Solstice 2020 — pregnant with possibility

2020’s been quite a year.

On this Winter Solstice, let’s take a moment together to celebrate how we’ve responded and adapted through this unusual year. There’s been so much opportunity to let go and grow, right?

Resilience isn’t an option; it’s a requirement, on the daily.

  • Finding new comforts as the old familiar ones became unavailable.
  • Learning new ways to do community and connection, easing pandemic fatigue and the weight of so much isolation.
  • Hearing and responding to the beckonings of the divine: wild whispers and invitations to break out of the box.
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The Solstice and its moment of stillness

A potent time

After 2020 so far, it should come as no surprise that this year’s Solstice has some big juju attached.

In addition to the Solstice’s point of stillness, at the moment that the light starts to return, this year there’s some additional magic present. What a perfect moment to step into the flow of potential, to start something, or finish something.

[Warning: A little astrology talk ahead.]

My inner astrologer (dormant but not dead) loves this bit of astro news; it’s hella cool:

Jupiter and Saturn are having a grand conjunction on the Solstice itself. Precisely and exactly; which is a big deal. Jupiter (symbolizes expansiveness) and Saturn (structure and limitation) are going to be closer together than they’ve been in hundreds of years, meeting up right at the very beginning of the sign of Aquarius, at the one-degree mark. (Each sign occupies 30º of the 360º overlay map of the heavens from which astrology derives.)

Yes. That Aquarius. Freedom, transformation, the harbinger of a new age.

That makes this December 2020 Solstice (IMO) a perfect moment to take an intentional turn toward the light and honor yourself, your resilience, and the creative spark in you.

Accept the invitation into expansion and change. Join me on the Solstice for a special Simplici-Tea call. $18.

Solstice Simplici-Tea

Solstice, light in the darkness

Bring what’s coming alive in you to our call on the Solstice.

It’s time to respond to the divine beckonings and whispers all this pandemic silence has made room for. Take a big first step and share your potent creations-to-be with us on the call.

This is a potent and precious moment. Shake off the weight of discouragement. Bring forth what’s brewing in you. Shine your light in the darkness.

Wait. What?

Divine beckonings? Whispers?

Break out of the box? What box?

Okay let’s look another way. Imagine…

Imagine yourself in a place where it’s just you.

Just you.

No one there who knows you. No external structures you’ll be held accountable for.

No past, no kids, no ailments.

No commitments. No box.

Just you.

Whole. Perfect. Complete. Available to the potent invitations of the divine.

If no external factors had to be shown up for, or satisfied, what would you do right now? What would you do next?

Or as Mary Oliver said, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

[Just a bit more astrological goodness for you.]

The energy that accompanies the return of the light is present already. Can you feel it in the enveloping darkness?

Kicked off by Chanukah, which is always proximal to the New Moon closest to the Solstice.

Could be before, could be after. Vague, I know. Blame it on the Jews and their complicated solar-lunar calendar.

We start invoking the return of the light on Chanukah, a little more light every day.

The New Moon and a Total Solar Eclipse occur on Monday the 14th (the 5th day of Chanukah, which ends just three days before the Solstice).

The approaching end of 2020 is having a juicy sendoff. Let’s celebrate it together. Join me for the next Simplici-Tea call, on the Solstice, December 21st, 10:30 am Pacific, $18.

Simplici-Tea simplify your life on the Solstice

You’re invited to spend an hour in the Simplici-Tea Zoom room. $18. The Zoom link and call info will land in your inbox a minute or two after you register.

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