in then north, which lends itself to posts about going inside, connecting to those who have gone before, and beginning to set intentions for the next turning of the Wheel.

Use a scheduling tool so you can set up posts in advance.

I know you know this, but social media is full of rabbit holes; setting intention and structure is key to managing bandwidth here. Hootsuite and Buffer are the big winners here, IMO. I use them both. I schedule my tweets and Facebook posts in the group I manage once a week or so, and then I can sit back and relax.

Find out how many readers you have and learn about them.

  • Be in authentic conversation with your tribe. Use your true, passionate, vulnerable, fierce, authentic voice.
  • Give away your best stuff in your posts and articles; when you do this you are deepening that trust.
  • Social media marketing is a two-way street. Better results (a sustainable and prosperous business) come from being receptive to what your readers need.

You want to give your readers and customers what they need, right? One way to do that is to find out what engages them and what doesn’t.

Learn the rudiments (at least) of analytics for each platform you use for engagement, so you can find out what’s engaging whom.

If your content is attracting the wrong audience, you’re wasting your precious time. If your just-right members are leaving, maybe they’re not feeling supported and cared for.

Facebook Ads and AnalyticsI’ve been teaching a series of Facebook Marketing classes in Oakland with Lisa Cain of Marketing U. We have taught the ins and outs of Facebook Pages and Groups so far; next up is Ads and Analytics. Which is great news for me, because as a creative, I’ve done my best to avoid learning this stuff for a long long time!

Every time I look at the numbers I learn a bit more about what my people want and need. This creates an opening for me to refine what I’m writing and offering. Hey, I’m here to be of massive service, and it’s my job to know as much as I can about what will serve my people best.

Are you in the East Bay? Know a blogger or biz person who is? Please pass the word about Wednesday’s class in Oakland — Facebook Ads and Analytics. We have room for two more people (I think). See you in class!

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    • Hey Debra. I’m slowly shifting from WTF? to some degree of comfort and familiarity with the analytics and data. Feels very big-girl-panties (bright, colorful, gorgeous big-girl panties at that!).

  1. Great tips in this post, Sue! I have to admit I have not paid much attention to my analytics, as I’ve been a person who wings it and often trust my ‘gut’ to lead me to what’s next. I do absorb a lot of info from the world around me and actively do your first tip. One thing I learned early on, was to engage, respond and be authentic. My tribe might be small, but I know they appreciate knowing they are cared about and it isn’t a one-way street! Happy your FB workshops are going so well for you too!

    • Beverley, I don’t see myself becoming magically analytically-minded, but I can say it feels really good to be adding some structure to my knowledge base. The more I know the more I can manage my bandwidth and leverage my outreach.

      The Facebook class was great. Next series will be 1) creating a campaign; 2) using analytics to modify; 3) learning from the process for the next one.

  2. These are terrific suggestions, Sue. I need to bone up on some of the scheduling rudiments. I’m all hands on and I need to automate some things. Great reminder!

  3. Can’t live without my Swipe File, Sue! I keep checking my Google Analytics as well on a regular basis to learn more about what’s working for my visitors and what isn’t from a perspective of education and entertainment. I often think of it as planning a menu for a meal — how would a pure vegetarian feel if I served up Chicken a la King? 🙂

    • Swipe file! I haven’t thought of that name in forever, and it’s the perfect name. When I was researching and preparing for the Magnolias West rebrand, I had a file in Evernote that I labeled “great ideas, steal these!” I love how easy Evernote makes it for me to capture urls and quotes and more as I go. Hmmm, maybe another post about Evernote as an amazing resources is coming.

  4. Excellent tips as always. I find Feedly very useful to keep up on the latest news and interesting stuff to share. One area that I seriously need to improve on is using a service like Buffer because I’m still doing everything manually. That is going to change asap. Thanks Sue!

    • Feedly is a tool of mine as well, Marquita. I divide mine into various wisdom sources, entertainment, and a ton of DIY resources. Which makes it a great place to go for ideas for my writing too.

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