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I’m thrilled to work with clients as they are developing their powerful vision and mission, and then bringing those to market. Today, I’d like to spotlight one of Magnolias West’s inspired clients—Tresendas—a social network for travelers. I’ve been working with the Tresendas team for six months, designing their brand and website.

Accomplishments of Tresendas

In a few short months, Tresendas has moved from an concept to a ready-to-launch social network. Along the way, the team was formed, branding and logo designed, social networking identities established, and the website designed and developed.

“How do you create a logo, anyway?”

For Tresendas, as with many of our clients, we led the brand creation process from initial idea to launch. Tres sendas means “three paths” in Spanish. Starting from the name, the tagline (“You have friends…everywhere”), and the mission (creating a social network for travelers), we explored what Tresendas could powerfully and evocatively look like as a brand. As with all new ventures, the branding process took us down many paths. More than tres sendas. More like diecisiete (17) sendas! Let’s part the curtain a bit on what’s usually a hidden process—how a logo is created.

I have developed, over time, a series of questions that kickstarts the creation process, that elicits the qualities that are behind the creative brief. Once the client has done their homework and we have these answers, the team—the clients and I—dive into the visual process. In this case, we began by looking at images of magic carpets. And interwoven paths of many kinds. And various triskeles (a figure consisting of three branches radiating from a common center). And interlocking rings. And various word marks with three-part Ts.

All this exploration finally brought us where we were clearly meant to be—the house with three paths mark pictured here. The house speaks to the welcoming nature of the trusted network. And the paths converge at the heart of the house. A successful visual representation of the name and tagline and business mission.

Intertwined with the mark exploration, we explored fonts and colors. Color selection is a most interesting part of brand development. The clients and I together find the perfect color combination that hits the business goals as well as being visually appealing. It’s the most emotionally charged work I get to do as a designer. Colors evoke so many associations and memories. There were some long brainstorming meetings before we hit on the right color combination and secondary palette. Every logo and brand creation process is unique. It’s a privilege to be part of the process of distillation and collaboration that results in the mark my clients make on the world.

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