Standing still to leap ahead…

This Wednesday, is February 29th, a leap year.

They say the Gregorians created the leap year to catch up to the shortfall (every calendar year being about six hours shy of a solar year). And that they put the extra day here in February to allow Ostara/the Spring Equinox to fall on or about March 21st. This shift allows Easter Sunday to keep its assigned relationship to the equinox. Tricky, that.

There is much, of course, about how before the Leap Year was codified into law, it in fact was an ignored day and “leapt over.” Which gave rise, they say, to women making proposals of marriage with no legal repercussions (yup, in those days it was illegal for a woman to propose marriage to a man).

Instead of marking the day as one created by government as a calendar-maintenance day, or as a day when women are freer to initiate romantic connection than on other days (seriously? eewwww, let that one go! That’s open to us women every day, isn’t it?), let’s celebrate this day as one where we are invited to take some time to stand quietly in our intentions, to deepen them, to connect with our deepest selves.

Yes, I know! Every day carries that invitation—to be present, to be powerful, to be intentional—in it. Yes. And I do my best, every day, to live into that intention. To spend some time in stillness. To spend some time connecting my actions and plans to my dreams and visions.

We’re funny, us humans. We need, we thrive, on ceremony (as secular and commercial as it may look on first glance). Think about it. It’s no accident that we have evolved as a species that has a special day for expressing love. And a special day for giving thanks. And a special day for honoring mothers. And fathers. And people who meant a lot to us and who have passed on. And it goes on and on…. It’s a tribal thing, it draws us together in our human community to mutually acknowledge and celebrate the energy of any given day. It is a way for us, who have forgotten what it’s like to live tribally and intergenerationally, to pick up those threads of connection that are so important, especially in these modern times.

So, let’s breathe together into the possibility for intentional stillness
on this leap year, on Wednesday February 29th.

How do we do that? One way that helps me at moments like this, when I want to set a powerful intention or create a ritualiized ceremony or celebration, is to tune in to what’s happening with the planets. Hmm, Wednesday, in addition to being our Leap Year day, is also a first-quarter Moon (the halfway point between the New and Full Moons) in Gemini. This is the waxing Moon, where the goals and dreams and visions we affirmed and reaffirmed during the Dark Moon time (or previously) are now primed for us to begin to take actions that support making them manifest.

Gemini is an air sign, and air’s attributes and symbology includes:


Air, the breath, the wind, the mind, quite plainly put, the Inspiration.  This element is essential to most life forms on the planet and we as humans are no different.  Air breathes life into the creation of the concepts we dream up, protect, and create in our lives. It also is that breath that we wield that at any given moment can change a situation, just by being cycled.

Take some quiet time and inspire yourself!

So, this Leap Year, in this Waxing Moon phase, take the time to inspire you personal journey. Sit in the stillness and imagine your leap. Imagine making all your most audacious and too-ridiculous-to-ever-be-possible dreams not only possible or plausible, but perfectly easily marvelously gracefully completed!  Mark this Leap Year as the year you took your life by the reins and lived it like no other.

I’ll share my next leap with you! I’m completely re-doing my website, from my target audience to my offers, to the things one can read or buy on my site, to this blog. Everything is being reviewed, renewed, repurposed so that I can best serve the beautiful powerful businesswomen I am meant to serve.


What’s your dream? Please share in the comments!


Love and blessings,

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